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Monday, September 1, 2014

Book Review: Broken Souls (Primani Book 4) by Laurie Olerich

Broken Souls (Primani #4)
by Laurie Olerich

Paperback, 386 pages
September 5th 2014
Stalked by evil…
Psychic Rori Austin’s life is over. She just doesn’t know it yet. Plagued by recurring nightmares and terrifying fugues, she’s hanging on by a thread. When she blacks out and wakes up in 1969, she knows she’s out of control. Broke and alone in the city that never sleeps, she’s desperate to find someone who can hold back the darkness in her mind. When gorgeous Declan shows up out of nowhere, she’s thrilled until he starts asking questions she has no intention of answering.

Haunted by guilt…
Primani Declan Manning is a ruthless killer and a renowned healer. Demons fear him. Humans love him. Life is good. The last thing he needs is a human woman. After saving Rori’s life, he walks away but can’t forget the fear in her exotic eyes. They haunt him, dredging up memories better left buried deep. Intrigued by her secrets, he uncovers the horrifying truth. She’s been marked for Hell, and her time is up. He’ll risk his own immortality to save her so ul…if they can find the demon in time

With Mica and Killian married and parents of children, it is now turn for the other Primani males to have their stories told. This one involves Declan, or Dec, as he is called mainly in the book. He wants to be on his own and moves to an apartment in new York City. Then he saves Rori’s life. Feeling sorry for her, plus trying to deny an attraction, he buys her food at the grocery store and leaves it by her door each day. One day, while shopping he is attacked by demon and captured. Luckily, his Primani brothers saved him from torture. He is told by the archangel Raphael to keep an eye on Rori.

As for Rori, she has a demon stalker. While she sleeps, he controls her, seducing her. Until the storm outside, breaks the glass of her window and awakens her. She also has nightmares and when she awakens from them, tries to remember and write it down. But it is always two words. Declan wonders what is going on with her. He senses she is psychic, and cannot understand why a demon is targeting her, as she appears to be nothing out of the ordinary. She is a mystery.

Ms. Olerich started off slow and confusing at first, but once she got to Rori’s near death scene where Dec’s healing saves her life, the story picks up. A romantic paranormal suspense, she hooks you until you want to know what happens to this couple.

Book Review: Primani (book #2) by Laurie Olerich

I give Broken Souls 4 sheep

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About the Author:
Laurie Olerich is the author of the new Primani series. Part romance, part paranormal, part adventure...Three things she can’t live without! Laurie spent most of her life in the Northeastern United States and in Western Europe. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her son and Dalmatian duo, Domino and Rambo. Desperate to escape the heat, she lives vicariously through Mica and her Primani by setting their adventures in the mountain coolness of New England and the rainy days of London. Before throwing caution to the wind and diving into a writing career, Laurie dedicated 20 years to her country by serving in the United States Air Force. Much of her time was spent around men with guns and cool toys...this explains her obsession with both.

Book Review: Phantom Desire by Houston Havens

Phantom Desire (Psychic Menage Book 2)
by Houston Havens
Print Length: 274 pages
Publisher: H.A.W.K. Publishing

(September 1, 2014)
Mind traveler Chandra Lamar is on the run, not only from her post-catastrophic dystopian government but from a past she can’t remember. A psychic vision pushes her to recall her purpose for being, but it’s a ghost that awakens her desires for a life she fears she’ll never have. Both push her to remember the past because it threatens what she wants in the now; the Nodin men.

Andonis Nodin battles to accept his failures. The heavy burden nearly breaks him when he can’t save the one he loves from the grim reaper’s grip; he questions his desire for Chandra, the woman he blames for the death around him.
Nikias finds true love with Chandra in his arms, but is desperate to stop her from seeking revenge on a mission he knows is a one way trip.

Ortello knows for them to recapture the love they once felt for each other, he must be willing to let her go. But overcoming his obsession to make Chandra his and his alone isn’t easy.

Will Chandra go through with the vengeance in her heart or give it up for love? Who is the powerful woman in her haunting visions and will those revealing apparitions crumble her world with the Nodin clan? Does Chandra find true love in the arms of the Nodin men or does her Phantom Desire forever own her heart?

Ortello Nodin and his brothers, Andonis and Nikias are airbornes and their law stated that all brothers had to agree on a wife and she had to marry all of them or none of them. But Ortello died in a mission and Chandra was injured very badly and is having a hard time getting over his death. Andonis and Nikias had been getting closer to Chandra before their brothers death but have all but pulled away afterwards which was hard for Chandra.

Chandra Lamar was a dirt dweller spy with the power to mind travel and was in love with Ortello but he followed her on one of her missions and he died in an explosion along with a lot of others. Chandra is having a really hard time getting her life back in order because her heart is so filled with grief and the fact that Andonis and Nikias no longer act like they want to be around her anymore.

Fighting through her own grief as well as realistic feeling nightmares about her dead boyfriend Ortello, Chandra isn't doing well emotionally and what she really needs are Andonis and Nikias to help her though this awful time but they have pulled away from her and she doesn't know how to reach out to them.

I have to admit, when Ortello's ghost first showed up in the book, I thought Chandra was losing her mind. Get the girl some psychological help, stat! I kept reading and he showed up again and again and I was having a hard time believing this story had a ghost in it. Why? I have no idea, but it seemed like it was all her imagination at first. I read books with vampires, werewolves and zombies but a ghost pops up in a book and I'm looking for some logical reason why she's imaging him there and then the title of the book dawned on me..Duh!

When Chandra decides to leave on a mission Andonis and Nikias try to talk her out of it because they don't want her to get hurt or worst, die. I really loved the interaction between these three characters. The arguments, misunderstandings and hurt feelings are true to life and makes them very believable characters.

There are a couple of huge twists that I didn't see coming at all as well as a great surprise. The MMF sex is so erotic at times, this books might need a cold shower warning.

If you like ghosts, a heroine who can kick ass and heroes who are exotic as well as erotic, then this is the book for you.

Book Review: Sinful Surrender (Psychic Menage, #1)

I give this book 5 sheep!

Mary Kirkland
Dark Thoughts Blog

About the Author:
Houston Havens, erotic-romance author, mixes the past, present, and future, and she always gives you love everlasting. She’s a woman of passion and mystery. Between the seductive pages of her intriguing books are titillating and sexy blends of futuristic, paranormal-fantasy, and sensuous westerns. Her sultry books will entertain and fascinate those who dare to take the journey.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Genesis of The Imaginarium Convention- Part III: The Programming (part 2)

Ever wonder what goes into creating a convention? Stephen Zimmer has agreed to take us through the steps. He has agreed to do a six week series about what it took to put together Imaginarium which will make its debut this September. 

The Programming (part 2)

Planning programming for an event the size of Imaginarium is no easy feat. It takes time, patience, and a very strong sense of humor. When Stephen and I first started kicking around panel topics and scheduling ideas several months ago, I thought I was ready for the job...boy, was I ever wrong. I've learned a lot in the last two months, though, and I've enjoyed every step of the process.

As Stephen mentioned last week, we have a wide array of panel topics and programming. There's guaranteed to be something for everyone at Imaginarium, from the how-to panels on writing your first novel to fun fandom trivia and Q&A sessions with our special guests. We offer so many topics I still have a hard time keeping all of them straight!

Not only do we have close to 150 separate panels and events packed into the weekend, we also have close to 130 guests. Matching up people to panels and slotting events to fit individual schedules isn't as easy as it sounds, either. If you were to ask some of our guests, they'd probably tell you that somewhere along the way I lost my mind and added them to unimaginable things. I've since apologized and done my best not to be crazy. I just hope they forgive me one day.

But that sentiment right there embodies the whole essence of my involvement in Imaginarium. Every creative writer has been to an event at some point in his or her career where it became painfully obvious that the creatives were the low guests on the totem pole. It hurts to think you're being taken for granted and given the raw end of what seemed like such a good deal. My philosophy from the start has been to make our guests feel like they're part of something. I want to see them happy with their schedules and excited to be involved in the event we're building. That excitement is catching, and if the guests show enthusiasm, our attendees will pick up on it. It's about building an atmosphere while offering a worthwhile event.

So anyway, that's what we did... now let's talk about the how.

It started with a series of spreadsheets. One was broken out to represent time slots in each panel room. The second was a listing of every panel broken down by track – with only enough slots beneath the headers as we had seats on the panel. The third, and probably most important, as the spreadsheet to represent individual panelists' schedules. Slots were determined based on the number of panels each person requested. If a workshop was offered, it went into the schedule. If a specific event was offered, it went into the schedule.

The next step was to make sure nothing conflicted on each. Every time I entered something on one sheet, it filtered over to the other two. If something was removed, I backed up and redid what I'd done. Back and forth, over and over, there were days when both my husband and Stephen thought I'd gone insane.

And of course, I made mistakes. Hence the panelists thinking I'm nuts comment earlier. As I said, wrangling that many guests isn't easy.

I started with the panels with the fewest number of requests. Those were assigned first, promising no conflicts and keeping them full. I moved through the list that way, building from the bottom up to ensure each panel got the love it deserved. Some of the decisions were extremely hard – there are so many wonderful, knowledgeable panelists that sometimes I literally had to flip a coin to determine which person got what seat. Those were the ones that hurt the most.

And then there were the “Ask an Author” lists. Almost every panelist we have signed up for “Ask an Author”, and I couldn't think of a fair way to assign those. Since we had several open slots (even as many times as we counted, we still undershot it!), I went crazy and set up multiple panels, each centered on a different genre – Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Urban Fantasy/Horror... and even then it was still so hard to decide!

Now I want to take a minute to talk about the panels themselves. With over a dozen separate programming areas, we've tried to incorporate chances to answer as many questions as possible. We have panels on gaming – both for writing games and running them. We also focus on the publishing world, editors and their functions, and the craft of writing itself. We have fandom favorites based on some of today's hottest books, shows, and movies as well. Our romance writers get to shine as they discuss the craft of writing true love, and our speculative authors will take our attendees on a walk through the improbable. We even offer panels and workshops on the creative writing areas people don't immediately think of when they hear “creative writing”. We have panels for poets and songwriters, screenwriters, and even those who specialize in blogging and non-fiction. Imaginarium is a place where any creative type can feel at home.

Stephen and I have had our heads together every single step of the way, and even now we're coming up with new topics we think would interest our panelists and readers...but I suppose we'll have to save those for next year.


About the Author:
South Carolina native S.H. Roddey has been writing for fun since she was a child and still enjoys building worlds across the speculative fiction spectrum filled with mystery and intrigue. She brings to the literary world a unique blend of humor, emotion, and wild ideas filled with dark themes and strong characters. Having already traversed the murky waters of both the independent press and self-publishing markets for short fiction, Susan is proud to have found a home with Seventh Star Press for her Soul Collectors novel series. In her spare time, she also writes paranormal and contemporary romance as Siobhan Kinkade.

In addition to writing she is also a voracious reader, wannabe chef, and video game addict with two full-time jobs: administrative social media professional, and mom to two cats, a teenager, and a precocious toddler with an affinity for computer keyboards. She also enjoys the perks of being married to her best friend and full-time muse. Check in on her any time at

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Today's feature Author: Brandy Walker

About the Author:
As a teenager Brandy would spend time at her Nana and Papa’s writing angst filled stories of unrequited love. All revolving around whatever cute boy she had a crush on at the time. The stories, which no longer exist, were a way to get out the emotions bottled up inside. After a time her interests changed and writing got left behind.

After rediscovering her love of reading, romance to be specific, story ideas starting popping up in her head. With some prodding from her friends she decided to try her hand at writing romance and has written around ten stories in various states of completion. With a plan in place she’s hoping to bring more of her stories to life.

Brandy is a Navy brat, prior enlisted Army, current Army wife, and mom. She lives in Washington State with her husband of 18 years, three kids and one dog.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Book Review: Wickedly Dangerous (Baba Yaga #1) by Deborah Blake + giveaway

Wickedly Dangerous (Baba Yaga #1)
by Deborah Blake

You may think you know about Baba Yaga: the wicked witch of Russian fairy tales who lives in a hut that moved about on chicken legs, rides in a mortar and pestle, and eats small children if they misbehave. But you’d be wrong. For Baba Yaga is not one woman, but rather, a title carried by a chosen few whose job it is to guard the borders between our world and the Otherworld and keep the balance of nature.

Barbara Yager is a Baba Yaga; trained since childhood by the previous holder of the title. Older than she looks, powerful beyond measure, and so far removed from the life of normal mortals, she has little in common with the human life she was born to. She travels through the country in an Airstream trailer, riding a classic BMW motorcycle and masquerading as an herbalist and researcher while she fulfills her duties. When she is summoned by a woman who is desperate to find her missing child, Barbara finds herself tangled in a web of lies and deceit, battling human enemies and Otherworld creatures, and most unexpectedly, her own heart.

Liam McClellan is the Sheriff of rural Clearwater County. Since a tragedy tore his life to pieces years before, he has dedicated himself to his job; protecting and serving the people who look to him to enforce the law. But after three children disappear in four months, without a trace or clue, Liam is beginning to wonder if he should hang up his badge. The sudden appearance of a beautiful woman with a dubious background and a curious habit of turning up where he least expects her makes him place her at the top of his suspect list, despite her uncanny gift for helping those in need. But as the danger mounts, and weird and inexplicable occurrences beset Liam and those he vowed to keep safe, he has to wonder if Barbara Yager is his enemy—or his only chance to save the lives of innocents in a world he no longer recognizes.

Natural gas drilling, political shenanigans, grieving parents, three mysterious motorcycle riders, twisted beasts out of nightmares, and yes, there are dragons. Because when Baba Yaga comes to town, nothing will ever be the same again.

You have probably heard of Baba Yaga—the archetypal wicked witch of Russian tales who lived in a log hut that walked about on chicken legs, rode through the forests in a giant mortar that she steered with a pestle, and ate small children if they didn’t behave. According to legend, Baba Yaga usually appeared as an ugly old crone, although she also wore other faces, and sometimes gave aid to a worthy seeker, if such a one could pass her tests.

You probably think you know who Baba Yaga is. But you’d be wrong. Because I am Baba Yaga, and this is my story

What can I say but Baba Yaga puts the rocks in my jellyroll and I loved Wickedly Dangerous. This tale is a wonderful blending of the legend of Baba Yaga brought up to date with all the flair a modern urban fantasy could possibly offer.

The story opens in a small town where children have gone missing. The hunky, emotionally damaged Sheriff, Liam, is out searching in some of the more remote areas for possible clues when he stumbles upon a clearing with an Airstream trailer parked smack dab in the middle and a beautiful Barbara Yager in residence. Barbara is the current Baba Yaga and she has been tasked to guard the borders between our world and the Otherworld to help maintain balance in both. Barbara is not really sure why she has been summoned this area, but she knows all is not right in Clearwater County, and finds herself caught up in the middle of all the intrigue surrounding the missing children and vows to bring them home and deliver justice.

The writing is very well executed and the characters are memorable, as well as a delight to get to know. The synopsis gives a great overview of the storyline and I will not try to improve on this, but will add that Wickedly Dangerous delivers humor, as well as intrigue with plenty of action, and a little side serving of smexy thrown in the mix. The ending is very satisfying and overall, in my opinion, this is a superb beginning for a new urban fantasy series, which I am eagerly anticipating following. I would recommend this book to fans of good meaty urban fantasy reads. I received this book from NetGalley.

5 Sheep

About this Author:
Author of seven non-fiction books from Llewellyn. Circle, Coven & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice (2007), Everyday Witch A to Z (2008), The Goddess is in the Details (2009), Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook (2010) Witchcraft on a Shoestring (2010), Everyday Witch Book of Rituals, and The Witch's Broom. I am also the author of the Baba Yaga series from Berkley Romance, including Wickedly Magical (novella), Wickedly Dangerous, and Wickedly Wonderful.
When not writing, Deborah runs The Artisans’ Guild, a cooperative shop she founded with a friend in 1999, and also works as a jewelry maker, tarot reader, and energy healer. She lives in a 100 year old farmhouse in rural upstate New York with five cats who supervise all her activities, both magickal and mundane.

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