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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Fantasy Author Thommy Hutson: Top 10 Christmas Movies + giveaway

“Top 10 Christmas Movies” 

I absolutely love Christmas movies. Here are ten I make sure to watch every year. (Okay, more than once a year!) These films are the perfect recipe to make you laugh, make you cry, warm your heart, and get you—and keep you—in the holiday spirit. 

While You Were Sleeping 

A Muppet Christmas Carol 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 

A Christmas Story 


Miracle on 34th Street (1994) 


It’s a Wonderful Life 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Write Christmas
by Thommy Hutson
December 1st 2020
Published by: Rosewind Books
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy
“[A] heartwarming fantasy … Christmas enthusiasts will find this hits the spot.” ~Publishers Weekly

A contemporary, holiday fantasy with a new twist on A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life.

Abby Nicholson used to love Christmas. Until she didn’t.

After leaving Winter Glen, the small town famous for its Christmas celebration and her family’s greeting card company, Abby is forced to return to the home she left behind when the unexpected passing of her father thrusts the business into her hands.

Turning her back on the magic of the holiday beloved by her father and the town, she decides to sell the business. Signing the paperwork with the very pen her father used to create it, she is shocked to discover her hometown has become a whole new world.

One where Christmas has vanished!

Now stuck in a place devoid of hope, joy, and the spirit of the season, Abby sees family and friends altered in the most terrible of ways.

Determined to set things right, though unsure how, Abby takes out her father’s pen and begins to draw. When she realizes her art is coming to life, she sets out to recreate the holiday and bring back the most wonderful time of the year.

But some are determined to keep an iron grip on the town and will do anything in their power to stop her.

About the Author:
Thommy Hutson is a bestselling, award-winning author, screenwriter, producer, and director.

A graduate of UCLA, he began his career co-writing the story for the Warner Bros. animated hit SCOOBY-DOO IN WHERE’S MY MUMMY? He followed that with co-writing the concept and additional material for CHILL OUT, SCOOBY-DOO!

As an author, Thommy crafted a limited-edition coffee table book detailing the making and legacy of horror icon Wes Craven’s 1984 classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. A trade version followed from Permuted Press/Simon & Schuster. His novel, the teen thriller Jinxed, (Vesuvian Books) is the first in a trilogy that has been called “A must-read for classic horror fans … Hutson could easily take on the mantle as the next Lois Duncan.” Hutson was named on the
7 Essential LGBTQ Horror Authors for Your Summer Reading Lists.

Thommy wrote the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original film, A CHRISTMAS FOR THE BOOKS, which was the highest-rated scripted program the night it premiered. He co-scripted the teen thriller INSTAFAME (Lifetime), wrote a screenplay for an audio holiday project, and is in development on a family feature film. In addition, Thommy produced the critically acclaimed feature THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH, an insightful relationship drama starring Lea Thompson and John Shea. He also produced DREAMWORLD, a quirky, romantic dramedy. He has also worked as a staff writer on a Hulu web series.

A member of the Producers Guild of America, a Saturn and Home Media Magazine award-winner, and an aficionado of holiday films as well as teen movies from the 80s and 90s, Thommy continues to develop unique, compelling, and provocative projects across multiple genres for film, television, publishing, and home entertainment.

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Book Review: We Hear Voices by Evie Green

We Hear Voices
by Evie Green
December 1, 2020
384 pages
Publisher: Berkeley
ASIN: B083RZ1VBH ISBN: 9780593098301
An eerie debut about a little boy who recovers from a mysterious pandemic and inherits an imaginary friend who makes him do violent things...

Kids have imaginary friends. Rachel knows this. So, when her young son, Billy, miraculously recovers from a horrible flu that has proven fatal for many, she thinks nothing of Delfy, his new invisible friend. After all, her family is healthy and that's all that matters.

But soon Delfy is telling Billy what to do, and the boy is acting up and lashing out in ways he never has before. As Delfy's influence is growing stranger and more sinister by the day, and rising tensions threaten to tear Rachel's family apart, she clings to one purpose: to protect her children at any cost—even from themselves.
We Hear Voices is a gripping near-future horror novel that tests the fragility of family and the terrifying gray area between fear and love.

Billy caught the terrible flu that has caused a pandemic in futuristic London and the rest of the world. Then suddenly, one day, he recovers from it. Happy that her son has survived, Rachel doesn’t mind when he admits to a fantasy friend he calls Delfy. But soon, it appears Delfy is telling Billy to do things, harmless at first, but that grows into more sinister things. Like the many, many spiders he 
brings home from school in his lunchbox because Rachel said she wouldn’t mind dead spiders since she doesn’t care for them. Billy says he doesn’t like doing the things, and that is Delfy. Things got much worse from there. 

This science-fiction horror novel reveals the tensions and fragility of family, worried that their landlord may sell their home out from under them. Rachel, her boyfriend, and her teenage daughter get help for Bill from a doctor who is also having problems. He begins to wonder if Billy and the other affected children in his hospital are really going mad or more terrifying that maybe something is really talking to the children.

I give We Hear Voices 4 sheep

Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney

About the Author:
Evie Green (Evie Green) is the horror author who lives in my head. She has been busy over the past few years. Her debut novel, WE HEAR VOICES, is going to be published by Berkley in the US in October 2020.

It’s the story of a little boy who recovers after a global flu epidemic. His mother, Rachel, is delighted with the imaginary friend who has appeared to help him get better. However, it turns out that the flu was just the beginning...

It has been an enormous amount of fun writing this, and the book went on a strange journey to publication before finding its perfect editor in the form of Jen Monroe at Berkley, in New York. I can't wait to send it out into the world.

99 cents Pre-order sale: O Night Divine: A Holiday Collection of Spirited Christmas Tales + giveaway

O Night Divine: A Holiday Collection of Spirited Christmas Tales
December 17th 2020
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance, Romance

Enjoy this stunning holiday collection from some of your favorite Dragonblade Publishing authors in this collection of never-before published seasonal tales!

Imagine, if you will, that it is Christmas Eve.

The candles are guttered, one by one, and a hush falls over the parlor. The children have gone to bed, and a tall, gloriously decorated Christmas tree looms in the shadows of the hearth’s dying embers. A tattered copy of Charles Dickens’ masterwork, “A Christmas Carol” sits, cold and lonely, upon a table nearby.

A small gust of wind, hurling from the seam of an ill-fitting window, blows the cover open. The first chapter appears… “Marley’s Ghost”…

The clock on the wall chimes midnight.

Now, the magic happens.

From the gaily bedecked halls of Regency England to the cold and crisp air of the Scottish Highlands, and everything in between, enjoy the magic of a holiday collection that has drawn inspiration from Charles Dickens’ most beloved literary works. Where the ghosts of Christmas, the incandescent spirit of a tiny disabled boy, and the joy that is the very heart of the Christmas season come alive.

USA Today and Internationally bestselling authors bring you their version of a Dickens’-inspired holiday in O NIGHT DIVINE

This collection includes: 
Twas the Executioner Knight Before Christmas
by Kathryn Le Veque
A medieval version of the Ghost of Christmas Future…

No one survives an Executioner Knight and least of all, Maxton of Loxbeare. But when he married his wife and had children, three little girls right away, Maxton grew a heart. He became a devoted and dedicated father who loved his children dearly. But the Executioner Knight in him still lived. So after a very bad dream, Maxton sees that, for his daughters’ sake, he must change.

Learn more about Kathryn Le Veque:
The Mackenzies are in mourning… none so much as their laird. Since the loss of his wife, leaving Callan to raise a young son alone, he believes he’s lost his chance at happiness. As his extended family gathers to celebrate the Yule together, they can do naught to raise his spirits… until a midnight visitor—of the ghostly variety—brings him hope for the future.
Learn more about Caroline Lee

Making Spirits Bright
by Chasity Bowlin
After a lifetime of secrets, scandal, and disappointment… Elizabeth doesn’t believe in happy endings, at least not for herself. But an unconventional nobleman, with the help of a novice Spirit of Christmas, may just change her mind…
Learn more about Chasity Bowlin

The Haunted Scot 
by Hildie McQueen
The allure of a reformed rake…

She’s as determined to pursue him as he is to keep his distance. After a heartbreaking debacle, Thomas Sullivan decides to give up his roguish ways and considers the priesthood. Unfortunately, the beautiful arrival gives him second thoughts. Mary Asher is not sure why the handsome new driver tries to avoid her at all costs. After being told he follows her every move, Mary decides to test him.

Learn more about Hildie McQueen: 

Never Keep a Secret at Christmas
by Maggi Andersen
’Tis not the season to be surreptitious…

Alice Dountry’s father has gout, and she must spend Christmas with her sister, Marian, Lady Belfries. Their neighbor, the gruff, bad-tempered Earl of Hawkinge, refuses Marian’s invitation to Christmas dinner.

While chatting with him over the garden wall, Alice suspects something deeper lies beneath his humbug opinion of Christmas. Hawkinge and his grandson, Hugh Gifford, are at odds. Alice writes to Hugh but must keep it a secret from her sister.

When the handsome Lord Gifford arrives, there is an immediate spark between them. But Lord Hawkinge is hardly welcoming, and now, Marian and her husband argue over the secret letter.

Learn more about Maggi Andersen: 

Her Star from the East
by Mary Lancaster
Miss Emma Sayle has enjoyed two London seasons and rejected many suitors. Her heart was given long ago to an exciting prince of the east, a man of another country and another faith. As Christmas approaches, she daydreams of what her life with him might have been – until his ghost walks out of the freezing fog. But is it the ghost of his past or her future?
Learn more about Mary Lancaster: 

The Remembrance of Love 
by Meara Platt
Hyacinth Farthingale has known and loved Lord Innes Buchan since the day she was born. She is now in her debut season, and as Christmas approaches, it is high time this aloof and lonely lord realized his happiness depends on marrying her.
Learn more about Meara Platt

How to get an Earl of Christmas 
by Violetta Rand
Learn more about Violetta Rand:

Yuletide at Gillingham 
by Alexa Aston
A lonely holiday…

One boy abandoned by a greedy gambling father. Another boy watches his father slowly dying. A lasting friendship that will see them through the hard times—and beyond…

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Can two lonely boys draw strength from one another during a Yuletide season that only promises heartbreak?

Learn more about Alexa Aston

A Thrill of Hope 
by Anna Markland
Foiling an attempt to assassinate Queen Victoria earns Parker a medal and royal gratitude. The lunatic’s bayonet plunged into his thigh leaves him with a pronounced limp and reassignment to a small constabulary. Particularly trying is having to spend Christmas Day with his miserly uncle.

During her family’s Yuletide celebrations, Samantha discovers she doesn’t love her straitlaced fiancé. A bleak future looms large.

Neither realize that anarchists are plotting to blow up a newly-constructed railway bridge—although Parker might if he’d heed the mysterious warning voices he hears.

A tale of the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Learn more about Anna Markland

A Gift for Agatha 
by Anna St. Claire
A visit and a warning…

Years after her husband’s death, Lady Agatha Wendt has become a surly, cold-hearted miser, increasingly left to her own company. Childless and with little family, the wealthy widow fears

falling into poverty and spurns even the smallest gestures of Christmas giving. A determined spirit visits the wealthy widow and warns her change must happen.

Charles Bentley, her butler, sees goodness in her, and finds himself attracted to the real Agatha—despite knowing they could never be.

Can the spirit awaken Agatha to her real fears and help her to overcome them in time to realize the gift she has always wanted?

Learn more about Anna St. Claire

The Heart is Never Silent 
by Aubrey Wynne
Miss Etta Rose Comden is desperate to protect her younger sister, Horatia, after the death of their father. When the heir—and Tia’s new guardian—finds out his ward is deaf, he makes plans to send her away and marry Etta. With no one to turn to, the sisters flee in the middle of the night.

Dr. Gus Wharren, disillusioned with his practice in London, retreats to his late grandmother’s estate. Instead of a much-needed respite, he finds two lovely females stranded along the road.

Two sisters on the run. A London physician who has given up on humanity. The spirit of a loving grandmother. The stage is set for a holiday full of coincidence, a little Christmas magic, and a happy ever after.

Learn more about Aubrey Wynne

Of Christmas Past 
by Charlotte Wren
Pride and promise before forgiveness

At the volatile age of seventeen, Percival Josiah Northcott storms out of Highfield Hall on Christmas Eve, vowing never to return. It is a vow supported solely by pride, which, as the old adage goes, generally comes before a fall.

Five years later, Percival has fallen about as low as a man can get. He secretly longs to return home, but pride and fear stand in his way. That is, until he’s visited by someone from his past, someone who gives him the courage to seek his family’s forgiveness.

But first, he must promise to complete a very special task.

Learn more about Charlotte Wren

Tidings of Comfort 
by Elizabeth Ellen Carter
A boy with a remarkable talent…

In the lead up to Christmas, Captain Kit Hardacre is in London looking for his long-lost parents. After a disappointing initial search, he finds himself in the city alone. Bringing him out of his self-pity is a call to help in a search for a missing little boy. But which one of them is more lost?

When Kit finds Pip, he discovers a youngster with a remarkable talent for going directly into the heart of those he meets. After seeing Pip safely returned, Kit’s faith in family is restored and a kind word gives him the courage to continue his search.
Learn more about Elizabeth Ellen Carter

A Christmas Miracle 
by Elizabeth Johns
Alex Hartmere, Duke of Frompton, has endured enough heartache to make any man bitter.

Having lost his wife and child in the war in Canada, he returns to England, only to inherit a dukedom from a father who dies in a scandalous duel soon afterwards.

Repairing to his family estate for Christmas, Alex finds his first love now widowed and penniless. Can a Christmas miracle, in the form of a crippled little girl, bring them the happiness which was once stripped away from them?

Learn more about Elizabeth Johns

Her Christmas White Knight 
by Elizabeth Keysian
England, Yuletide 1587

The dice have really been loaded against Mistress Julia Wentworth. Little wonder she no longer trusts a soul—except for the urchin she rescued from the poorhouse. Having fallen in love with—and been abandoned by—a murderous traitor, Julia’s been turned out by her family and left to scrape what living she can on the brutal London streets. When a goose strays into her yard, it looks as if she’ll at least have something to feast on at Christmas.

Exploding into her life in pursuit of his goose is Myall Farrar, a scarred nobleman who loathes his miserly father and can’t afford to lose the fowl for which he’s scrimped and saved all year.

Can there be any common ground between the mismatched Myall and Julia? Is there any hope of goodwill within their families? And—perhaps more importantly—will the goose prove itself worth saving from the butcher’s knife?

Learn more about Elizabeth Keysian

Always the Mistletoe 
by Emily E K Murdoch
When a woman loves a man, it’ll take more than a little Scrooge like behavior to stop her standing by him. Her family, on the other hand…
Learn more about Emily E K Murdoch

A Libertine’s Christmas Miracle 
by Emily Royal
Christmas is a time for miracles

Alice and Ross Trelawney are enjoying a quiet Christmas in Cornwall, until their daughter Amelia strays onto the nearby estate of Mr. Scrimgeour, the infamous Beast of Boscarne. When Amelia comes home in tears after a terrifying encounter, Alice resolves to teach the Beast a lesson.

Haunted by his late wife’s ghost and taunted by the locals, Edward Scrimgeour hides away in his crumbling mansion. His peace is shattered when his neighbor’s hellion of a wife storms into his home on Christmas Eve. But she’s no ordinary trespasser. When events threaten to take a tragic turn, Edward is given a chance at salvation, showing that miracles can occur in the unlikeliest of places.

Learn more about Emily Royal

Past, Present, Future 
by Lynne Connolly
Rhona sent the love of her life away once, but now Frederick is back. He doesn’t care that she’s a housekeeper, and he’s a wounded soldier and the brother of a duke. For the three nights of Christmas, he’ll give her three gifts; wooden figures he carved for her in the long nights before his last battle. They represent their past, their present, and what they could have in the future. If she doesn’t accept his love this time, he’ll leave for good.
Learn more about Lynne Connolly

A Yuletide Yearning 
by Maeve Greyson
Regret is a sly enemy…

Captain Tait Mackenzie doesn’t regret a life of pirating, but it’s Christmas and he’s lonely. Thoughts of dying alone trouble him. What woman would settle for a life with a pirate lord?

If wishes and dreams were oceans and streams, she’d sail her way to happiness…

Ellie has always loved Tait, but he politely ignores her. She intends to change that with a little help from the North Star.

Can three pirate ghosts on Christmas Eve scare some sense into a Scottish rogue and make him see that the love he needs has been right in front of him all along?

Learn more about Maeve Greyson

A Strange Christmas Game 
by Whitney Blake
Mr. Charles Mason doesn’t expect a December summons to end in his own love story…
Learn more about Whitney Blake

Sunday, November 29, 2020

The Story Behind the Story: Author Liese Sherwood-Fabre: In Search of London’s Sherlock Holmes + giveaway

In Search of London’s Sherlock Holmes
Before we retired just before the pandemic, my husband worked as an international consultant, which required him to travel regularly to Oxford. By then, I was working on The Adventure of the Murdered Midwife and knew where I wanted to go when I joined him in London. I even arranged for a hotel not far from Baker Street to make it early to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. 

In 1990, John Aidiniantz purchased a Georgian townhouse at 239 Baker Street and opened the museum. For the next twelve years, he fought with the Abbey National Building Society at 221 Baker Street over who should receive the mail addressed to Sherlock Holmes (Abbey National had been answering the letters since the 1930s). Finally, Abbey National moved, and the Royal Mail agreed to deliver correspondence there. The staff still keeps it on the mantle, a penknife stuck through to hold it in place.

In most museums, there are “do not touch” signs everywhere. Because the items aren’t precious relics of an actual person, guests are able to handle and take photos with objects that would be off-limits in most museums. That includes posing in the chairs by the fireplace with a deerstalker borrowed for the occasion. It’s a full recreation of the flat, complete with water closet on an upper floor.

An additional 221B model exists in London at the Sherlock Holmes Pub. It holds a display of Holmes memorabilia collected for the Festival of Britain in 1951 and includes one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s desk and chair. You’re also able to enjoy a pint of Sherlock Holmes Ale or Waston’s Golden Ale.

There are other bits around town: markers where Sherlock and Watson first met, a statue of the great detective, and the Baker Street metro station is decorated with a Sherlock Holmes silhouette. Enough to keep a Sherlockian busy for more than a day.

To read more about Sherlock Holmes’ London address and other aspects of his life, check out Dr. Sherwood-Fabre’s series on “The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes.” Volume Three has just been released, and the first two are now available in eBook as a box set.

The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes: Essays on Victorian England
Box Set Volumes 1 & 2
by Liese Sherwood-Fabre 
November 16, 2020
179 pages
Genre: Non-Fiction 
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories are full of everyday Victorian activities and events that send the twenty-first-century reader to consult their reference books. Few, for example, are intimately acquainted with the responsibilities of a country squire, the importance of gentlemen's clubs, or the intricacies of the Victorian monetary system.

These forty-eight short essays, gathered together from the first two volumes of "The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes" series, explore various aspects of life mentioned in the original stories. Readers gain modern-day insight into the nineteenth-century world. Untangle the complexities of inheritance, the Victorian wedding, and the treatment of brain fever. Discover the pleasures of the circus, the Turkish bath, and beekeeping. Such examinations bring deeper meaning and color to the adventures of the world's most famous consulting detective.

**Only .99 cents!!** 

The Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes: Essays on Victorian England
Volume Three

by Liese Sherwood-Fabre 
November 16, 2020
What do "slop shops," "scissorizing," "agony aunts," and "foolscap" have in common?

These and other Victorian references appear throughout the original Sherlock Holmes tales. What was part of everyday existence to the Victorian has the modern day reader running to references books to discover its significance. These twenty-four short essays explore various aspects of life mentioned in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes tales, providing modern-day insight into the nineteenth century world. Topics include:
• Violins
• Electric vs. Gas Lighting
• Scrapbooking
• Agony Columns
• The Agra Fort
• Cardboard
• Sound Recordings
• Telephones
• Jellyfish
• Rugby
• Brandy
• The Opera
• The Crown Jewels
• Yellow Fever
• Snakes
• Italian Political Organizations
• Banks
• Diabetes
• Pocket Watches
• Writing Paper
• Coroners
• Pawnshops
• Clothing
• Calling Cards
This collection also includes a bonus essay—"Evil Women: The Villainesses of the Canon," originally published in the Baker Street Journal.
“Be prepared to be enlightened and entertained!”
- Carole Nelson Douglas, Bestselling Author
**Only $1.99!!** 

About the Author
Website-FB-TwitterLiese Sherwood-Fabre has won awards for her thrillers, romance, and literary short stories, and NYT bestselling author Steve Berry describes her writing as "gimmick-free, old-fashioned storytelling."

In the second grade, she knew she was destined to write when she got an A+ for her story about Dick, Jane, and Sally's ruined picnic. After obtaining her PhD from Indiana University, she joined the federal government and had the opportunity to work and live internationally for more than fifteen years. She draws upon these experiences to endow her characters with deep conflicts and emotions.

$15 Gift Card (reader's choice--Amazon or Apple) 
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Except: A Demon's Witch Series Book 1 by Tena Stetler + giveaway

A Demon's Witch (A Demon's Witch Series Book 1) 
by Tena Stetler
September 25, 2015
316 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Keeping a lid on all the paranormal beings inhabiting Washington D.C. is a daunting job. Bruce, a six hundred year old demon and the Territory Overlord of the Western Hemisphere, keeps his finger on the pulse of DC's power players through the activities at his highly successful Wycked Hair Salon. His movie star good looks and body builder physique keeps his dance card full and the rumor mills running. Within these walls, his anonymity is safe, mostly.

Bruce's world spins out of control when Angelique, a pint size, gorgeous witch, with an attitude breezes through the doors of his salon. She is the younger sister of Tristian, Bruce's long time trusted enforcer, whose professional skills are second to none. Tristian is furious at the relationship between Bruce and Angelique, a dangerous situation. The undeniable attraction between demon and witch promises to tear apart both their professional and personal worlds.

**On Sale for Only .99 cents!!** 

Series Trailer: 

A Demon’s Witch Excerpt:
Suddenly, he felt the magic aura shift and switched his attention to the front door. She breezed in, hair like spun gold flowing to her waist, with a seductive yet regal body and a sway to her hips that should be illegal even in DC. She wore a snug rose and cream colored sweater, cut low enough he could see the swells of her rounded breasts, tailored black slacks that fit her cute ass like a glove and four-inch spike heels. She paused in the center of the salon, wet from the sudden spring storm, and lowered the briefcase she’d used as an umbrella. Her sparkling violet eyes glanced up to the mezzanine where Bruce stood watching. Blatantly her gaze wandered over his well-muscled body, undressing him piece by piece, until he felt naked. He shook his head slightly and smoothed his shirt and slacks with his hand, just to make sure he was still wearing them.

A Warlock's Secrets (A Demon's Witch Series Book 2) 

A Vampire's Unlikely Alliance (A Demon's Witch Series Book 3) 

An Angel's Unintentional Entanglement (A Demon's Witch Series Book 4) 

A Magic Redemption (A Demon's Witch Series Book 5) 

About the Author
With the majestic Rocky Mountains just outside the window, I sit at my computer with vampires,demons, witches, faeries, and a variety of paranormal creatures gathered around telling me their stories! That makes me an author of paranormal romance novels and cozy mysteries with magic spark. The everyday world is mundane, but sprinkle a little magic and you have fantastic!

Colorado is home. I share my life with a wonderful husband of many moons, our brilliant Chow Chow, a terribly spoiled companion parrot, and a forty-year-old box turtle. We enjoy hiking, biking, and camping, also love water sports including kayaking and whitewater rafting, especially on the Arkansas River through the Royal Gorge.

Another passion of mine is reading a good novel. You can find me any winter evening curled up in front of a crackling fire with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate, and a big bowl of popcorn. While growing up, if I didn’t like the ending of a book, I’d rewrite it, which led to writing my own books.

Reluctantly, I discovered that in real life it’s tough to rewrite an ending.
$20 Amazon giftcard, $15 Amazon giftcard – 1 winner each! 
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