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Friday, April 17, 2015

Mythology for toddlers? Mini Myths by Joan Holub (author) and Leslie Patricelli (illustrator) + giveaway

Thanks for having me and my Mini Myths board books on your blog today, Sharon! I’m a mythology geek, and co-author the Goddess Girls middle grade series and the Heroes in Training chapter books with Suzanne Williams. In Mini Myths, I wanted to translate the life lessons in the Greek myths into humorous parallel situations that are familiar to preschoolers. 

For instance, in the ancient Medusa myth:
1) Medusa has snake hair;
2) she turns people to stone with her gaze; and
3) she is ultimately beheaded.

In Brush Your Hair, Medusa!:
1) Each time Dad instructs the wild-haired Medusa to brush her hair, she distracts him with things like somersaults or offering to brush her doll’s hair;

2) the very sight of little Medusa’s hair wild hair freezes a shocked, wide-eyed Grandma, who comes to visit; and

3) finally Medusa goes for a haircut.

There’s a super-short summary of each myth on the final page of each book, which I figured would be a help to both parents and kids!

I write each Mini Myths in storyboard form, which means I draw simple characters and write the text in boxes on a single sheet of paper. The squares are small, which stops me from writing too much. That’s a good thing when it comes to board books. Here’s an example of the tiny dummies I made from the two storyboards I turned in to my editors at Abrams Appleseed: 

Patricelli’s preschool-age Pandora couldn’t be cuter, and an endnote explains the original myth in greater detail. Genuinely funny and sweet. ~ Publishers Weekly, starred review

Amazon Editors Pick and Amazon Best Books List for September

Remarkably entertaining . . . delightful painted cartoons in rich colors . . . the life lessons the source material inspires are spot-on. ~ Kirkus
About the Author:
Joan Holub is the author of over 100 children’s books, including the picture books, Little Red Writing, Zero the Hero, and her upcoming The Knights Before Christmas. Her picture book, Mighty Dads, is a New York Times bestseller. 

Leslie Patricelli is the bestselling author-illustrator of many adorable board books, including Yummy Yucky and Toot!

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USA only. Books autographed by me.
2 copies of: Brush Your Hair, Medusa!
2 copies of Make A Wish, Midas!
A total of 4 books in the giveaway, 1 book to each of 4 winners.

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  1. What a great idea. Thanks for letting us know about them

  2. I enjoy most of mythology. These will be wonderful to share with my granddaughter when she's a bit older. (She's due in July LOL)

  3. I think I'm torn, but probably Athena the most for my reading pleasure. But for viewing, gotta go with Hercules!

  4. There are so many I enjoy.Give me Poseidon and Titans!
    These books are so adorable. I've read Medusa and Midas and I loved how the author had a page at the end explaining, in easy to understand words, a little about the characters. Such sweet reads to be shared over and over.