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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Book Review: Quickening: QuickSilver Codex Book 2 by Kallysten

Quickening (QuickSilver Codex #2)
by Kallysten
Published June 20th 2013
On Foh’Ran, a parallel world in which a magical force called the Quickening rules the lives of humans and vampires alike, Vivien just won her first battle.

Raised on Earth, Vivien had no idea she was heir to Foh’Ran's throne until Brad and Aedan, her bodyguards, revealed themselves to her and took her to her family’s ancestral castle. Her first confrontation with Rhuinn, the man who usurped her throne, ended as well as could be hoped and she won a few days of respite until she has to appear at the royal court again.

Before she does, however, she’ll need to break through her mental block and master the Quickening to prove herself a worthy daughter of Foh’Ran. She’ll also have to gain allies among Foh’Ran’s influential families. The most difficult part, however, might be to follow Aedan’s advice and learn to act like a queen when she’s still unsure whether she truly wants the throne, and would rather simply be Brad’s girlfriend.

Vivien is trying to forget about earth and embrace her native land of Foh’Ran but it’s harder than it sounds. For one thing they’ve never heard of coffee! How can a place exist without coffee! Time is faster in Foh’Ran and even a quick trip to earth for essentials can cost her precious time she doesn’t have. She needs to be focused on meeting the King who has her throne. Vivien doesn’t want her birthright but she does want to do good things for her people and has decided to stay in Foh’Ran to see what she can do.

Brad is having trouble staying strictly professional when he is so in love with Dame Vivien. It doesn’t make things any easier that Vivien wasn’t raised with the rules of high court and doesn’t think that their love is unproved. Between Brad and Aeden they start teaching her the ways of court and channeling. She must learn to channel if she is going to have allies and have any chance of being Queen.

The next book in the story didn’t disappoint. It brought new love and magic as well as heart break and anger. Big changes were coming at the end of the book and I look forward to reading the next installment to see where things will go.

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Getting 4 1/2 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Kallysten is a writer of romance novels and short stories, most of them with paranormal elements.

Her first eBooks were published by Linden Bay Romance in 2005. The defunct Venus Press subsequently published a few of her short stories. Because so many of her stories are linked as series and part of the same universe, she decided it would make sense to have them all in the same place, which is why she self-published, first with the co-op Alinar Publishing and now on her own. When she sees calls for submissions that speak to her muse, she sometimes tries for them, and was published this way by Samhain and Torquere.

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