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Monday, April 8, 2024

Book Review: Ghost Station by S.A. Barnes

Ghost Station
By S.A. Barnes
April 9, 2024
Publisher: Tor Nightfire
ASIN: B0C2MVPFNC ISBN: 9781250884923
Space exploration can be lonely and isolating.

Psychologist Dr. Ophelia Bray has dedicated her life to the study and prevention of ERS—a space-based condition most famous for a case that resulted in the brutal murders of twenty-nine people. When she's assigned to a small exploration crew, she's eager to make a difference. But as they begin to establish residency on an abandoned planet, it becomes clear that crew is hiding something.

While Ophelia focuses on her new role, her crewmates are far more interested in investigating the eerie, ancient planet and unraveling the mystery behind the previous colonizer's hasty departure than opening up to her.

That is, until their pilot is discovered gruesomely murdered. Is this Ophelia’s worst nightmare starting—a wave of violence and mental deterioration from ERS? Or is it something more sinister?

Terrified that history will repeat itself, Ophelia and the crew must work together to figure out what’s happening. But trust is hard to come by…and the crew isn’t the only one keeping secrets.


Ophelia Bray dedicated her life to the study and prevention of ERS—a space-based condition. The most famous case resulted in the brutal murders of twenty-nine people. So when she gets assigned to a small exploration crew on an actual ship in outer space, she thinks this is her chance. A chance to show she is more than her last name, Bray, and not like her rich relatives. Also a chance to begin helping anyone suffering from ERS--unlike how it affected her past. For she has a secret. But the crew is hiding something themselves, as they land on a world with a long dead alien city. The planet has a secret too--the body of a former expedition member from the time when her family’s business owned it.

Ghost Station recalls how scary an alien world can be, that the unknown is truly unknown, even the humans exploring it. If you enjoy science fiction horror movies like Alien, Prometheus, Pitch Black, Event Horizon, Annihilation, The Thing, and others, you will enjoy this novel.

I gave Ghost Station 5 sheep.




Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney 

About the Author:

S.A. BARNES works in a high school library by day, recommending reads, talking with students, and removing the occasional forgotten cheese stick as bookmark. Barnes has published numerous novels across different genres under the pen name Stacey Kade. She lives in Illinois with more dogs and books than is advisable and a very patient husband.

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