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Saturday, November 18, 2017

COMET TV November GIVEAWAY: Teen Wolf & Freaky Feast Pack!

Thanksgiving Day 
Thursday, November 23 starting at 10A/9C
COMET TV is cranking up the heat in the kitchen with Freaky Feast Movie Marathon featuring:
Superbeast, The Incredible Melting Man, Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf, The Video Dead, The Beast Within and Creature.
Tune in for perfect pass-the-cranberry-sauce scenery.
Superbeast (1972)
starting at 10A/9C
Incredible Melting Man (1978)
starting at NOON/11C
Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1985)
starting at 2P/1C
The Video Dead (1986)
starting at 4P/3C
The Beast Within (1982)
starting at 6P/5C
Creature (1985)
starting at 8P/7C

November Weekly Themes
There are also classics like Teen Wolf, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and each week on COMET TV there’s a different theme! Vampires! Ghosts! Werewolves! Oh My!
Airing weekdays at 4P/3C throughout November, check schedule at
Werewolves (11/6 – 11/10)
Vampires (11/13 – 11/17)
Ghosts (11/20 – 11/24)
Interplanetary Romance (11/27 – 12/1)

Teen Wolf (1985) 
Monday, November 13 at 6P/5C
Saturday, November 25 at 10P/9C

Teen Wolf Too (1987)
Monday, November 13 at 8P/7C
Saturday, November 25 at MIDNIGHT/11C

Friday Primetime Movie 8P/7C
Saturday Encore Presentation 8P/7C
Cowboys VS Vampires (2013)
Friday, November 10 at 8P/7C
Starman (1984) 
Friday, November 17 at 8P/7C 
Monday, November 27 at 4P/3C
Deep Space (1987) 
Friday, November 24 at 8P/7C

Teen Wolf & Freaky Feast Pack!
1 -Limited Edition Teen Wolf T-shirt: Get ready to Howl! This shirt sports the classic Teen Wolf logo on the front and is perfect for letting your inner freak fly. Whether you’re playing basketball or just letting your beard grow in, we got you covered! Literally, I mean… It’s a shirt. Hello!
2 -Limited Edition COMET TV Condiment Bottles: How can you have a feast without the accouterments? These condiment bottles are just the thing for adding that secret sauce at any Freaky Feast!
8 -COMET TV Table Place cards: Haven’t you always wanted to tell your friends, “You’re a beast!” Now you have a chance, in a nice subtle way. These place cards are perfect for that elegant classy touch at your next Freaky Feast. Featuring aliens, robots, and more!
1 -COMET TV Collectable Card: You’ll get one of four collectible COMET TV cards featuring Teen Wolf, Once Bitten and more.
BUT… You can’t have a feast without candy! You’ll also get an assortment of gummy brains, hearts, livers as well as some candy blood bags and even a wax fang or two!

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Story behind the Story: Where Nightmares Come From: The Art of Storytelling in the Horror Genre

For all horror fans and writers, Crystal Lake Publishing assembled the biggest names in horror for their non-fiction collection on the art of storytelling in horror! 
(You can check out the power line-up in the blurb)

We asked three of the authors these two questions:
1. Story behind the Story (trivia about their contribution to the anthology)
2. What was your worst nightmare?

Check out what Lisa Morton, Tim Waggoner, and Elizabeth Massie had to say...

Lisa Morton

1. Story behind the Story (trivia about their contribution to the
Lisa: Many writers never realize that there's a big market out there for non-fiction, even in the horror genre. Because I write a lot of non-fiction, I frequently hear from magazines and webzines that are deluged with fiction submissions but get almost nothing in terms of non-fiction, despite paying the same rates for both. When I've asked writer friends why they don't try to write some non-fiction, they often tell me they don't know how to do it...and when I explain to them that it doesn't have to be approached all that differently from writing a short story, I see this light go on. I thought it might be helpful to other writers as well to hear that same thing, so this piece is about how to write non-fiction articles that disturb and effect readers in the same ways that fiction does.

2. What was your worst nightmare?
Lisa: For many years I had a recurrent nightmare involving choking around masses of material that were somehow in my throat. I could pull out handfuls of this stuff, but there was always more. I haven't had that in a while now, thank goodness! 

Tim Waggoner 

1. Story behind the Story (trivia about their contribution to the anthology)
Tim: As both a writer and teacher, I spend a lot of time thinking about what makes fiction work and how I can help beginning writers hone their craft. And since I primarily write horror, I’m always thinking about what makes an effective horror story. What lies at the heart of every tale of terror? I wondered. If I had to boil it down to one essential element, what would it be? In other words, where does horror come from?

And the answer that came to me was consciousness, our self-awareness. Not only do our characters experience Dread, Terror, and Horror through the filter of their particular consciousness, that same consciousness is the window through which readers experience the story. Once I realized this, I knew I had to explore the concept in writing, to see what insights I could learn and share. Thus, my contribution to this book was born.

2. What was your worst nightmare?
Tim: When I was around twelve or so, I was lying in bed, in the dark, waiting to fall asleep. A sound filled my room, something like a cross behind a rattlesnake’s rattle and a cicada’s thrum. Frightened, I sat up. Next, a pair of glowing orbs the size of grapefruits appeared at the foot of my bed and began to sway back and forth, inching slowly toward me. I had the sense that the orbs were really the eyes of some large serpent-like creature, and I sat there, paralyzed with fear as the eyes – the night-eyes, as I thought of them – drew closer, closer . . .

Finally, I managed to reach up and turn on the reading lamp attached to my headboard. When the light came on, I saw there was nothing there. I was alone in my room.

At first, I thought I’d been awake during this experience, but when morning came, I realized I’d most likely had an extremely vivid nightmare. I’ve never had another dream that felt so real, and I hope I never do!

Elizabeth Massie

1. Story behind the Story (trivia about their contribution to the anthology)
Elizabeth: Getting huge boxes of scripts from networks in order to write original novels or novelizations based on a television series proves very interesting. It offers a look into the script writer’s mind before the director got hold of it and added countless details. Like looking at a finely-crafted skeleton before the skin is draped on. And after writing the novels or novelizations, there is always that issue…what to do with huge boxes of scripts? You can’t sell them. Very little room in the closet. Such a quandary!

2. What was your worst nightmare? (looking for an actual nightmare) 
Elizabeth: I rarely have nightmares. I can’t even recall the last one I had as an adult. As a kid, though, I had recurring nightmares about tsunamis. Living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, the dark, terrifying tsunamis in my dream would rise up over the top of the mountain beside my town, tower there for an excruciatingly long time, then crash down. I would try to outrun them, I would try to scream, but my legs turned to mush and I no longer had a voice. The wave destroyed much of the town but never quite reached me before I woke up.

Edited by: Joe Mynhardt & Eugene Johnson.
Publisher: Crystal Lake Publishing
November 17, 2017
256 pages

Cover design: by Luke Spooner

Book one in Crystal Lake Publishing’s The Dream Weaver series, Where Nightmares Come From focuses on the art of storytelling in the Horror genre, taking an idea from conception to reality—whether you prefer short stories, novels, films, or comics.

Featuring in-depth articles and interviews by Joe R. Lansdale (Hap & Leonard series), Clive Barker (Books of Blood), John Connolly (Charlie Parker series), Ramsey Campbell, Stephen King (IT), Christopher Golden (Ararat), Charlaine Harris (Midnight, Texas), Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger series), Kevin J. Anderson (Tales of Dune), Craig Engler (Z Nation), and many more.

The full non-fiction anthology lineup includes:
Introduction by William F. Nolan
*IT’S THE STORY TELLER by Joe R. Lansdale
*A-Z OF HORROR of Clive Barker
*WHY HORROR? by Mark Alan Miller
*PIXELATED SHADOWS by Michael Paul Gonzalez
*LIKE CURSES by Ray Garton
*BRINGING AN IDEA TO LIFE by Mercedes M. Yardley
*THE PROCESS OF A TALE by Ramsey Campbell
*THE STORY OF A STORY by Mort Castle
*WRITING ROUNDTABLE INTERVIEW with Christopher Golden, Kevin J. Anderson, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia
*THE REEL CREEPS by Lisa Morton
*WHAT SCARES YOU by Marv Wolfman
*CREATING MAGIC FROM A BLANK PIECE OF PAPER: Del Howison interviews Tom Holland, Amber Benson, Fred Dekker, and Kevin Tenney
*WHAT NOW? by John Palisano

This collection is perfect for…
*writers of all genres
*authors looking for motivation and/or inspiration
*authors seeking guidance
*struggling authors searching for career advice
*authors interested in improving their craft
*writers interested in comics
*authors looking into screenwriting and films
*horror fans in general
*those looking to better understand the different story formats
*authors planning on infiltrating a different field in horror writing
*artists trying to establish a name brand
*authors looking to get published

Come listen to the legends…

Brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Exclusive Excerpt: Storm Crossed by Dani Harper + giveaway

STORM CROSSED by Dani Harper

covers, paranormal romance, The Grim series, Dani Harper, fae

A fae who doesn’t believe in love. 
A mortal who has no time for it. 
And a desire that defies everything they know.

Some people are counting the days until Christmas. Usually, I do too, but this year I’m excitedly counting down the days until my newest release on January 9th. I can hardly wait to share Storm Crossed with my readers! This is the 4th stand-alone novel in my Grim Series.

While many people grow up associating faeries with the tiny benevolent beings of children’s picture books, I learned early from my Welsh gramma that the fae are not little. They are not cute. And they are definitely not nice!

Rather, the fae ­are cunning, powerful and often cruel. The most beautiful among them are often the most deadly. Hidden far beneath the mortal world, the timeless faery realm plays by its own rules—and those rules can change on a whim. Now and again, the unpredictable residents of that mystical land cross the supernatural threshold…

And that’s where my own stories begin. The Grim Series brings ancient faery legends into modern-day America, to people unaccustomed to dealing with these alluring beings. People who may be unaware of this cardinal rule: NEVER TRUST A FAE!

That rule was both underscored and bent in Storm Crossed. As a writer, I’m used to my characters being unruly. It’s not uncommon for them to disregard my carefully constructed plot and veer off in another direction entirely. But the characters of Storm Crossed truly surprised me, and legend collided with love...

Today I’m excited to visit one of my all-time favorite places: I Smell Sheep. It’s like my home away from home. I’ve brought along an exclusive excerpt for all my sheeply friends, plus a one-of-a-kind giveaway to enter!

Storm Crossed, paranormal romance, fae, cover, Dani Harper
by Dani Harper
January 9, 2018
375 pages
Heir to a noble fae house, Trahern is forced to watch helplessly as his twin brother is cruelly changed into a grim—a death dog—as punishment for falling in love with the wrong person. Trahern doesn’t believe love exists, but he will do anything to keep his brother alive—even join the Wild Hunt and ride the night skies of the human world.

Lissy Santiago-Callahan believes in love but has no time for it. She’s busy juggling her career as an academic and her home life as a single mom to a young son with Asperger’s. Her hectic life in sleepy Eastern Washington is made even more chaotic with the sudden arrival of a demanding fae and his unusual “dog.”

Mortal and immortal have nothing in common, and the attraction between Lissy and Trahern surprises them both. But when their desire places Lissy and her child in the path of a deadly faery feud, will the connection last, or will their separate worlds prove too great a divide?

“I explained to Fox that you’d like to be his magic teacher,” said Lissy. “And he didn’t quite understand, so I used a movie he knows to help make the point. I don’t suppose you’ve seen Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?”

Trahern frowned. “Who is Harry Potter? Is another sorcerer seeking to interfere with the child?”

“No, no, no. Harry Potter is a character from a famous series of books written by J.K. Rowling. He’s a little boy who finds out that he’s really a wizard and gets invited to attend a wizarding school. They made the whole series into eight wonderful movies—those are stories you watch instead of reading, kind of like a play.”

“A form of entertainment,” he supplied.

“Yes! The problem is, I could never get Fox to watch more than one of them.”

Her words brought up a wealth of questions, but Trahern forced himself to focus on the issue. “Why would that be a problem?”

“Fox just wasn’t very interested in Harry and his exciting magical adventures. The only character he really liked was Hagrid, the man who talked to animals.” She sat on the edge of the couch with her hands folded on her knees. “You know, a little of it might be because Hagrid lives by himself in a house near the forest. Fox would be very attracted to that—he does better with peace and quiet, and the fewer people around, the better. But most of all, my son definitely has a thing about animals.”

“A thing?”

“An affinity. It’s more than just liking animals, he’s comfortable with them. Fox would really rather be with animals than people.”

“So he has said to me.”

“Well, he’s also mentioned more than once that they talk to him. I made the mistake of chalking that up to a child’s imagination. Now I think that he really can communicate with them, all of them, just like he seems to do with your brother.”

Trahern committed Lissy’s words to memory. “Knowing such details may prove helpful as I instruct him.”

“I just don’t want you to be disappointed if he isn’t interested in your instruction.”

“Any disappointment I might experience will be the least of our concerns. I must find a way to encourage Fox to learn. And I must make a beginning.” They stood, and he took a step toward the staircase. Stopped. “Do you require your son to remain in his room?”

“Of course not! He ate supper, and then he said he wanted to play with some of his toys. That’s pretty normal for a nine-year-old.” She shrugged. “And his room is kind of a sanctuary for him—he likes it a lot.”

“This night, with such an auspicious moon, I would like to work with him outside. If he is willing, of course,” he added quickly. “We would remain close to your home, and—” Trahern thought for a long moment. “It is possible that I may be more successful in gaining Fox’s attention if you are not present. Will that cause you concern?”

She shook her head. “Not at all. I trust you. How about our backyard? It’s not very big, but it’s completely private, and there’s even a fire pit if that’s something you need. Although it’s pretty small, too.”

I trust you. He heard little else. Words possessed power, and these were words Lissy had not spoken before. The truth in them shook his senses. Trust was no light thing between mortal and fae, but he hadn’t been expecting the relief that washed through him like a cool mountain stream, and a kind of giddiness took hold. Before he formed the thought, he’d already pulled Lissy to him and pressed his lips to hers.

Sight and sound fell away, leaving a world composed solely of subtle sensations. They were no less powerful for their simplicity. Lissy’s delicate breath against his cheek and the spicy-sweetness of her mouth. The warmth of her skin and the softness of her hair. He nuzzled her face and throat, kissing, licking, indulging in her scent that had so captivated him. Her arms slid around his neck and pulled him close, even as he molded her gently rounded body to his angular one as tightly as he dared. By all the stars, he wanted more, all, everything—

Something hit the side of his head. He barely gave it any heed before several more somethings pelted him in quick succession—and stung like fire-bees! Trahern pulled back mid-kiss, instinctively placing his body between the mysterious attack and Lissy, just in time to be hit squarely in the center of the forehead. He threw up a spell, and a dozen small objects struck an invisible wall and clattered to the floor.


“It’s about time ya came up fer air, ya lecherous son of Oak!”

Ranyon stood on the back of the living room couch, twiggy hands planted on his hips, his strange blue cap on backward and his gnarled face screwed up into a frown of epic proportions. “You’d best be steppin’ away from her!”

Self-control and discipline were the greatest powers a master sorcerer possessed, and Trahern found himself exerting a great deal of both to keep from tossing the little ellyll out the nearest window. “I see no reason for your concern,” he began as soon as he got reliable control of his voice. Too late. Lissy had already marched around him and confronted her friend practically nose to nose.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing, and why are you in my house?”

“Well, no one answered the door, now did they? I looked in the window fer fear that ya might be in danger, and here ya are snoggin’ with a fae!” he sputtered. “He’s Tylwyth Teg—yer lucky he didn’t steal yer breath like a shadowcat!”

“Ranyon! I can’t believe you’d say such a thing!” She thrust her palm out, displaying the blue symbol. “I trust my child with this man, and you yourself said Trahern could not break his oath.”

“Well, I didn’t say he couldn’t break yer heart, now did I?” The ellyll folded his arms in front of his bright-blue shirt and harrumphed loudly.

Her voice rose. “Listen, mister, I’ll damn well snog with whomever I want to, and it’s none of your business!”

“None o’ my business? None o’ my business?” he shouted, and threw his hat to the floor. “Lissy, darlin’, ya said yerself we’re family.”

“Then you should be happy for me! For the love of little fishes, my own mother’s been giving me a bad time about not trying harder to meet men. Now you’re upset because I’m actually enjoying a little male companionship?”

“No, I’m givin’ ya the fifth degree because he’s not a man, he’s a fae!”

“It’s third degree, buddy. And you don’t have the right to—”

“Dude! How come everybody’s yelling?”

The three of them froze. Lissy turned slowly to see a wide-eyed Fox standing on the staircase above them.

* * * * *

Storm Crossed releases January 9th on Amazon

Available NOW for pre-order in Kindle eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

paranormal romance, covers, The Grim Series, Dani Harper,


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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Selah's Manga Mania Reviews: Alice in Murderland by Kaori Yuki

(Kakei no Arisu)
June 23, 2015
Volumes: 8 
176 pages
Genre: Gothic, Fantasy
Published by Kodansha
English publisher: Yen Press
Demographic: Shōjo
Original run 28 January 2014 – present
Now! Let the "Mad Tea Party" begin!

The Kuonji clan, owner of one of the world's top conglomerates, has a tradition: Once a month, family members attend a "Mad Tea Party." But at the latest gathering, the nine Kuonji siblings in attendance are shocked to hear a pronouncement issue from the lips of their mother, Olga-

"I'd like you children to now fight one another to the death!"

As chaos erupts, Stella, the fourth daughter, loses all reason, and suddenly a whole new Stella, complete with blonde hair and blue dress, comes out to play-!!
What can I say, I love Halloween, so you get a bonus review this month. Occasionally, I’d like to feature first volumes, because I haven’t read every part of everything. This is usually because I don’t usually buy stuff based on one volume, and if the library doesn’t have more than that, it takes a phenomenal series to encourage me to take the plunge off volume one.

So this month’s First Volume look is at Alice in Murderland.

Let me say first that Kaori Yuki knows horror. This is the same author as Godchild and the Earl Cain books, as well as others. The subject matter explored is always interesting and sideways, and the art style is always gorgeous and decadent.

Stella is one of nine adopted siblings in the wealthy and influential Kuoniji family. At the start of the volume she’s required to attend one of her family’s monthly tea parties and bring a guest. Only this time, there’s a twist…the siblings must now fight to the death over the course of one year until one of them remains, with their guests being held captive as insurance. The winner will be the heir to the family and its wealth, and can have the consort of their choice.
This volume alone there’s a lot of action, some character development and red herrings, and the basic plot set up. You feel for some of the siblings, not so much others, and get the feel for the layout of the estate and different possibilities. The parents are genuinely creepy and there’s the detail that they’re possibly immortal. There’s also the wrench thrown into the gears that Stella has an alternate personality called Bloody Alice that comes out when she’s fighting against the other kids. Note that there are actually eight volumes out, this is just the only one I’ve read so far.
The Good: The author does twisted very well. I had picked this up on title alone, not seeing who it was by, and halfway through I kept thinking ‘this really reads like…oh, yep, it’s Kaori Yuki!’ The art is also full of clothing and location details, which mean the gore and horror are also going to be pretty over the top. Stella is fairly likeable and you are put in a position where you care about her survival, or really just the survival of anyone at all because show up to a tea party then have to fight to the death? Dude. Also, Stella’s mother alone gets major props for freaky deaky factor.

The Bad: It’s a first volume, so a lot of it is set up. There’s the typical I have a crush on this person stuff to wade through, and I feel like a little bit of the exposition can be a bit wobbly at times. It also feels like a lot of the action finally starts to ramp in the latter part of the volume, and then it ends – which, yeah, obviously that’s meant to make you go grab the next bit.

The Ick: I feel like I probably should disclaim this, because if you aren’t familiar that this can be a thing in some manga and this author seems to use it frequently. The person Stella has a crush on is her older (adopted) brother, and I believe in this volume you find out that her mother and father are actually siblings (cannot remember if they’re adopted, as well, because if I remember right that is part of the game, like selecting your children to be the pawns). Note that I don’t condone incest of any type and that’s part of my reasoning for kind of wishing I could read ahead a bit. That being said, it does add to the odd, twisted horror vibe, but I don’t think it was necessary. As far as I know, things of this nature are only mentioned in this series (although I have no idea what happens to Stella and her crush, I know there is talk that if she wins she can make him her consort). So if even the mention of that creeps you out, skip it. Also, hi, because the series is based on fighting to the death, there’s a bunch of violence and blood and people talking about killing each other like it’s another day at work.
Would I read on? Eh, I don’t know. First, let me say Alice in Wonderland really isn’t my jam, and it seems to be one of the most overdone themes in manga. That being said, I like the horror angle. The alternate personality seems a little forced to me, but I also know that the author takes her time and there’s probably going to be a lot unleashed in later volumes to explain and balance everything out. I really, really wish I could’ve grabbed more than vol 1 from the library to get a better feel, because a lot of this book was the explanation of the game, the layout of the estate, and general introductions. Some intro volumes really hook me, others not so much, but this falls somewhere in between. I do like the author, but would I rush right out and buy if that’s the only way to read it? Likely not, or at least not until I could read one or two more books to get a better feel.

3 Sheep

About Selah Janel:
Selah Janel is a writer who is trying to start doing that again instead of reading manga all the time.