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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Excerpt: Darkness Falls (Nature’s Fury, #1) by A.E. Faulkner + giveaway

Darkness Falls (Nature’s Fury, #1)

by A.E. Faulkner
March 31st 2019
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Book 1 of 5: Nature's Fury

Our family trip to the beach ended before it even began. Mother Nature made sure of that.

Our parents…gone in an instant. It’s just me and my sister. 100 miles from home. No car. No phones. No money. Down to our last crumbs of food.

But just when we figure out what to do, she vanishes.

Mother Nature reached her breaking point and everyone’s paying the price. I have a feeling she isn’t done just yet.

But guess what? Neither am I.

Can Quinn survive the dark side of humanity and outrun nature’s fury? Click Buy Now to find out.


Darkness Falls, Excerpt 1:
“Aidan, man, we should probably get going soon,” Jeff says, pulling me away from the threatening spiral of memories. His interruption is a welcome distraction.

“You’re right,” Aidan says, his eyes locked with mine. “But before we go, Quinn, you need to know, you’re not safe here. Do you have somewhere else to go?”

“What are you talking about?” My head volleys back and forth between the guys. Jeff runs a hand through his short brown hair and exhales a sigh. He leans in conspiratorially and says in a hushed voice, “Look, we’ve been checking out the unoccupied homes around here. You know, just borrowing things to help us get by. But one of the trailers we went to, we thought it was empty…”

Aidan finishes for him. “Quinn, one of your neighbors is dead. We thought the trailer was vacant, so we went inside. We grabbed some canned food and other stuff from the kitchen and then we went to the bedroom to see if there were any blankets and pillows.”

Tag-teaming again, Jeff continues. “We thought the smell was some food rotting. But… we found her just lying there on the bed, lifeless. Looked like she was stabbed. There was blood on the sheets and blanket.” He pauses momentarily before breaking the silence. “We would have helped her if we could, but she was gone.”

I raise a hand to cover my gaping mouth. The scream I heard the other night. That must have been it. Why didn’t I think to go see what was happening? Maybe I could have helped her. Maybe I could have stopped it.

“Guys, which trailer? Where did you see this?” I don’t know many of the permanent residents, and if it was someone who is only here for vacations, there’s no chance I know her.

Aidan steps to the edge of the porch and points, “Two homes down in that direction. The one with the wishing well in the front yard.” I wrap my arms around myself to contain the shiver running through me. The guys exchange a look and I know what’s coming next.

“Look, we gotta go,” Aidan says. “How about we check on you tomorrow? Would that be okay? Just make sure you’re alright.” Before I can filter my thoughts, they escape my lips. “That would be really nice. Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Okay,” Jeff says, nodding. The guys eye each other, silently communicating. They hesitate for just a moment and then Aidan speaks again. “Quinn, just keep a low profile, okay? Try to keep yourself hidden. We’ll come back tomorrow night after it gets dark and we can talk more then.”

“Okay,” I say. “Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow. Or, today I guess.” The guys watch me head inside the trailer. I lock the door and peer out the window, watching them leave. I barely know them, but I sense they’re like me and Riley—good people trying to navigate their way through a bad situation.

As I tiptoe back to the bedroom and settle under the covers, I vow to tell Riley everything. She deserves to know we could be in danger here and she needs to meet Aidan and Jeff. Maybe they are our ticket out of here.

About the Author:
A. E. Faulkner was born and raised in Pennsylvania. When she’s not lost in a book, she loves spending time with her husband and two sons, especially while hiking, biking, or exploring nature. She loves almost everything about nature—ticks excluded, and one of her biggest fears is the repercussions we will face when nature can no longer tolerate human destruction. As such, she never tires of reading dystopian-themed tales. Stories about the end of the world absolutely fascinate her.

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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Historical Romance Author Rachel L. Demeter: 7 Tips to Beat Writer’s Block + giveaway

7 Tips to Beat Writer’s Block
By Rachel L. Demeter 
With Red Kingdom’s recent release, I’ve found myself overwhelmed and stumbling into that scary domain of writer’s block.

Storytelling is a magical art, where words have the power to transport readers to distant lands, evoke deep emotions, and ignite the fires of imagination. But even the most seasoned writers sometimes find themselves in need of a spark to ignite their creative engines.

Inspiration lives all around us.

Here are a few ways I personally beat writer's block.

1. Explore Nature's Tapestry:
Nature, with its breathtaking beauty and captivating mysteries, has been a timeless muse for writers. A leisurely stroll through a forest, the crashing waves of the ocean, or the delicate petals of a flower can stir your imagination. Observe the intricate details of the natural world—the play of light, the symphony of sounds—and let them inspire scenes, settings, and even the essence of your characters.

2. Dive into History's Depths:
Being an author of historical romance, this is one of my favorite places to unearth inspiration. History is a treasure trove of fascinating stories, both big and small. From the grandeur of ancient civilizations to the poignant tales of individuals, history is brimming with moments of triumph, tragedy, and transformation. Look into historical events, and immerse yourself in different time periods. Let history's secrets spark your own unique twists and perspectives, breathing life into your stories.

The research behind Red Kingdom transported me to the medieval era, where contrasts were everywhere: brutality and religion, life and death, poverty and gluttony, chivalry and treachery.

3. Engage with People and Conversations:
Human interactions are a wellspring of inspiration. Engage in conversations, listen to others' experiences, and observe the way people express themselves. Whether it's a heartfelt conversation with a friend or snippets of dialogue overheard in a coffee shop, these exchanges can provide insights into the depth of emotions, conflicts, and motivations that drive your characters' journeys.

Remember: every person you meet is the protagonist in his or her own story.

4. Harness the Power of Dreams:
Dreams are the canvas on which your mind paints the most vivid and surreal landscapes. Dreams can offer a wealth of imaginative idea and help you push the boundaries of reality. Keep a dream journal by your bedside to capture fleeting visions that might later weave themselves into the fabric of your stories. Dreams provide an avenue for exploring the unexplored, making them a limitless source of inspiration.

Fun fact: I dreamt the first scene of The Frost of Springtime, and that's where the story came from!

5. Find Magic in the Mundane:
Never underestimate the potential for storytelling in everyday life. The simple act of people-watching, observing the quirks of daily routines, and experiencing the small moments that often go unnoticed can lead to profound narratives. Mundane settings and situations can be transformed into extraordinary tales when seen through the lens of creativity.

6. Read Newspapers, Human-Interest Stories and News Headlines:
The news is a cove of events, trends, and human stories that can fuel your creative fire. News headlines can serve as springboards for exploring unique angles, imagining what-if scenarios, or addressing pressing societal issues within your narratives. The world's happenings offer a plethora of ideas, emotions, and conflicts to infuse into your stories.

7. Art and Other Creative Mediums:
Music, films, books (of course), and other creative mediums can fuel your storytelling imagination. A painting might inspire a scene's atmosphere, a melody might evoke a character's emotions, or a film's plot might serve as a springboard for your own story's development. Let yourself be moved by various forms of art to infuse fresh energy into your narratives.

Fun fact: I have a go-to YouTube playlist called "Creative Inspiration," which houses all my favorite TV and film scenes! I also often reread my favorite book scenes when I’m feeling a lack of motivation.

Red Kingdom: A Dark Little Red Riding Hood Retelling (Fairy Tale Retellings Book 2)
(Stand alone)
by Rachel L. Demeter
Genre: Historical Romance (Medieval)

Little Red Riding Hood reimagined with a dark and realistic twist.

Princess Blanchette’s world shatters when the Black Wolf tears apart her castle and everything she holds dear. All she clings to is the vow she made to her grandmother on her deathbed.

Hailed as the people’s champion, Sir Rowan Dietrich liberates the capital in a quest for vengeance. He takes Winslowe Castle with an army at his back and his wolf, Smoke, at his side.

United by a shared cause and powerful attraction, Rowan and Blanchette embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption—a path filled with loss, transformation, and ultimately, the healing power of love.

Can Norland’s resplendent princess, with her captivating beauty and spirit, tame the fabled Black Wolf?

Inspired by the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, Red Kingdom is a passionate historical romance about the enduring quest for love and the longing for a world at harmony.

*Red Kingdom is a standalone installment in a series of reimagined classic fairy tales. Due to adult content and themes, it is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

What you can expect from Red Kingdom...
Dark, Medieval Setting
Enemies to Lovers
Slow Burn
Broken Alpha Hero
Strong Heroine
Wolf Companion
He Falls First
Warring Kingdoms

Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Blanchette spots the Black Wolf during the siege
Death at her feet. Death in her home. Death in the air.

Death screamed in every corner of her mind.

Then she saw him.

Rowan Dietrich, the fabled Black Wolf of Norland, strode through her castle like a waking nightmare. His armor was crudely made, black as the surrounding night, the helm’s dark metal twisted into the shape of a wolf’s snarling head. But the most striking thing about him was his height. He towered above the other fighters and battled with a chilling methodicalness. How he moved and fought frightened Blanchette the greatest.

He looked collected. Even mildly amused. As if this were nothing more than a game. Blood soaked his sword as the blade whirled, whipped, slashed, and claimed lives in a macabre dance of death. And that wolf clung to his heels, its muzzle wet with blood, snarling and leaping at any man who dared come close to its master.

Monster. Demons.

The Black Wolf of Norland had always had a mist of legend around him. She remembered the stories her mother and governess had often whispered after the feasts and in the dark of the night.

“To me,” the Black Wolf called to a soldier a few yards away, his deep voice effortlessly carrying above the tumult. He didn’t need to yell, not even over the mayhem. The force of his tone was enough.

One of her father’s guards raised his blade, but too slowly. Rowan Dietrich’s longsword cut his head off, then came flashing back in a terrible two-handed slash that took another soldier in the leg.

With quivering anger, she realized that this man—this wolf, this beast—was the reason the sky was falling on her family. She clutched the dagger, wishing she could stand a chance against him. How good and right it would feel to plunge the blade deep into his heart and avenge what would likely be the end of her family’s dynasty.

Of course, she’d never survive him or his demon wolf. And if she was ever to avenge her family, if she was to keep her promise, survival meant everything.

About the Author:
Blog- Goodreads
Pinterest- Instagram
I live in Sunny California with my dashing husband, who inspires my romance novels every day!

Writing has always been an integral part of my identity. Before I physically learned how to write, I'd narrate stories to my mom, and she'd record them for me.

I graduated from Chapman’s film school, where I often received the feedback on my scripts, “Your stories and characters are great, but this reads like a novel!” That’s when I realized my true calling.

In my free time, I frequent reptile expos, lift double my body’s weight, and indulge in dinosaur trivia.

I'm passionate about writing stories that explore what it means to be human and to be loved. My books focus on hope, courage, and redemption in the face of adversity.


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Excerpt: Necrosis by C.L. Schneider + giveaway

Every breath could be their last.


by C.L. Schneider
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Horror
How far would you go to survive—when every breath could be your last?

Amidst the chaos and fear of an apocalyptic virus, a mother fights to protect her daughter from the rotting remains of society. Navigating a frightening new world where survival is paramount and trust is a gamble, infection is only a misstep away. Despite her doubts and imperfections, Amy’s love and resolve are without question. But are they enough? Can she shield her daughter from the violence and savagery, and keep them both alive another day? For, at the end of the world, there’s no second chance. With a single bite, necrosis will set in.

Sink your teeth into this zombie survival story with a twist ending you won't see coming!

**ebook On Sale for Only .99 cents until the end of April!**

Necrosis Excerpt
Raspy sounds of hunger pushed from her rotted throat, washing over me with the smell of old blood and things long dead. I didn’t understand how breath still rattled in her lungs. How her vocal cords, exposed and moldy, were still capable of producing noise—a terrible wet, scraping that was so far from human. So far from her.

My mother had a sweet voice in life. Melodic. Powerful, when she wanted it to be. Her songs were one of my sharpest memories as a child. They were the soundtrack of my youth. Everyone used to say, “Bridgette could have made it big.” If she didn’t have four kids, two jobs, and a husband who cared more for drinking than working. Now she’ll never sing again.

For some reason, the thought struck me harder than the look of her gray, decomposing flesh and patchy hair; sporadic clumps of white strands, matted and darkened with bloody tissue.

Beside me, my daughter screamed, with all the gusto of a nine-year-old whose world had fallen apart. Her gaze darted from the horror inching toward us in the dining room to the real-time carnage of my boyfriend’s death happening in the kitchen, and she screamed louder.

I put a hand over her mouth, silencing the high-pitched dinner bell before it carried into the street and brought more of the undead in through the busted front door. “Shhh, Lila, please,” I whispered. “You know better.”

She nodded, tears streaming, and I removed my hand. Her shoulders shrugged in a fast, heavy breath. “Grandma…” It was all she could get out before burying her face in my leg.

I peeled Lila off me and shoved her toward the bathroom. “In there. Lock the door. Don’t open it for anyone but me. Go!”

Lila hurried off, messy, brown ponytail bouncing, as her short legs carried her down the hall and into the bathroom. The door closed. Locked. I imagined her hiding in the bathtub, curled up in a ball, clutching the dirty ladybug covered backpack she hadn’t put down since we left home. I raised the tire iron in my grip and vowed, as I had a hundred times, to do whatever was necessary to protect her. Lila was the only good thing I’d ever done in my life.

We shouldn’t have brought her here, I thought, watching my mother’s bloated jaw, snapping involuntarily, searching for a meal. My stare darted to the body in the kitchen, blood-soaked and twitching, as the mindless fiends bent over my boyfriend, devouring him alive.

It’s too much.

It's all too much. No child should have to see what we’ve all become.

We should have gone to the country like Rusty wanted. There’s too many in the city. Coming home was a mistake.

The outbreak was too widespread for an old, wheelchair dependent woman with a bad hip to survive on her own. If I’d gotten here sooner…. But there were too many states between us, and with the roads clogged and gas scarce and wandering bands of the undead everywhere, the trip became painfully long. My mother couldn’t run, couldn’t fight. But I let wishes override common sense, and convinced myself she’d be here, barricaded in, alive and well. Maybe, with Mr. and Mrs. Hitchens next door. Or the Walker family on the corner. It was a close-knit neighborhood. Everyone looked after each other. Particularly her, after my father left.

Yet, in my heart I knew better.

I knew I’d find her stricken with the virus, holed up in the dusty rooms of the ramshackle house I grew up in. I knew what she’d look like, flesh disintegrating and mind gone. I knew what I’d have to do. I’d seen, and killed, enough of the ravaged these last four months to be prepared.

Except, I wasn’t. Her sallow, blood-stained eyes (once a soft brown) locked on me, not with the love of a mother, but with the malice of a starving predator. Her bloated fingers, tips torn down to the nailbed, dug into the floor as she crawled toward me. She wouldn’t stop unless I stopped her.

About the Author
C. L. Schneider is an award-winning author of immersive fantasy fiction, including The Crown of Stones Trilogy and the Nite Fire Series. While fantasy is her main focus, she also pens the occasional horror or apocalyptic tale. Born in a small Kansas town, Schneider resides in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley Region with her husband and two sons. To learn more about the worlds she creates, please visit her website or connect with C. L. Schneider on social media, where she is an active part of the indie author community.

Signed copy of Necrosis,
$20 Amazon giftcard – 1 winner each!
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

Fantasy Romance: To Ignite a Pyrite Spirit by Callie Pey

To Ignite a Pyrite Spirit
by Callie Pey
April 12, 2024
Part of: Bound by Flame (9 books)
To Ignite a Pyrite Spirit
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Dragon Shifters
Villain Backstory
Arranged Marriage
Enemies to Lovers
He falls first
Betrayal and Deception
Mates (Not Fated)
Mythical Creatures
Portal Fantasy
Where there is smoke. . . there is always fire.

For more than a century, dragons ruled the skies without excitement or fear. That instantly changes when a shadow appears from a world beyond with a deal too enticing to ignore. Aedan and his mages seek shelter in exchange for a bonding ritual of the dragon's golden king, Eldates, to their beautiful high priestess. But everything is not as it seems.

Captivated by Cenara, Valk refuses to lose the chance to claim her for himself. As he makes each move, he becomes further tangled in her enchantments, revealing a side of himself he'd not known before. Pyrite might not be gold, but those sun-kissed eyes stalk him all the same.

As more of her secrets come out, all of his morals are called into question. To love the mage would mean turning his back on his family. With everyone around Valk demanding action, he’s left with only one decision to make: confront what he thinks might be genuinely evil or surrender himself to their plans.

Is love worth Valk's soul if it ignites his spirit


About the Author

Callie Pey is the steamy fantasy romance author responsible for The Dryad Chronicles. She loves fantastical worlds and epic stakes that embrace love in all its forms with a heavy dose of adventure. A current Austinite, she enjoys reading almost as much as writing, painting, and finding even the smallest moments to capture joy. With one completed series behind her, Callie is now embarking on two brand new series to come: A dark fantasy not for the faint of heart and a paranormal romance that will feature parts of Texas!

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Cover Reveal: Old vs New? Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark #1) by Kresley Cole

Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark #1)  by Kresley Cole came out 18 years ago

On October 1st, Gallery Books will re-release the book with a new cover.
What do you think? Old or New?
For fans of Ali Hazelwood’s Bride and Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarians series, an innocent young vampire and a powerful werewolf king are drawn together by an unexpected soul bond in the electrifying start to Kresley Cole’s New York Times bestselling Immortals After Dark series—now with a stunning new cover.

Half vampire, half Valkyrie, Emmaline spent her entire sheltered life hidden among the Lore in New Orleans surrounded by the loving, yet overbearing coven who raised her. All Emmaline Troy wanted was a trip to Paris –to investigate her parents’ mysterious deaths there all those years ago. And to finally have a small adventure and perhaps even a first kiss.

But one crowded city night, as she’s making her way down a street, she’s knocked off her feet by striking werewolf. He’s towering, intimidating, and has an infuriatingly seductive Scottish brogue. And he won’t let her go.

The Lykae King, Lachlain MacRieve, has been imprisoned in the catacombs beneath Paris for over a 150 years by his sworn Vampire enemies, but the scent of his Fated Mate on the streets above gives him the strength to finally escape from his subterranean prison. Lachlain has waited for Her for centuries, and the last thing he expects is the bewitching vampire mix who seems to want only to escape his grasp.

Yet he knows only she can soothe the fury within him and he’s determined to make her his by the next full moon.

As Lachlain convinces the hesitant but fiery Emma to accompany him to his ancestral home in Scotland, the pair will come up against ruthless creatures, ancient evil, and the irrevocable pull of Fate. Will their desire deepen into a love that can bring a warrior to his knees and turn Emma into the fighter she was born to be?

About the Author:
Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the electrifying Immortals After Dark paranormal series, the young adult Arcana Chronicles series, the erotic Game Maker series, and five award-winning historical romances. Her books have been published in 23 countries and consistently appear on the bestseller lists in the U.S. and abroad.

A master’s grad and former athlete, Kresley has traveled over much of the world and draws from those experiences to create her memorable characters and settings. She lives in Florida with her family and too many pets.

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Monday, April 15, 2024

Book Review: Indian Burial Ground by Nick Medina

Indian Burial Ground
by Nick Medina
April 16, 2024
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Native American fiction, horror
ASIN: B0CC1D7GM2 ISBN: 9780593546888
All Noemi Broussard wanted was a fresh start. With a new boyfriend who actually treats her right and a plan to move from the reservation she grew up on—just like her beloved Uncle Louie before her—things are finally looking up for Noemi. Until the news of her boyfriend’s apparent suicide brings her world crumbling down.

But the facts about Roddy’s death just don’t add up, and Noemi isn’t the only one who suspects that something menacing might be lurking within their tribal lands.

After over a decade away, Uncle Louie has returned to the reservation, bringing with him a past full of secrets, horror, and what might be the key to determining Roddy’s true cause of death. Together, Noemi and Louie set out to find answers...but as they get closer to the truth, Noemi wonders whether it might be best for some secrets to remain buried.

A novel that goes from currently Native American Noemi Broussard’s POV to 1986 from her uncle, Louie Broussard’s POV as a teenager of life on the same tribal lands, the stories lead to deaths and strange things that seem not really connect but do. All beginning with Noemi’s boyfriend, Roddy, an up-and-coming indigenous Twscaster, whose possible suicide doesn’t add up.

An unsettling story that crosses generations and eras of mystery, horror, and family drama mixing with myths and tribal folklore that stalk the reader even after the last page.

I gave Indian Burial Grounds 4 sheep. 




Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney

About the Author:
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Nick Medina appreciates blues-based music, local folklore, and snowy winters. A member of the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana, he drew on personal and family experiences, along with research into the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) epidemic, to write his debut novel, Sisters of the Lost Nation. He has degrees in organizational and multicultural communication, and has worked as a college instructor. He also enjoys playing guitar, listening to classic rock, exploring haunted cemeteries, and all sorts of spooky stuff.

​Represented by Amanda Orozco at Transatlantic Agency.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Fantasy Romance: Iris: Birth of the Immortals: Book 1 (The Fallen Angel Series) by O. Bogosian

Welcome to the book tour for Iris: Birth of the Immortals by O. Bogosian. Read on for more details!

Iris: Birth of the Immortals: Book 1 (The Fallen Angel Series)

by O. Bogosian
November 2023
Genre: Fantasy/ Romance/ Fallen Angels
Through the rip in the ethereal world, more celestial beings tumbled to Earth, tempted by the daughters of Adam, and took sides in the battle for good and evil. One of the dark prince's acolytes, Samayaza, wishes to bring otherworldly retribution to the one who exiled him from the celestial realm. Mortal sisters Iris and Boria are coveted by the glorious fallen spirits, trapped in a dark tapestry of promises and agreements made by their mother's father, Turian, ages ago. The time has come for debts to be collected.

Kidnapped and brought to the temple built by Turian, surrounded by the glorious and transcendent Gregori, Boria succumbs to their unearthly seduction immediately. Iris is suspicious, remembering her paternal grandfather Enok's warnings and lessons about the motives of the fallen spirits. The Gregori can manipulate mortal thoughts and feelings and have unparalleled, vast power that's no match for any mortal.

The Gregori charm and magnetism are beguiling, yet something malevolent looms over Samayaza's temple. Iris senses it in every fiber of her earthly body, but the sun has yet to ascend on the horizon and illuminate the serpentine truth behind Samayaza's unholy vision.

A gorgeously written, mythical epic about fantastical beings brought down by earthly lust to live and die among us in an era of epic chaos.

About the Author

O. Bogosian
As the first-born Armenian American in her family, the Author was raised with English being her second language. She grew up on the west coast of the United States of America, where culture and diversity helped establish her love for all people.

Most of her time is spent with her ever-growing family and supportive friends. Apart from writing, she enjoys learning history, biblical history, and traveling. Though she majored in and graduated from college with a multi-media and production degree in sciences, she chose to follow her passion for writing. She is working on Book 2 of the fallen angel series and hopes to have a release date sometime in 2024.

IG: @iris.fallen_angels @rrbooktours

#rrbooktours #rrbtiris #irisbirthoftheimmortals #fallenangels #epicfantasy #fantasyromance #fantasybooks #romantasy

Friday, April 12, 2024

Historical PNR Author Wendy LaCapra: Crafting a Series Based on the Gods + giveaway

Crafting a Series Based on the Gods

My new release, Her Duke at Midnight, can be read as a stand-alone, although it is also the third and final book in my Mythic Dukes Trilogy.

Why Mythic Dukes? Well, several years ago I was at a writer’s conference and a presenter was giving a class on how the mythic qualities of Greek Gods are woven into romantic heros. The class ended with this warning: never attempt to put the main 3 Greek Gods (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) into one book, because, the presenter said, it would be way too much.

Sometimes, when I hear a stricture, the onery part of me lifts its curious head and I take said stricture as a challenge. Dare I put 3 heroes, each with the aspects of one Greek God, into a series? Later during that same conference, I heard grumblings about there being too many dukes in Historical Romance. The onery part of me lifted its head again. Dare I make all my mythic heros dukes?

Crafting a trilogy that embodies those two combined challenges took far longer than I expected. However, I’m happy to say all three are now available: Her Duke at Daybreak (Hades), His Duchess at Eventide (Poseidon), and Her Duke at Midnight (Zeus).

Each of the books are as different as their protagonists, but the series has a running theme of found family, the closing of ranks in a crisis, and overcoming past trauma. Ashby, Cheverley, and Hurtheven formed an alliance during their school days and cemented it with a secret society. They are honor bound to stand by one another. For this, I drew on my husband’s deep and lasting bond with a group of male friends who found one another as teens. Over the years, I’ve seen how that bond has strengthened and challenged each of the friends. I truly admire their unbreakable connection and hope I’ve been able to bring that energy to this series.

The final book, Her Duke at Midnight, features the Zeus character, who leapt onto the page in the first book, full of bluster and arrogance, subtle humor and absolute self-assurance. His book was by far the hardest to write—and it surprised me in so many ways. I knew he was committed to his friends and their children. I knew he had suffered a terrible loss in early childhood. But he was so self-confident, so powerful and principled, I didn’t know how I was going to get him to open that wound so it could heal.

The other friends are heavily featured in his book—because who but the people who know and love you best can help you through a dark night of the soul? And who but a woman with an equally strong will and an unshakable commitment to guiding her own course could possibly make him want to be whole?

When I finally reached his ultimate crisis, I literally wept...and three early readers have told me they wept as well. I’m glad I took on the challenge of writing this series. I hope readers will be moved and delighted watching friendship and love triumph over every challenge.

A governess and her secret take an invincible duke by storm…

Her Duke at Midnight (Mythic Dukes Book 3)
by Wendy LaCapra
Genre: Historical Paranormal Regency Romance
A governess and her secret take an invincible duke by storm...

The Duke of Hurtheven will stop at nothing to protect those he loves. So, when a mysterious new governess captures his godchild’s affection, he vows to uncover her secrets. Instead, she sets him aflame.

Miss Hera Bythesea accepted a governess position to secure the character reference she needs to reclaim her secret child. But she did not count on Hurtheven—curious, relentless, and temptation in human form.

In Hera's world, Hurtheven faces a challenge his power and wealth cannot solve. But for the love of unwed mother and child, he’ll undertake any Herculean Labor.



His Duchess at Eventide (Mythic Dukes Book 2)

What Readers Are Saying:

Romance and adventure that will keep you up at night!

-Eva Devon

...stunning in its emotional intensity and, for me, her best writing yet. The journey of these characters shattered my heart, filled me with hope, and kept me reading late into the night, finally releasing me with the reassurance that some bonds, though stretched beyond imagination, cannot be broken, that evil foes can be vanquished, that love wins.

-PJ on the Romance Dish

His Duchess at Eventide is a tale that is all things fabulous, mythical and epic. …I know Chev, Penelope and their romance will have a firm place on my ebook keeper shelf and in my memory.

-Gayle on Lady Celeste Reads Romance

Stunning, Emotional, Heartbreaking and full of hope , this has to be one of my all time favourite books.

-Maggie, Amazon Reviewer



Her Duke at Daybreak (Mythic Dukes Book 1)

2018 Romance Writers of America® RITA® Contest Finalist

A devilish duke & a proper widow agree to three nights, but will explosive passion cost more than they have bargained?

What Readers Are Saying:

"Great characters. Great sex. Great story." -Author Abigail Sharp

"Ms LaCapra has loaded this book with drama, a bit of angst (but notanoverdose), a sprinkle of humor and sizzle. I was glued to this bookfrom start to finish, it's just that good." -Deb Diem, Goodreads

"Her Duke at Daybreak is a steamy romance but it is so much more. It is the joining of two lost souls." -Kelly Tyree, Goodreads

"This is my first experience of Wendy's books , it won't be the last. Her characters are wonderful and her writing is riveting." -Maggie Whitworth, Goodreads

"This was a Happily Ever After that almost didn't happen so that makes it all the more enjoyable when it finally comes." -Diane, Goodreads

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About the Author
Historical Romance author Wendy LaCapra writes award-winning books reviewers describe as ‘heart-pounding, entrancing’, ‘lusciously romantic and sparkling with wit.’ As a teen, Wendy discovered spine-tingling gothics in her local public library, inspiring her to craft her own seductive tales full of secrets and scandal. She lives with her husband in a quirky, historic building in NYC and loves a girls’ night in. For new release, sale alerts and other news, sign up at

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