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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Alpha Male Diner: Wolf Shifter (Nightfall by T. K. Lawyer) + giveaway

You and your friends open the heavy wooden double doors to the restaurant and are greeted by your host for the evening. He is dressed in a black and white suit. His jacket falls open on one side and you notice the pressed white shirt underneath barely hides the taught, corded muscles of his chest.

“Hello, welcome to Claire de Lune. Right this way.”

You are escorted to a table in the back with a direct view of the lake.

The handsome male speaks. His stellar grin catches you off guard. “As my personal guests, you are receiving a special treat with your dinner. Here let me show you what’s in store for you.” He hands you a personalized menu.

Josh: Wolf Shifter
recipe by T. K. Lawyer

Tonight’s Special:
-Mischievous Gray wolf shifter
-Smoldering amber-gold eyes that darken when excited
-Impeccable, lickable hard body
-Successful entrepreneur
-Strong arms and persuasive hands to possess and protect all he desires

-Sexy smirks, fun-loving grins
-Toss in passionate, deep, toe-curling kisses and a
-Wolf-shifter willing to please for all hours of the night,
As long as it takes to satiate

** Sprinkle in burning need and hot desire

**** Finish with everlasting love, whipped cream and a long, satisfied sigh

Taste Test:

He strove to calm his breathing and his excitement. The last thing he wanted was to scare Tamara or remind her about Keith and what he attempted to do. That did it. Like a cold, wet blanket, he was cured. Quickly, and before she changed her mind, he ran around to the other side of the bed and slipped under the covers. He wrapped his arms around her and lovingly spooned her. He sniffed in her glorious scent and sighed, loving the feel of her warmth against him.

“Thank you, Josh. I need this tonight,” she said as she wriggled against him.

“I’m here for you, sweetheart, anytime,” he whispered near her ear and his grip around her tightened.

She turned and looked at him through heavy lids. His warm breath teased across her nose and her upper lip and she giggled. His eyes snapped open and their gazes met. Josh stared, mesmerized by his mate. He was in bed with the most beautiful, most desirable woman in the world to him and he couldn’t believe his luck. How could she not possibly know how essential she was to him? If she only knew how fortunate he felt to have finally found her, maybe then she would know he couldn’t live a day without her. He waited; anticipated, and hoped for this exact moment and here she was, cuddled warmly within his arms. Now that he found her, he was never letting her go.

She reached up and kissed him softly with her eyes closed. Her supple, warm, welcoming, lips broke his remaining self-restraint and Josh came alive. He returned her kiss and moved over her, supporting his weight with his arms. The kiss soon became several urgent and passionate kisses with a sensuous play for dominance. Her tongue slipped through the barrier of his lips and surprised him. He parted his mouth and welcomed his hot little minx, fervently matching her in intensity. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed him in toward her, greedy for every bit of his steamy mouth. She moved her fingers lower and stroked the middle of his back, rounding his shoulder blades. Lowering her arms further, she struggled to lift up the seam of his shirt. She pulled up again and again and squealed out in frustration.

Josh grinned and whispered huskily in her ear, “Do you want this off of me, Tamara?” He lifted up and teased her with a wink as he pulled his shirt up a little exposing part of his muscled abs.

“Yes, Josh, I do,” she said quickly and decidedly. She threw her head back and murmured, “You’re such a good kisser, Josh.”

For that, he rewarded her with another sensual kiss.

by T.K. Lawyer
Tamara’s spicy scent, thrills, seduces, and weakens him like no other. She is his and he wants her. Unfortunately, she is done with men. Tamara has been burned too many times in the past, and she’s not looking for a relationship…ever. But when she finds a stray dog on her doorstep, she decides she wants a relationship with a male, after all—that of pet and pet owner.

Josh is not a dog, and he has no interest in staying her pet. He has one burning desire—Tamara—in his bed, nightly and permanently. He will stop at nothing to convince Tamara they are better together, and that he needs her, forever.

Their paths are intertwined and their future is inevitable, but will Tamara allow Josh to love, cherish, and protect her? Or will she say goodbye to the amazing, dedicated man, whose loyalty and sweet promises could shatter her walls completely, and consume her with desire?

Reader Advisory: This book contains intense, romantic loving, and moments of explosive cravings between an adorable, part sweet/part devilish half-wolf, and his delectable, feisty human mate.

About the Author:

I have always had an interest in the unusual, the unexplained and anything paranormal from a very young age.

I strive to create romantic, emotion-filled worlds filled with passion, seduction and tons of affection. Strong, alpha males willing to do anything to please their feisty mates regardless how their mates test their limits are the premise of each of my books. I like to say how each of my unique characters tell their own enchanting story and I’m just the lucky vessel that writes it all down.

When not writing, I am likely spending time with my husband and best friend, watching paranormal themed T.V. shows or rom-com movies, thinking up new scenes for future books, or lavishing enormous amounts of attention and affection to my furry German-Shepherd mix dog- the inspiration for Nightfall.

I have several books, in the works, for the future including four more half-wolf stories and two Angel series. Stay tuned for more to come.

2 winners will get an e-copy of Nightfall

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Book Review: Wicked Embers (Souls of Fire #2) by Keri Arthur + giveaway

Wicked Embers, fiction, image, paranormal romance
Wicked Embers (Souls of Fire #2)
by Keri Arthur

Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages
July 7th 2015
by Signet Select
Keri Arthur, New York Times bestselling author of Fireborn, presents the thrilling new Souls of Fire Novel featuring Emberly Pearson, a phoenix that can transform into a human—and is haunted by the ability to foresee death....

Crimson Death, the plague like virus spawned from a failed government experiment to isolate the enzymes that make vampires immortal, continues to spread. Emberly and her partner, Jackson Miller, are desperately seeking the stolen research for a cure before the virus becomes a pandemic.

But their mission is jeopardized by another threat uncovered in Emberly’s prophetic dreams. A creature of ash and shadow has been unleashed on a murdering spree. Now Emberly must summon all her gifts and investigative knowledge to put an end to this entity’s brutal rampage—even if it means placing herself in harm’s way.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this story and the first few chapters definitely peaked my interest...but then...HAM...I was hit full force with a very complicated plot and many characters. Whew, many intertwining threads and relationships. I may have started behind the eight ball with this one because I have not read the initial book in the series and there were quite a few references made that had me scratching my head.

Let's see, there is Emberly (MC) who is a Phoenix and is in love with Sam who is head of PIT (a supernatural policing agency) but Sam broke her heart because he couldn't (or wouldn't) understand why Em still had to "mate" with Rory (another Phoenix). Hmmmm...can't say I blame him! Rory is Em's life mate. They need to convert to their fire forms and mate to recharge energy and procreate. Ok, now there is Jackson, Em's "friend with benefits" and work partner. He's a fire fae and is a very sexual character.

But I digress because this really isn't a romance's a paranormal crime story. On this thread you have the syndecati (vampire mafia), the Red and Grey cloaks, a red plague virus and a "smoky" shape shifting supernatural monster (unrelated?). It seemed to jump from one crisis to another and it wasn't until the last 25% of the book that I caught up and became invested again in the story...then it ended! ARGHH! I am sure the crimes and love interests will be further explored in the next episode but I felt a little cheated of some closure.

I must say, phoenix have some pretty great talents and I sure wouldn't want to have them on my bad side but I can't see any "good" romances in their futures because of being saddled to a life mate with no real emotional connection. I would advise starting with the first book in the series to get all the background information and see this book with "informed" eyes. Or perhaps all the heat and flames made my eyes a little smokey!

I give this 3 "hot" sheep

Jeanie G

author, Keri Arthur, image, writer
About the Author:
Keri Arthur is the New York Times bestselling author of the Dark Angels and Riley Jenson Guardian series. She has written more than thirty books, received several Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category, and has won RT’s Career Achievement Award for Urban Fantasy. She lives with her daughter outside of Melbourne, Australia. Visit her online at

print copy of Wicked Embers (US only)

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45 New Book Releases in Speculative Fiction for June 30

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