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Saturday, August 4, 2018


Author and Artist Adrienne Wilder has done it again! First, we got the Jaws/Sheep poster, now we have Deadwool. There might be more coming...when Adrienne finds time between writing novels, writing Bitter Sweet, a webcomic based in his Bound Gods world. Writing and illustrating the Bound Gods Book One: The Chimera graphic novel.

Give Adrienne's books a look. They are MM dark romances/speculative fiction. If you want to try one I suggest starting with The Absence of Light, My Brother's Keeper (trilogy), or Wild.

The Bound Gods series is extremely popular and Adrienne even has a Patreon for all things Bound Gods. BUT, this series is not for everyone...if you've never read an mm romance you might not want to start here <G>.
Here is the warning at the beginning of all Bound Gods books...

Those who may be new to this universe, please read the following warning label with care:
This product contains nuts, glittery harem pants, butt plugs, cock cages, cocks (of all sizes and shapes), jewelry, jewelry with bells, jewelry with bells being worn by boys, boys with boys and with more boys who are with boys, all those boys with gods, blow jobs, hand jobs, lots of lubricant (okay there might be a tad less than you’d want but, hey), bad attitudes, happiness, sadness, laughter, tears, moans, groans, loud screams, soft screams, a one way trip to the Bound Gods universe that will include weirdness such as, but not limited to, kink, sweet kink, wtf kink, impossible kink, sexy gods (really sexy gods) scary gods, arrogant gods, gods with parasitic twins, gods who don’t look human... 
And finally, Other Than Humans and Doxies.

If ANY PART of mythology from anywhere in the world offends you, LEAVE now.

Not responsible for allergic reactions. 

If your symptoms persist more than three days, please contact your therapist. 

Use only as directed.
Batteries not included.
Getting mad and throwing your computer is not advised.
For your safety, use eye protection.
Contents not approved by the Food and Drug Administration
and should not be used to treat existing medical conditions or as a suppository.

But responsibly of course.

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