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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sheep Movie Review: HOME

Rating: PG (for mild thematic elements)
Directed By: Tim Johnson
Runtime: 1 hr. 33 min.
Cast: Jim Parsons, Steve Martin, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez 

When Oh, a loveable misfit from another planet, lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own people, he forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous girl named Tip who is on a quest of her own. Through a series of comic adventures with Tip, Oh comes to understand that being different and making mistakes is all part of being human. And while he changes her planet and she changes his world, they discover the true meaning of the word HOME. 

Home is exactly what you would expect after watching the trailer, a colorful fun kids movie that touches on the meaning of family and friendships. A world of dimwitted Aliens has come to Earth and relocated all the humans, without any regards to their feelings. The message of "think about others" comes across and is delivered to all the youngsters in the audience. Try not to be selfish, give to others, these are good words for kids today. 

Adults may see right through any of the plot twists, and the Sci-Fi elements are pretty laughable BUT these confused Aliens will win you over. They are kind of like a nerdy-tech version of Minions. While their leader is really in need of a reality check, Steve Martin does some fun stuff with the voice acting for his character. 

Overall, this is a movie for kids so adults need to keep that in mind. It's pretty decent, but it's not anything all that groundbreaking or earth shattering. I didn't feel my money was wasted, the soundtrack alone was worth the price. 

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Book Review: Thea (Book 1) by Tess Auclaire

Thea (Book 1)
by Tess Auclaire
Pages: 270
Thea has always been different. She knows things no 13 year old girl should know. But with the help of a dysfunctional friend, loving brother, and adorable neighbor boy, she finds her way in the world. When Thea finds out about some horrible things that have happened in the little town of Del Mar, her corrupt attorney for a father and his life long friend, will do anything they can to keep her mouth shut. But against all odds, and a little help from her friends, Thea fights her way through the fire and flames.

It’s not every day that you get to review a book for an author you actually know. I was so excited to read the first book by Tess Auclaire whom I’ve known for years. I loved the way I could see her personality in the characters and story line as I read the book.

Thea knows things that she shouldn’t which makes her feel different and left out. Most kids can relate to that. Sometimes she read people’s minds other times it comes to her in dreams or visions. When bad things start happening, Thea’s gift starts to get the best of her.

If you aren’t one who likes a wordy book I’d pass on this one but if that doesn't get you down the story line is good and it was enjoyable. Great book for teens!

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Denise B

About the Author:
Tess AuClaire was born and raised in Montana. She graduated in 2011 from Everest University with a degree in Paralegal, though writing has always been her passion.Thea is her first book. She currently lives in Kalispell, Montana with her 3 children; Tylor, Ethan, and Isabella.

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D.B. Reynolds is the award-winning author of the popular Vampires in America series, as well as other paranormal fiction. She lives with her husband of many years in a flammable canyon near Los Angeles, and when she's not writing her own books, she can usually be found reading someone else's.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Book Review: Darkness Eternal (Guardians of Eternity #7.5) by Alexandra Ivy

Darkness Eternal (Guardians of Eternity #7.5)
by Alexandra Ivy
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Kindle
For the Guardians of Eternity, battle is a way of life—whether the plight of their world is at stake, or the fate of their heart…

After being held captive by one vampire for four centuries, Kata had no intention of taking another one to the underworld with her. Yet even in the pits of Hell, there’s no ignoring the intoxicating desire awakened by Uriel’s touch…

Previously published in Supernatural.

Darkness Eternal is available at Amazon.

This was a nice edition to the overall story arc of the Guardians of Eternity series. You can certainly read this installment as a stand alone, but I recommend getting the full saga experience! I've been reading about this world of paranormal creatures since book hit the shelves and it's been a very enjoyable ride ever since.

Being held against her will, and forced to make a baby with a dude against her will, Kata has been living locked away for a really long time. Though she makes comments about keeping up with the culture and changes in the world, it's a little hard to belive since she's being kept in hellish conditions, but satellite dishes and internet connections aside (gods I hope she didnt have to deal with dialup!), Kata's ready to get out of her prison and reunite with her long lost daughter.

Just when you think she'll never break free, her vampire in moonlight armor comes crashing into the scene and whisking her off her feet. He's overbearing and bossy, as most males in this saga are, but you love him for laying it all on the line to protect the woman his heart has decided to mate with. Yes, it's love and mating at first sight!

Soon, these two and getting down and dirty in the moments they have peace before all hell's going to break wide open. Hey, I've known you for about and hour, your hot and I've been celibate for about 200 years. Let's get this going! And they do!

Through some trails and tribulations this pair set out to find their way in an ever changing dimension. Someones playing love doctor but they may be getting these two killed for real. It's all in the name of love and I enjoyed just about all of this book quiet a bit. Though if I had to nitpick, the word "bitch" is thrown around a few too many times, a tad unnecessary by the end. I was overall happy with this tale of love and finding that hope at the end of the tunnel.

Ivy fans will enjoy this one and new readers can dig their claws in and get a nice taste of the saga that is Guardians of Eternity!

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About the Author:
website-FB- Twitter 
Like most writers, I was born with an avid love for reading. Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book in my hand or wasn’t dreaming up wild stories in my head. And when I stepped into my local library for the first time I thought it was paradise. There were so many books on the shelves I didn’t know where to start!

Still, I didn’t plan to grow up and become a writer. I was much more interested in a glorious career as an actress on Broadway.

I followed my dream by acquiring a degree in theatre and performing for several years in summer-stock productions, but after I married my college sweetheart I decided to put the career on hold while we started a family. After the arrival of my two sons, Chance and Alex, I found myself seeking a new creative outlet and decided to turn my occasional scribblings into a genuine effort to get published.

I’d like to say that I was an overnight success, but the truth is that it took years before I finally got ‘the call’. The rejections were painful, but now I’m relieved. All those manuscripts that I thought were the next Great American Novel are now exactly where they belong…gathering dust under my bed.

They did, however, help me learn my craft, and just as importantly, they gave me the opportunity to enjoy writing in a wide variety of genres as I searched for my voice. Which no doubt explains why I started writing traditional regencies under the name Debbie Raleigh and then moved to steamy historicals under the name Deborah Raleigh before transforming into a contemporary paranormal writer as Alexandra Ivy. Now my career spans everything from erotica to romantic suspense.

When I’m not writing I love to travel, it doesn’t matter where I’m going as long as it doesn’t include any cooking or cleaning. I also love to spend time with my family who continue to be my greatest source of inspiration. And since some things never change…when I have a few minutes, you can still find me with a book in my hand!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Author Candis Vargo talks about her paranormal experiences (Darkness Within Tour)

So, since Darkness Within deals with ghosts and stuff, a lot of people want to know if any of it is based on true events. The answer is…yes.

Though it didn’t happen to me.

Some of the scenes in Darkness Within where the presence is, actually happened to a friend, Joe Bowers, and my brother Tom McCray. Now, I’m not saying I haven’t had anything creepy happen to me, because I have. I just didn’t put them in the book.

But let me share some with you.

This first experience isn’t too creepy, but my husband and I were sitting on our sofa watching a movie, and we heard one of our boys walk down the stairs and stop at the door. Pausing the movie, we turned and looked at the door, waiting for it to be opened. When it didn’t open, my husband got up and went to check to see which kid it was and what they were doing.

No one was there.

We live in an old 1800’s house, if you go up or down the stairs, or even walk in a room, you can hear it through the whole house, and so if our child was to go back upstairs…we would have heard it.


This next one is the one who really freaked me out.

It was a Saturday morning and I woke up to see my husband off to work. About twenty minutes after he left for work, my oldest son comes down. He looked at me and said “Where’s daddy?” I asked him what he meant and he proceeded to tell me that he just saw his daddy sit up in my bed and stare at him as he walked past the room.

The bed I had just gotten out of. But his dad had just left at work. So apparently my son saw some creepy ghost guy sitting in my bed. That wigged me out for a while.

I’ve had experiences since I was a child, way too many to ever tell people. Nothing nearly like the scenes in Darkness Within though.

What about you? Have you had any experience you’d like to share?

Darkness Within
The Darkness Series
Book One
Candis Vargo
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Date of Publication: March 10
Tragedy strikes the Roseburg family and leaves Mike struggling to help his wife, Mia. After losing their only child in an accident, Mia is far from emotionally distraught…instead, she continues on like their son is still alive.

Four months passed since the accident…

Mike begins to work with a psychiatrist to help his wife with her delusions when a darkness begins to haunt them. As this dark presence becomes violent, making itself known, Mike wonders if the illusion of their child that his wife is seeing is something far more demonic.

With the dark force looming over them, Mike is left questioning his own sanity as he tries to unravel what is real and what is not.

Soon he realizes…

Something is dreadfully wrong.

Chapter 1
The force of the impact with the truck thrust the Jeep forward, throwing Mia deep into her seat as they went nose first into a ditch. What was left of the back of the jeep rolled up over the front. It continued to flip over several times before seeming to levitate in the air after rolling off the embankment. It felt like an eternity, the world moving in slow motion, before it smashed against the icy cold river sending shards of glass and ice throughout the vehicle. As it slowly began to sink Mia automatically reached down to unbuckle herself. After struggling to free herself from the seat belt she reached back for her son.

Her long, dark hair floated through the thickness of the icy water and streams of blood swam around her face. As she turned around everything became hazy and the darkness fought to take away her control. A panic began to set in as her heart raced. She needed to get back to Eli, to unbuckle him…she needed to save her son.

Being a mother she couldn’t care less if she was hurt, she just needed to save her son. Like a tiger protecting her young, it was a mother’s first priority.

As she tried to move into the back seat she reached out to Eli again.

He gently placed his outstretched hand into hers. His eyes, so soft and gentle, stared into his mother’s, whose were full of pain and fear for him. He smiled his sweet innocent smile as if telling her that things were going to be okay.

It was the end of February, a time the weather was supposed to be warming up as it was readying for spring. Supposed to…but of course it wasn’t.

Mia had been trying to avoid what happened. Just moments ago she was talking to her husband on the phone through the Bluetooth she managed to con him into installing, stating that she was going to wait for the storm to pass.

“Hello,” Mikes groggy voice had echoed through the car.

“Hi, Daddy.” Eli’s enthusiasm rang throughout the vehicle. “Dad…Dad, I’m out of school, Dad. And it’s snowing!”

“Oh yeah, buddy,” Mike replied. “Well, I guess I will see you soon then.”

Mia had angled her rear view mirror down to look back at Eli. She placed her index finger in front of her mouth to shush him but smiled underneath it.

Eli puckered his lips out and grabbed them with one hand to keep himself from talking as he gave her a thumbs up.

“Yeah, it’s snowing like crazy.” Mia took her time as she drove. She was never a fan of the winter weather and only liked snow on Christmas Eve and

Christmas Day, any time before or after that she’d prefer it be seventy degrees and sunny. “We’re going to be late for dinner. I think I’m going to pull over when I can manage to even see anything so I don’t slide into a damn ditch.”

When Mia left to pick Eli up from preschool there were just a few flurries floating in the icy wind. Now it had come to near white out conditions, causing her to curse winter even more.

“All right, just take your time and watch out for the crazy people out there. And I came up with an awesome idea for big man’s birthday party. Turning the big five soon, eh, buddy.”

Mia looked in the mirror and saw Eli’s deep brown eyes light up. He hopped up and down in his booster seat with excitement. “Do I get a guitar,

Dad? Daddy, I want a guitar!”

“You’ll have to wait and see, buddy, but I better let you guys go so you can get home. Maybe this snow will be good enough to take you snowmobiling later.”

Mia rolled her eyes and shook her head in frustration. “See you when we get home.”

She was still upset with him over what had happened the night before. She could swear that sometimes it seemed like he’d rather be anywhere but where the man of the house should be at night…home. Gender roles were never really her thing, but to her it always seemed like the man did a better job of protecting the family from intruders.

“Stay safe,” Mike said before he hung up.

After Mike hung up Mia had slowed down even more, trying to find a place to pull over before she got anywhere near the upcoming bridge that crossed the river. She wanted to be out of the way of any oncoming traffic but with the snow falling as hard as it was, it was nearly impossible to see anything.

After a few more minutes of driving the snow let up ever so slightly, enough for her to spot a place where she could pull over. Slowing down to a near stop, she started to turn the wheel.

The distinctive sound of a big rig's horn snapped her attention to the rear view mirror, still angled for her to see Eli. She snapped her head to the right side mirror and saw a tractor trailer turned sideways, sliding towards her. Her heart raced as she pushed the gas pedal, trying to get out of the way as fast as she could. The wheels seemed to turn in pace and the air horn blared again, but was drowned out by the screeching of metal as it collided.

Everything went black.

About the Author:
Facebook -Twitter-Goodreads
Growing up on an old dirty road in the middle of nowhere, as a child Candis used her love for books as a way to escape reality (and her brother constantly trying to kill her—literally). She blames her love of all things Horror on being born on Friday the 13th and will always find joy in scaring her friends.

You will find a little piece of her in every book she writes. She loves a good happy ending, but most of the time she prefers one she never saw coming.

When she’s not writing or reading, she can usually be found chasing her children around. She currently lives in Rome, Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. And her fat cat.