Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Book Review: Dark Art: A Horror Coloring Book Paperback by François Gautier

Dark Art: A Horror Coloring Book Paperback
by François Gautier
August 31, 2021
96 pages
Publisher: Plume
Calling all coloring and horror fans! Step into the beautiful, macabre world of François Gautier in this intricate, detailed, and genuinely frightening coloring book.

Color your way through the grim and gruesome world of Dark Art. Featuring elaborately detailed black line artwork of undead clowns, haunted skulls, bleeding hearts, and many other spine-tingling creations, this sinister and beautiful book is perfect for all horror fans with a taste for the macabre.

Use color to bring life (or death) to the intricate and unique pieces throughout. They’ll leave you dying for more...

COOL artwork! Get the fine-tipped coloring implement of your choice and have a horrifyingly wonderful time. Each piece is rich in detail so you can indulge your creative side. Many of the pieces have gore so if you're squeamish you might want to skip this one.
I'm almost afraid to color in it with my pre-school coloring skills, lol. 

If you love coloring and the dark macabre side of art, then grab a copy.

5 "color me in love" Sheep


About the Author
François Gautier is a French artist who has a passion for creation in all forms. After studying in the Applied Arts, Product Design, and Architecture sectors, he set up a workshop to experiment in illustration, design, sculpture, and glasswork. He now focuses on black and white illustration, which he views as his favorite means of expression. Dark Art is his first coloring book.

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