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Monday, December 22, 2014

Book Review: Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire (Love at Stake book 16) by Kerrelyn Sparks

Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire (Love at Stake book 16)
By: Kerrelyn Sparks
Paranormal Romance
384 pages
Russell wakes from a coma to find he's become a vampire. Now he has a thirst for revenge. Determined to hunt down the master vampire who turned him, he's used to working alone . . . until he meets Jia. She is after the same vampire for murdering her parents and insists she can help Russell on this mission. Reluctantly, he agrees, and sets up some ground rules:
Rule #1: Their partnership is strictly business. If he holds her a little too close . . . if she looks at him with those exotic eyes . . . well, that has to stop.
Rule #2: He's in charge. Jia isn't used to taking orders and questions every move he makes. So he stops her the only way he knows how.
Rule #3: Don't fall in love. But the kiss that was supposed to quiet her awakens something else in him . . . something forbidden. Because Jia is engaged. To someone else.

With the final conclusion on the Love at Stake series, I'm left a little sad and already missing these guys and gals who have won me over. I would have LOVED one last whacky commercial from the DVN network. Some of the funniest moments were reading about that network. Maybe the network itself will have a spinoff series, who knows but either way I am bummed to see this saga end.

Mrs. Sparks has always had the ability to write heartfelt and touching stories in this PNR world. There's emotional situations and adventure for sure, but there is never an over the top amount of gruesome killing and gore. The whole Love at Stake saga in based off each character finally finding that happily ever after. You know this after the first few books and that's why you keep coming back for more.

I personally enjoy the warmth that these books created, like a blanket you want to wrap up in during a cold winters night. Russell and Jia's story is yet another example of finding warmth in the coldness. While I didn't really feel an off the charts love connection, the two seemed a compatible fit that was sweet and caring.

Tons of development and some final twists that helps bring the series around to the ending place. Some loose ends here and there but maybe we will see a more in this word down the line! I recommend this series to anyone who likes well written and developed characters, but don't need the big bang and booms of hard hitting PNR.

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About the Author:
Kerrelyn Sparks’ first paranormal romance, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, zoomed out of the bat cave so fast it became Borders bestselling debut romance of 2005. Each book in the Love at Stake series has become a USAToday bestseller. When the fourth book,The Undead Next Door, landed on the New York Times bestseller list, even the Undead sat up and took notice, which made Kerrelyn a bit nervous. She lives in the Greater Houston area with her husband, children, and a house full of garlic. So far, there are no vampires in her family. Werewolves are another matter entirely.

You may email Kerrelyn by using the link on the sidebar. She would love to hear from you! Most email will receive a response, except on the night of a full moon.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Spotlight: VISION OF DARKNESS by Tonya Burrows + giveaway

A psychic DEA agent works to unravel the mystery of a cursed lighthouse and falls in love with it’s keeper.

VISION OF DARKNESS is the first in the brand new D.I.E. Squadron romantic suspense series and will be released December 1, 2014. Fans of Christine Feehan's Ghost Walker series, or Rebecca Zanetti's FORGOTTEN SINS, will love this new series from Tonya Burrows! VISION OF DARKNESS is now available at Amazon. Get to know more about Tonya in this exclusive letter to readers.

A beacon of light...

Undercover DEA agent Alex Brennan doesn’t believe in the paranormal, despite the exhausting nightmares that reveal things he shouldn’t know. When sleep deprivation causes him to make a horrible mistake on the job, he is driven to find answers. Dreams guide him to a lighthouse in Three Churches, Maine, where he finds an inexplicable and comforting familiarity in the arms of the lighthouse’s beautiful keeper, Pru Maddox.
A whisper of memory…

Deadly misfortune has long plagued Pru’s family, the result of a curse “The Green Lady” placed on the lighthouse. Skeptical, Alex searches for less ghostly explanations, though he can’t deny that the town has had more than its fair share of disappearances, suicides, and accidents. As their passion simmers, Alex digs deeper, and his dreams turn violent, frightening, and very real.

A vision of darkness...

To keep Pru safe, Alex must embrace his abilities and unravel the lighthouse’s mystery. Except someone—or something—wants the past to stay buried...and will do anything to keep it that way.

Pru found him on the beach, skipping rocks into the choppy surf. Familiarity tugged at the back of her mind and she stopped short. She’d seen this before, but as far as she knew he hadn’t once ventured onto the beach since he arrived. She shook off the sense of déjà vu and started walking again. 


He froze for an instant before sending another rock into a wave. “Are you sure you want to be out here with me?”

“I’m sure. You wouldn’t hurt me.”

“I just pummeled my best friend.”

“That wasn’t you.”

He scoffed and threw another rock, then turned toward her, his face a solemn mask. Nick had gotten in at least one good blow. The side of his jaw was starting to bruise. “What, you think I was possessed?”

“Something like that. It wasn’t you,” she insisted and draped the blanket over his shoulders. “I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t you. You wouldn’t hurt me.”

She reached for him, but he shrugged off the embrace and faced the cliff. His eyes scanned the rocky crag, the dark tree line overhead, the strip of narrow beach.

“It all looks so familiar,” he said.


Goosebumps prickled along her spine. “Of course it does. You’ve been here for a while now. You can see the beach out your window.”

“No, it’s—never mind.” He stared up at the lighthouse and watched its beam twist around as it had for over a hundred and sixty years. “I keep picturing a woman standing on this beach, waiting for me. She’s like a mirage. Every time I try to recall her image, all I can see is the outline of her hair and dress.”

So much uncertainty in his voice. Confusion, pain, sorrow. Pru wanted to make it all fade for him, chase his demons off the same way he did hers. She stepped forward and circled her arms around his waist.

He opened his eyes and met her gaze. “I’m so sorry.”

“It wasn’t you, Alex.”

He gathered her up in his arms, cocooning them inside the blanket, and brushed his lips over hers. The thrill shot straight through her core. She opened her mouth in acceptance, but this time wasn’t like the intense, plundering kisses she’d experienced before with him. The sweet, slow, drugging kiss melted her resistance and sparked a burn low in her belly.

Alex rested his forehead against hers. “I…need you tonight, Pru.”

She bit down on her lower lip and tasted his kiss again. Alex was a man who didn’t need anyone. She knew it, had known it from the first time she laid eyes on him. And yet his gaze, those solemn gray eyes, verged on desperation. He did need her, even if it was only for one night.

About the Author:
Website | Blog | Facebook 
Twitter | Google + | Pinterest | GoodReads 
Tonya Burrows wrote her first romance in 8th grade and hasn't put down her pen since. Originally from a small town in Western New York, she’s currently soaking up the sun as a Florida girl. She suffers from a bad case of wanderlust and usually ends up moving someplace new every few years. Luckily, her two dogs and ginormous cat are excellent travel buddies.

When she's not writing about hunky military heroes, Tonya can be found at a bookstore or the dog park. She also enjoys painting, watching movies, and her daily barre workouts. A geek at heart, she pledges her TV fandom to Supernatural and Dr. Who.

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Sunday Swag: D.S. Kenn

Sunday Swag Team!
Riverina Romantics 
 I Smell Sheep 

Featured Author: D.S. Kenn

Terric Blythe is a hybrid demon and wolf shifter whose life has largely been spent in anonymous cities, moving among people while keeping them at arm’s length. The list of those who matter to him is short, but when he cares, he does completely. He has allowed himself to love the one person who truly knows him. 
Jordyn Kinsley is an achingly beautiful vampire, haunted by her past. Choices and chance brought her into a world filled with evil, tragedy, and loss. At her lowest point, she encountered Terric. She learned to trust him, her demon with the heart of a wolf. 
Their anonymous life in New York made it easy for Jordyn to isolate herself. Realizing she needed a change, Terric found their new home in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The tip of Cape Cod, where paranormal beings live easily among humans, is filled with closely guarded secrets. As Jordyn begins to heal and discover her strength, it’s clear she will one day be ready to stand on her own. The wolf must decide if he will return to existing in solitude or if he will follow her lead and explore what life has to offer. 
Set Adrift is a story of love and loss, of deeply abiding friendship, and of sacrifice. The Immortal Isle series will grab ahold of your heart and have you falling in love with the inhabitants of this small coastal town.

About the Author:
DS Kenn lives in sunny south Florida, between city and swamp. When she isn’t spending time with family or working, she can be found taking care of a multitude of rescue animals and writing.
Set Adrift is her first published work, but she has been writing for several years. She ran a successful writing group on Facebook, which is where she developed the characters you will grow to love or love to hate.
Drop her a message on Facebook and let her know what you think of the book. There are sneak peeks and extra scenes to be found if you look close enough.

one bracelet says "Heading to P Town with Terric" the other says "My favorite demon is a wolf" and a nice pen!

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Book Review: Jonas (Darkness #7) by K.F. Breene

Jonas (Darkness #7) By: K.F. Breene
Paranormal Romance
133 pages 

Jonas isn't the kind of guy to submit to the expectations of others, even when his life is on the line. So when he wakes up in the cell of a dungeon with torture devices hanging on the wall, he can only think one thing: this should be fun. What he didn't expect, however, is the beautiful but broken female pitting herself against his resolve. For once, the pain of his past is shallow in comparison to another, and he wants nothing more than to extinguish her pain.

When Sasha realizes one of her own has been taken, the gloves come off. Using her ever-expanding resources of both human and non-human magic workers, she sets out to battle the most advanced, most experienced magic worker in the world. Regardless of being completely outmatched, Sasha and Stefan rush to Jonas' aid.

Jonas is one scary ass mofo. This male is absolutely no joke. He honestly scared the crap out of me for the first couple of stories. I didn't know if he was going to kill Sasha at any given moment. The dude's a ticking time bomb. Tick-tock! But saying all that, it's been fun to watch his character develop and evolve into more then what you thought.

This is where book 7, Jonas, comes into play. We get a nice little look into the workings of Jonas and his past pains that really helped shape the man you see now. Tons of interesting emotional tid-bits to nom on as this story rapidly unfolds.

My only big complaint, cause face it I complain just as well as the best of them, is Jonas was not the main focus of the story. A huge chunk of it is passed over to Sasha and the progress in her magical training and abilities. There's a big fight, with loss and heartache but I really wanted to see this whole story through Jonas perspective. He's a complex male! I was once again yearning for more pages to read!

So, I will continue to harass Mrs. Breene for MORE READING! These stories are way too short and by the time you dig in your reading roots and get invested, the book is coming to an end. Insert major sad face. :(

If you love PNR mixed with magic and steamy romance, then you want to continue this journey in the world of Darkness. Hop on board and get ready!

Getting 4 and 1/2 Sheep


Review: Demons (Darkness #4)
Review: Shadow Watcher (Darkness #6)
Getting 4 and 1/2 Sheep


About the Author:
A wine country native, K.F. Breene moved to San Francisco for college just shy of a decade ago to pursue a lifelong interest in film. As she settled into the vibrant city, it quickly became apparent that, while she thought making and editing films was great fun, she lacked cinematic genius. For that reason, her career path quickly changed direction. Her next goal was a strange childhood interest, conjured at the dining room table while filling out a form. For some reason, her young self wanted to be an Accountant. Thinking on it now, she often wonders how she had any friends. Regardless, it was the direction she finally took.

While she could wrangle numbers with the best of 'em, and even though she wore the crown as the most outspoken, belligerent accountant in the world, her mind got as stuffy as her daily routine. It was here that she dusted off her creative hat and began directing movies in her head.

Do ewe tsu?

Have you heard about the new social media? Hey! come back here... I understand, you don't want to handle another social media site, well, me neither. But...
I see the frustration of fan page owners, especially authors. As a blogger and reader keeping in touch with what's going on in the book world is important to me. Even though I want to get fan pages in my stream I'm not getting all of them. I can also see Facebook's dilemma. People subscribe to hundreds of fan pages and there is no way we scroll through all of them and not accidently miss aunt Jane's status that she is moving to a nudist colony. So what to do?

tsu can potentially fill the need to keep up with publishing community. If authors create fan page over on tsu then all I have to do is have an account there and follow who I want. The key here is to follow, not friend. I can friend, but then I've turned tsu into another social media site instead of a place to get information.

Here is an anology:
Tsu is to fan pages as Bloglovin is to blogs.

I don't have time to visit every blog I'm interested in so I collect my favorites at a reader site like Bloglovin or Network Blogs. I can quickly scan through them and choose which ones I want to see that day. Treat tsu the same way. You can check your feed and see what authors are up too and click on links you're interested in that day.

The cool thing is tsu looks and work very similar to Facebook so you won't have any problem using it. If tsu does become a big hit and the masses move over there then you already have an account with the username you want. If it flops...delete your account and move on.

This is just one idea for a way for tsu to be used by the book community.

Anyone have other ideas?

If you want to follow I Smell Sheep on tsu here is our page: