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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Double Book Review: Raising Cain (The Key Guardians #1) by Kelli Ireland

Raising Cain (The Key Guardians #1)
by Kelli Ireland

Paperback, 378 pages
Published April 7th 2015
Hiding places are scarce when both Heaven and Hell intend to find you.

Dani Fayel’s backbreaking job as a stable hand at The Freaks’ Fair isn’t glamorous, but for someone looking to keep to the shadows? It’s perfect. Neither paranormal freaks nor human norms ever notice her. But when Dani is forced to either let a child die in order to maintain her anonymity or choose to save him and risk being discovered, she finds herself unwillingly thrust into the spotlight.

Cain, Hell’s premier assassin and a predatory incubus, is close to fulfilling his final contract and earning his freedom. Hired by the Archangel of Death to find his daughter, Cain follows her trail to the Fair. He works undercover, certain his mark is inside one of the portable canopies or traveling cages. Dead or alive, she equals his ticket to freedom.

When Cain’s objective is divulged, Dani realizes she can’t outrun her destiny. As the fabled Key—the one soul with absolute free will who is tied to the three realms of Heaven, Earth and Hell—only she is capable of opening the gates for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Whoever frees the Horsemen allegedly commands them. Now both Heaven and Hell are vying for her allegiance, and there are no limits as to how dirty they’ll fight to obtain it. With Hell raining indiscriminate chaos as Heaven maneuvers its players around her, Dani realizes her would-be assassin may be the only man capable of helping her survive.

Review by Jeanie G
The story caught my attention from the first chapter!

Dani is a very independent, snarky character that is easy to fall in love with for the reader. She shows great compassion with lots of moxie. Cain discovers that she is the "Key" he is seeking but is having trouble carrying out the contract and delivering her to her father Sahill of the underworld. He protects her through many harrowing battles and even helps her develop her Archangel talents by throwing her off a roof! Nice guy huh?

There seems to be many concurrent themes evolving in this book. Self preservation, friendship, loyalty, greed, power with a suggestion of sex and romance are a few. The first half of the story moved along at a great pace and developed the characters well. I was riveted by the story and couldn't put the book down. The second half became a little stagnant with many scenes of "capture, escape, battles, waiting, repeat" along with the introduction of new characters. At times I felt as if the story seemed to get lost in the action but the author does bring it home in the finale.

The ending leaves you thinking there will be more adventures for Cain and Dani coming in future episodes. The relationship of Dani and Cain is intriguing and makes you want to keep reading until you come to a "Happily Ever After" place!

I give this story 4 "hopeful" sheep

Review by Bianca Greenwood
In the world of this urban fantasy, paranormal creatures exit alongside humans. Select paranormal beings are on display to entertain the norms in ‘The Freaks Fair,’ a travelling circus of sorts that cashes in on human curiosity. Dani has enjoyed an insular, fairly anonymous existence as the fair’s stable hand; with secrets to keep she cannot afford to draw attention. But when Cain, the fair’s newest muscle-bound employee, starts to keep tabs on the introverted Dani, she is forced to confront some fantastic facts, quickly.

With her first book in this series, Ireland has created a fast-paced, entertaining hook for her readers. I don’t think anything particularly novel or inventive is occurring here, but the book is well crafted, the action non-stop, and the characters likeable. I devoured most of this book in one sitting. I liked Ireland’s colourful diction and dialogue and appreciated her well-written descriptions.

There is, however, a fine line between tension and frustration. I grew slightly weary of the Cain-Dani cat and mouse game. The pace of these characters’ relationship is at odds with the fast pace of the story’s action. The burgeoning relationship between Dani and Cain, along with a tonne of unanswered questions, poises readers to anxiously anticipate book two. I hope Ireland effectively capitalizes on the wave of anticipation and expediently releases book two. I wouldn’t want my friendly frustration to lead to forgetfulness.

Four Sheep



About the Author:
Kelli Ireland has the heart of gypsy. She credits it to having lived all over the United States, from the West Coast to the East, from densely populated urban metropolises to a cattle ranch in very rural New Mexico.

When the Fates decided to clip the thread that had tied her to an office in corporate America for more than a decade, Kelli found herself with an immense amount of time on her hands. For two years, she hid from the world as she read All The Books. With her little house bursting at the seams, her husband bought her first an e-reader and, second, a laptop. “Write,” he said. “It used to make you happy.”

Kelli currently lives in the heart of the south where all foods are considered fry-able and bugs die only to be reincarnated in blood-sucking triplicate. It’s ironic, really, seeing as she hates the heat. Her house is occupied by two parrots (Cockatoo and African Gray, both of whom talk…incessantly), two dogs (a narcoleptic bullmastiff and a freakishly smart pound hound with anxiety issues), one Blue Russian terror and a Maine Coon cat to rule them all. Oh, and her husband. But really, they just live there to ensure the animals are tended to in the manner to which they’ve all become accustomed.

Alpha Male Diner: Jackal Shifter - Sophie H. Morgan (Ashes: The Divided Kingdom #1) + giveaway

Hello, there. Please, do come in and let me take your coats. I assure you, it’s far too hot in here to need all those clothes…
Cade (Jackal shifter)
recipe by: Sophie H. Morgan
Ashes (The Divided Kingdom Book One)

* One tall, dark and dishevelled jackal shifter

* Two cups each of a dangerous confidence and a fierce loyalty

* A dash of animal charm

* Five years of rebellion, aged well

* A drive for justice

* Immense skill with his…sword

Mix the ingredients well. Once folded together, add to the base of suppressed longing which has been simmering for ten years. Bring everything to a boil, adding a splash of sauciness, a pinch of vulnerability, and plenty of peppery banter.

Prior to serving this delectable dish, we recommend stirring in a fiery shot of romance to kill any old hurts. Serve with a bottomless glass of ice-cold water and a fan.

Warning: Beware of burning your fingers as the heat can be intense.

Taste Test

A smile played over his lips, a knowing one. “You were mine, once.”

When his thumb brushed her cheekbone, dipping down to rub her bottom lip, it was all she could do not to purr. For whatever reasons, this man could get beneath her barriers. He could make her lose control.

But he made her remember the past, something that threatened the foundation of the life she’d built for herself.

The door swinging into darkness. Cold, oozing puddles that cling stickily to bare feet. A young voice, wavering as she called out for her parents. Her locket a dull gold, mottled with red where it lay.

With effort, Ana jerked her chin away from his touch. “Get your hands off me, Cade.” With a thin smile, she added, “Only the vampire has those rights.”

That flash of anger. For some reason, the man in front still viewed her as partly his—the jackal, maybe, claiming her. Except jackals were solitary animals.

A growl rumbled through his chest. Keeping eye contact, he stood. When he leaned forward, she flinched, unable to help herself. Whether she was afraid of being touched or tortured, she didn’t know.

His arms flexed with muscle as he worked at something about her head. Something clunked, and the chains fell away from her with a heavy jangle. They lay on the bedspread, innocent and coiled like a false snake.

Grasping she was free, Ana slid from the bed. “Son of a bitch,” she spat, putting out a hand to help steady her. “Iron?”

She lunged at him, confused when her body refused to cooperate. Her biker boots hit the floor as she landed, tottering, two feet away from her intended target.

Focusing inward, she registered how cold her embers were. They barely glittered, a few halfhearted sparks at her prompting. A breath hissed from her.

Phoenixes radiated at around one hundred and twenty degrees; she’d wager she was operating on about human temperature. The lack of heat in the room and lack of food and water equaled her core running on empty. Even as she thought it, the sparks began to disintegrate, sucking inward to preserve the embers at her core.

Determined, she fought through the weakness, charging Cade.

He allowed himself to be thrust backward. “You’re too cold,” he commented. “Hungry. You can’t hurt me.”

“You wanna bet?”

Her knee jerked upward, narrowly blocked by Cade’s hand.

“Don’t even try it.” He pushed her away, making her stagger from weak knees. “You’ll be on your back quicker than an eager whore. Then again,” he continued, the jackal’s obvious pleasure at the verbal sparring spinning through his wicked smile, “maybe you’d enjoy that.”

With a vengeful shriek, Ana went for him. She jabbed with her fists, using her elbows when that didn’t work. He avoided all her blows, laughing with a gut-deep amusement.

When she used her scissor-kick, she saw her mistake too late as he caught her legs and flipped her to the dirty gray carpet. He was on top of her before she could curse, lazy amusement swirling like phoenix smoke.

His arms caged her as an old dimple flashed. “What did I say?”

His weight suddenly pressed down on her abdomen slashes. A wince tugged at her face before she could stop it, a hiss pouring from between her teeth.

His face changed immediately. “Fires above, Alana, you should have said something.”

“I thought you’d hurt me if it was necessary.” She shoved him off her. He let her, a hunter tracking her as she stumbled away. She dropped into the chair he’d claimed earlier, unwilling to admit her jelly limbs. “You’re all mouth.”

A slow smile spread over his face while his eyes altered to a dark velvet. Damn. She’d always been a sucker for the shadow-drenched eyes.

He stalked nearer, the jackal’s satisfied rumble curling out of his mouth as strong hands came down over hers on the chair’s arms.

She couldn’t dislodge him. Curses spilled from her as panic, not for her life but for something more prized, surged up her throat. “Don’t you come near me, Cade Lorin.”

“All mouth?” he repeated, his voice that dark drawl he’d once whispered her name with. “I’ll show you all mouth.”

Ashes (The Divided Kingdom Book One)
Sophie H. Morgan
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Date of Publication: 21 April 2015
ISBN: 9781619225756
ASIN: B00U3M5Z96
Number of pages: 318
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
Secrets can burn.

Reared from birth to rule the Phoenix territory, Ana fled her future and her past when her parents were murdered. Now she secretly leads a rebellion to stop the human ruler, Edward, from experimenting on supernaturals.

When she finds herself cornered by an assassin, she knows just what to do: Roast him and toast him. Then recognition sends blue-tipped flames licking through her veins. It’s Cade, the royal bodyguard who once rejected her youthful confession of love.

When Cade regains consciousness from the force of Ana’s punch, he’s still reeling from shock—and fury. He’d loved the princess, and for ten years he thought her dead. Though his inner jackal growls with desire for her, she is the key to completing his mission for Edward—hunt down the rebel known as Liberty.

Ana can’t believe Cade doesn’t know the truth about Edward. If she can convince him of it, his blade could turn the tide of the rebellion. But first they must get beyond their past, or the whole kingdom could go up in smoke.

Product Warnings

Contains incendiary sex between a phoenix princess with a secret identity, and a jackal shifter who can take a lot of heat. Boys from the “hood”, a king jacked up on enhanced DNA, and killer heels. Anybody got a match?

Available at Samhain Amazon Amazon UK

About the Author:
Sophie H. Morgan is a paranormal romance author with a love for hot guys, sassy heroines and HEAs that seem impossible. Currently residing in England, Sophie divides her time between her two crazy spaniels and plotting how best to drive her characters into each other’s arms. Ashes is her first book.

Tour giveaway 
3 beaded phoenix wine glass charms open to US Shipping

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book Review: Shadow of Doubt (An SBG Novel #2) by P.A. DePaul + giveaway

Shadow of Doubt (SBG #2)
by P.A. DePaul

Kindle Edition
April 21st 2015
by InterMix Penguin Group (USA)
The new SBG novel from the author of Exchange of Fire.

When her secretly filmed tryst shows up on the internet, Michelle Alger goes on the run. She has no choice. Not only was her one-night stand the son of a US senator, but he’s been murdered—and she’s the number one suspect. With both the senator and an avenging drug lord on her trail, her life is in danger. There’s only man she can trust. He saved her once, but will he still be her hero six years later?

Captain Jeremy Malone and the rest of Delta Squad have the senator’s order: find the mystery woman who killed my son. But to Jeremy, she’s no mystery. Six years ago his team of Green Berets rescued her from the torturous clutches of a Colombian cartel, and he’s never forgotten her. His personal and covert mission: find Michelle before anyone else. When he and Michelle do meet again, the sparks are explosive and consuming. They’re also dangerous as hell.

Because with each new bit of evidence, Jeremy suspects that Michelle’s innocence may be a ruse—a beautiful trap set by a woman who has even more secrets yet to bare.

Exchange of Fire Buy Links:
Amazon US: UK:
Amazon AU: CA:

Michelle Alger has endured enough hell on earth to make a grown man beg for mercy. Six years ago she was tortured by a Colombian cartel and while she was rescued, she has never been able to overcome the trauma, or forget the man who saved her. Now she’s wanted for the murder of a senator’s son and has no choice but to run. Not knowing who to trust she turns to the man who saved her life hoping that he can save her once again.

Captain “Cappy” Jeremy Malone has never forgotten the woman he and his team of Green Berets rescued but given his new life as not only a member but a leader of the super elite Delta Squad, he was forced to push her memory to the back of his mind. Now with the senator ordering his team to bring his son’s killer to justice, Jeremy has no choice but to face his past and the woman who could make or break him.

Once again author P.A. DePaul delivered a fast paced mix of action, suspense and mystery! Shadow of Doubt took another of the mysterious members of Delta Squad and laid his secrets bare. Cappy, the much loved and respected leader of the team seemed so indestructible. I didn’t think he had any weaknesses. About three pages into Shadow of Doubt that all changed. I loved the brief but very significant glimpse into Cappy’s life when he was just Captain Jeremy Malone. It gave me such a clear picture of who he was and who he became but it also showed such raw emotions that aren’t always present in the hardened warrior he became. With Michelle, he didn’t pull the macho man card or use her circumstances to control her. He was as straight forward with her as he could be without compromising his team but he also had this tenderness that revealed a lot more about him than all the action sequences could.

Michelle, while the main victim of the story never gave up on survival. Even with severe PTSD and enough fear flooding her veins to make her into a total mental case, she kept herself together, only allowing herself tears when everyone was safe. She wasn’t what I was used to in a heroine; she was more of a damsel in distress which kind of irked me. She did have one great moment of awesomeness when she thought Cappy was being threatened. If Michelle had tapped into that side of herself from the very beginning, she would have been a much better heroine in my eyes. I get that she needed help out of the situation she was in but a little more physical cooperation and a little less “follower” attitude goes a long way in making a strong heroine.

Shadow of Doubt definitely brought the mystery with the team trying to figure out who is responsible for the murder of the senator’s son. With so many possibilities, author P.A. DePaul lead me on a merry chase trying to figure out who the villain was. Each possibility was valid and I saw how each one could be “the one” but I didn’t even get close to figuring it out by the time the curtain was lifted and the identity of the antagonist was actually revealed. That’s truly one thing I hope DePaul continues to do in this series: Keep me guessing and on my toes. That’s what makes a solid romantic suspense.

With Cappy’s past now out in the open that leaves only three more members of the team including the heartbroken but scary as heck Talon. Is it wrong that I want his book next? Of course, the romance novel reading Romeo could be interesting too. There’s no way that guy can be all smiles and charm all the time. Either way, I’m just as eager to learn these characters’ real names as I am their back stories so I’m good with whoever is next.

Sheep Rating: 4 Sheep


Shadow of Doubt Excerpt:

Michelle paced the length of the room for the thousandth time. There were exactly eighteen steps from the bathroom door to the sad excuse of a table. Not the biggest rooms here at the OTE.

A long moan drifted through the left wall followed by a slam, then rhythmic banging.

“Oh, God. Yes,” a woman cried. “Give it to me, daddy.”

Whomp. Whomp. Whomp. The cheap picture over the bed rattled with “daddy’s” frantic pace.

Michelle rolled her eyes to the ceiling. “Really?” she asked the stained tiles. As if her situation wasn’t bad enough, she now had to listen to a bad porno.

She glanced at the clock. 5:22 p.m.

Her fingertips felt cold. She went to rub her hands together only to find her palms had a thin layer of sweat. How messed up was that? Darn nerves.

For years she had fantasized about this moment. So many versions ranging from innocent to completely far-fetched had captivated her dreams. Only Fate would deliver the version where she was holed up in a seedy motel with Big Daddy providing the sleazy soundtrack.

“Yes! Right there! Harder!”

She tuned out the “Oh-Gods,” and the “That’s-the-spots” and replayed her favorite fantasy. The one where Captain Jeremy Malone sought her out only to find out she had been given a new identity and placed in Witness Protection. Devastated by the government’s unwillingness to tell him where she had been relocated, he made it his personal mission to find her. Though it took years, he finally discovered she became a park ranger in Indianapolis. He immediately requested leave from the military and showed up at her apartment door.

She laughed at her foolish daydreams. Even if the man had hunted her down, then what? Her track record since Colombia had been Michelle, zero; Disaster, every time.

The looks of disgust on her partners’ faces when they saw her body usually killed whatever passion she had been able to muster through the fear and memories. Only one man had seen beyond carnage and made her feel as if it would be okay.

A hoarse shout bled through the thin wall followed by a lot of groaning. Hopefully that signaled the end of “daddy’s” session.

Had she done the right thing calling Cappy? How long had he been in Indianapolis? God, had she been this close to him all this time? What if he’s seen the news? Would he call the police, FBI, Army to tip them off? She started to panic. Oh no. What had she done?

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Michelle jumped at the sound on her door. The blood drained from her face and her heart pounded against her ribcage. No way in this short span of time could it be another drunk with the wrong room. Which meant . . . He’s here. All her insecurities rushed through her brain as she stared at the door. Everything from her thunder-thighs to her lack of makeup and hungover status swamped her.

“Michelle?” a muffled, deep male voice called on the other side. She’d know that intonation anywhere. It slid over her, tightening the knot in her stomach. She rubbed the dancing area and snagged on a button. Jerking her head down, she started cussing. She still had on the ugliest uniform ever. Not one ounce of sexiness could be wrung from the drab olive and gray clothing.

Sweat pooled under her arms, not helping her confidence and—

Wait, what was that? She squinted and dabbed a spot on her shirt. Great. She had on the most god-awful stained uniform ever.

This was so far from her fantasy she could only hang her head. About par for the last twenty-four hours.

Knock. Knock.

“Michelle,” Captain Jeremy Malone said again. “It’s safe to open the door.”

No one shouted “POLICE” or “FBI.” That was a good sign, wasn’t it? Didn’t they have to identify themselves first before entering? That meant he was alone, right?

She threw her shoulders back and strode across the room. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and opened the thin wood.

Holy Cheesus on wheat toast.

How could she not recall how HUGE he was? And that was saying something, since she was considered tall. But he had to be at least a half a foot over her head. Not only tall, but ripped with muscles . . . Like no-way-could-this-exist-in-real-life muscles sprouted beneath a tight T-shirt. Since he had worn a helmet the last time they met, she had never gotten to see he had dark brown hair, buzzed in a military crew-cut. His stance was all business; exuding strength and power and don’t-mess-with-me-cause-I-know-eighty-ways-to-kill-you. But one feature commanded her attention—the same one haunting her for years. His eyes. Those wonderfully expressive deep coffee-colored eyes.

“Cappy.” She shuddered. After so many years of longing, she was finally staring into their depths . . . and he was staring right back.

Review: Exchange of Fire (An SBG Novel #1)

About the Author:
I'm a multi-genre romance author including paranormal fantasy and romantic suspense.

I originally hail from Carroll and Baltimore County, Maryland, but also lived in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia. I currently reside in a beautiful community just outside Philadelphia.

When my head is not completely absorbed with listening to very demanding characters, I can be found with my nose in a book—not only enjoying the story but studying what makes the novel work. I love action-adventure movies (if it blows up spectacularly, I'm there) and watching way too much TV. (Can everybody say “Procrastination?” To which I usually reply, “But it’s research!” Yeah, they don’t believe me either.). More times than not, my husband and Shi Tzu stand outside my closed office door wondering, “Is she still alive? Do we dare bother her? What if she’s on a roll?” Monty usually answers by scratching on the wood anyway. Gotta love a dog who doesn’t care about boundaries! Good thing he’s so cute!

ebooks of Shadow of Doubt , Exchange of Fire & Swag

Series Book Review: The Reaper Series Books 1, 2 and 3 by Lisa Medley

click to read the review of book one

Review: Reap and Repent (The Reaper Series Book 1)

Reap and Redeem (The Reaper Series Book 2)
by Lisa Medley
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Big Cedar
Date of Publication: March 10, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9908856-4-1
Number of pages: 326
Cover Artist: Sweet and Spicy Designs 
He’s a reaper who has given up on saving souls. Will a dying woman be his salvation?

After a century of enslavement to pure evil, Kylen Larson is finally free. But he’s long past caring. The only woman he ever loved is dead, and he’s tormented by memories of the horrors his demon parasite forced him to commit. Now, he lives for nothing more than hunting down the infernal creatures invading Meridian, Arkansas, and destroying them.

Olivia Evans is in the final stages of cancer when Kylen accidentally saves her from demonic possession. When he rescues this innocent soul, Kylen rediscovers his mission—and his heart. All he wants is to help Olivia stay alive. He’ll just have to fight off an invasion from Hell first…

Demon Disaster!!

Book 2 of the Reaper series centers most of the story around Kylen who was introduced in book 1 as the best friend of Deacon ( now promoted to a Power). Kylen was a reaper that had been inhabited by a demon for 100 years and was freed by Ruth and Nate.

Kylen (Mr. Bad attitude) still carries a grudge against his lifelong friend Deacon for not killing him during his time of being possessed by the demon. Even after his rescue and separation from his resident demon, Kylen still carries a death wish. He is lost and continues to grieve for the loss of his soulmate Kara who has now ascended to the 4th realm of heaven and is inaccessible to Kylen.

Looming disaster abounds as the fallen Angel Camael is opening portals all over Meridian allowing demons to access the human realm en masse. (Holy Moley Batman!) Apparently the reapers are playing "Whac-a-mole" with demons constantly ascending into the human realm at multiple portals.

On one of Kylen's "pity party" disappearances from the rest of the reaper crew, he comes across a young girl in the process of being accosted by a demon. He pulls her back from the brink of disaster and takes her back to the safe house to be healed having no idea the course his life is about to take. His attachment to Olivia confuses him and when he finds out she is already dying of cancer tries to move heaven and hell to save her from her fate.

Olivia has made a "bucket list" of things she wants to do before she dies and is running out of time. Kylen decides he is going to make sure her list is completed and during that process, falls in love. The last wishes on her bucket list are: 1) sleep under the stars, 2) fly over a volcano, 3) save a life, 4) get drunk and 5) have a "one nite stand". HMMMM....could any hot blooded male deny her those last wishes?! With a little help from Deacon and his past "mate" Kara, Kylen is given a way to save Olivia from her fate......IF Kylen has time and is not too late!

The author does a good job of keeping Deacon, Ruth and Nate (from Book 1) in the mix and continues the storyline of their bond. I almost felt as if she was telling two stories at once, Deacon and Ruth and Olivia and Kylen. I think I understand she was using her books to "shine" on the different characters introduced in the first book. She introduces a new reaper named Maeve who has taken Deacon's place as a normal reaper (since he has been promoted to a "Power" reaper). She plays an important part in the "saving" of Ruth from certain disaster when Ruth finds herself in a "delicate" position and injured. I am sure we will hear more about Maeve in the next installment of the "Reaper" series along with Nate, the new and improved "witch" with perks!

Although the MC of this book is Kylen and could be a stand-alone, I recommend reading Book 1 to understand his character and the supporting players. This book was a little easier to read at a slower pace but still kept my interest enough to want to read the next in the series. Of course my interest could be piqued to see how Deacon and Ruth fare with the impending arrival of a "new" reaper!

I give this book 4 "redeeming" sheep


ebook, 302 pages
Published 2015 by Big Cedar
By day he saves lives in the city he loves. Can he save souls too?

Nate is an EMT, a witch and a newly inducted member of the Reaper Authority Force. What he’s not is a reaper. With unexplained abilities, his true nature lies somewhere in between the angels, demons and reapers he finds himself involved with. When he’s paired with the reaper Maeve, he struggles to find his place in the rising war to save the souls of Meridian and the world.

Maeve has tried to hide her reaper handicap–her toxic reaper energy–from her colleagues. But when she’s possessed by a fallen angel and forced to poach souls for Hell, her greatest weakness might be the only thing that saves her.

Nate uses his growing powers and his innate magic to find Maeve. He’ll do whatever it takes to save her, revealing more than he ever imagined in the process.

More twists than a roller coaster!
Book III of the Reaper Series offers lots of new twists and revelations. It also draws in a little "witch" magic to help with their cause of trying to prevent Camael (Lucifer's right hand man) from opening a major portal between the realms and allowing all demons free range on human existence.

This installment continues the story of Ruth, Deacon and their soon to be "little" reaper but highlights the story of Nate (Deacon's witchy friend) and Maeve (the replacement reaper for Deacon). They had just been assigned as partners to help rid the town of Meridian from the hundreds of demons allowed through portals directly from hell. Discovering an unbreakable bond they travel a path from exorcism and rescue to discovery of new powers and undeniable strength in their relationship.

Want to know if a soul can be "reinstalled" in it's body? Can a fallen angel redeem himself to earth and Heaven? Can twins find each other and their true parents after years of separation? Can an EMT raised in a "witches" community develop his natural "reaper" talents unknowingly? What happens to the mind of the person possessed by a demon...are they still able to effect change or gather knowledge?

Many twists to the story and revelations regarding parentage and powers are revealed (perhaps reason for the title?!) . By the end of the story you might even find yourself feeling a little less bloodthirsty for Camael's demise........does he deliver retribution for being evicted from Heaven or does he find redemption from above for his final act of courage to disregard the wishes of Lucifer? Pick up a copy and find out!

I recommend, if at all possible, starting at Book 1 as I think a little more history only makes this story "meatier". I am so looking forward to the next installment of the adventures of Deacon, Ruth and their comrades!!


I give this book 4 "revealing" sheep!


About the Author:
Lisa has always enjoyed reading about monsters in love and now she writes about them, because monsters need love too.

She adores beasties of all sorts, fictional as well as real, and has a farm full of them in her Southwest Missouri home, including: one child, one husband, two dogs, two cats, a dozen hens, thousands of Italian bees, and a guinea pig.

She may or may not keep a complete zombie apocalypse bug-out bag in her trunk at all times, including a machete. Just. In. Case.

May Movie Releases 2015!

Well, we all know what the big one is this month. Spy looks good too and I have to see anything with Dwayne Johnson.
What will you be seeing?
May 1

May 8

May 15

May 22

May 29

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49 New Book Releases in Speculative Fiction for April 20

Time to visit some new worlds! Where will you go?

WTF-ery...pretty much self-explanatory <G>