Thursday, October 15, 2015

Book Review: Undying Hope (Undying Chronicles #1) By Emma Weylin

Undying Hope (Undying Chronicles #1)
By Emma Weylin
Kindle Edition, 246 pages
August 4th 2015 by Lyrical Press
An ancient warrior. A timeless battle.

Haven Killian needs help. As the heiress of an ancient organization called the Black Rose, she is charged with keeping alive the line of succession. When she vows to protect a young boy tormented by magic, all she has to go on are rumors of an immortal with the power to save him.

As Battle King of the Undying, Quinn Donovan has the most powerful magic on the planet. Yet, he has waited an eternity to find his lifebond: the one woman destined to be his mate. The moment he meets Haven, he senses she is his. His instincts scream to protect the woman and the boy she guards, and to claim her as his own. But Haven is mortal, and for them to be united, she must become one of the Undying.

An heiress on the run, Haven Killian is living day to day with the sole goal of protecting her teenaged ward Bastian. The pair has made their way to Chicago seeking the assistance of the mysterious Quinn Donovan, self-made billionaire. Haven is working on a hunch that Donavan may be able to provide insight into Bastian’s internal torment. However, fate intervenes, and when Haven comes face to face with Quinn their meeting has catastrophic consequences. As leader of an immortal race known as The Undying, Quinn immediately adopts Bastian as a member of his race, and Haven – a mortal – as his mate.

I liked Quinn as a main male character. He’s powerful and commanding without the cruelty, which is a refreshing change of pace. He’s an alpha with a sense of social responsibility. Haven, on the other hand, falls flat. Her personality and back story are largely underdeveloped, but since this is the first installment in a series, I would expect additional information to be forthcoming. There were portions of the text, particularly the development of Quinn and Haven’s relationship, that were awkward, even slightly cringe-worthy. Haven’s two wolf companions were character highlights for me.

Overall, Undying Hope is a decent book. It is typical paranormal romance fare with effective tension and a sensual storyline. I was quite compelled to keep reading throughout most of the book, but lost a bit of interest towards the conclusion. I found the writing during the final conflict to be confused. In the end the stage is set for an effective series with a cast of character poised for coming action. Loose ends and interesting innuendo will propel Undying Chronicles into the next installment.

3 Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
Emma Weylin fell in love with the written word as a child. She loves to create her own worlds full of magic and wonder. One of her favorite things is populating those worlds with interesting and true-to-life characters who experience everything from epic love and heartrending battles to seriously silly or embarrassing “duh” moments. She believes love can and does conquer all things. When she’s not writing, she enjoys her family and has a copious yarn addiction.


  1. "I was quite compelled to keep reading throughout most of the book, but lost a bit of interest towards the conclusion. I found the writing during the final conflict to be confused"

    I totally agree! I think the writer didn't do great job with the ending.

  2. Glad we agree :) I'd add more to the discussion, but I don't want to spoil the ending for readers.