Friday, October 22, 2021

Book Review: Avery & Aria: The Story of Star-Crossed Lovers by Viola Tempest

Avery & Aria: The Story of Star-Crossed Lovers
by Viola Tempest
October 23rd, 2021
Genre: New Adult/ Dark Romance
Avery has loved Aria for so long, he doesn’t know how to live any other way. Unfortunately, his undying adoration for Aria was never reciprocated at the same time. They spent years being pushed apart and missing opportunities, falling in and out of love with others completely wrong for them.

Now, decades after he first fell in love with her as kids, they meet again, and this time, fate finally plays into their hands, causing Avery to give up his entire life for the woman of his dreams. But the one thing he’s always wanted ends up shattering his expectations in the most heart wrenching way.

Follow this story filled with love, loss, and devastating secrets. Sometimes, the love you wait a lifetime for is the love that will destroy you.

Avery & Aria: The Story of Star-Crossed Lovers really is like the title says, I mean talk about two people who circle around each other for years! Though the stars take a long time to get into alignment, once they do this power couple rocks the pages of romance!

The story is about 150 pages but I am trying to figure why? This one could hold its own as a full-length saga, or even end with a ... to pick up at the next book. I liked it, a lot of aspects of it. While I wish our leading male was a little more "alpha" it doesn't take away from his real-life feeling and certainly, this story gave me very real moments.

I would have like a butt load more of adventure, action, and edgy situations that could have kept the couple on edge. But there was enough of all previously mentioned to give you a taste. Hopefully a taste of lots more to come!

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About the Author
Rising author, Viola Tempest, yearns to find truth in the modern world. She loves to write dystopian fantasy and dark romance novels depicting human reality.

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