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Monday, April 6, 2015

Young Adult author Aviva Bel‘Harold (Blood Matters) talks vampires + giveaway

My Thoughts on All Types of Vampire and a Guest Appearance from one of my Characters. 

If I were to admit I am the kind of girl who likes my vampires sparkly would you keep reading?

I fear you’d stop right here.

And yet, I can’t deny it. I love the idea of a fluffy-cuddly kind of night creature. That’s why I’m also the kind of girl who is in love with the buff—angelic kind of vampire as well as the ones who write diaries and attend academies…

That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the vampires who’ve been interviewed or the ones that devour the world until the break of day.

But my biggest problem with ALL the kinds of vampires we have to read about is that none of them seem even remotely possible. If they were to REALLY exist then humans would have gone extinct long ago. It’s because of this reason that I was never (I mean never, ever, EVER) going to write a book about vampires because I couldn’t conceive of it being real. And if I can’t believe it then I can’t write it!

But then she came to me...

Brittany: And you killed my bunny!

May I introduce everyone to Brittany the main character from my book: Blood Matters. She walked into my consciousness much like she’s walked into this conversation right now — like a force to be reckoned with.

Brittany: You didn’t just kill my bunny — you also killed my best friend!
Yes, Emily’s death was an unfortunate necessity.

To be honest, I’ve never had a character from any of my other books come to me as clearly as Brittany has.

Brittany: Lucky me.
Well, in a way, yes, you are very lucky. I fell so deeply in love with you that I had to make sure you became a reality. You know I was in the middle of another book when you came along? I gave up writing that book so I could write yours.

Brittany: Double lucky me.
I know you’re being sarcastic, but you really are double lucky. Over seventy-five percent of my ideas never see the light of day.

Brittany: I didn’t just get to see it — you threw me into it!
I did. But you didn’t sparkle.

Brittany: Well thank you for that.
Was that sarcasm again? Would you rather have sparkled?

Brittany: Maybe. I mean you say you love the sparkly kind — yet there was NOTHING sparkly about me. Nothing fluffy or cuddly about me either.
I think Coby would disagree. But you are right. Only, despite you not being the kind of vampire I tend to like — I love you more than the rest. I loved you enough that I spent the hours needed creating and perfecting you.

Brittany: Only with everything you did to me you made it so I am not quite a true vampire — and I’m not quite not a vampire… What’s that about?
I wanted to make you as plausible and realistic as possible but also unique.

Brittany: Instead you made me a freak!
A plausible, realistic kind of freak.

Brittany: A freak, no matter how plausible, realistic or unique, is still a freak at the end of the day.
Ok, but I made you this way so you’d be one of a kind.

Brittany: Only in the end I wasn’t the only one of my kind, was I?
Um… well… no.

Brittany: Then why’d you do that? I was perfectly fine being the only one. I didn’t need anyone else.
Actually, I’d like to disagree.

Brittany: NO! Things were better without the new one. I was happy. I was going to have my happily ever after! But after HE came into the story he… he… he messed it all up!
Ya, he kinda did put a kink into things.

Brittany: A KINK!?! We’re not talking about a bad hair day here! He didn’t just make me break a nail! He ruined EVERYTHING!!!
Calm down Brittany.

Brittany: Calm down? I don’t think so! I want answers.
I don’t think you understand that as much as my stories are my stories — I really don’t have much control over them in the end.

Brittany: Is that your answer? That’s all I get?
… I’m really, really sorr…

Brittany: NO, that’s just so lame.
I know you are unhappy, but the thing you’ve got to remember is that you were created because of me. Without me you wouldn’t even exist.

Brittany: Oh, I get it: you created me so you can do whatever you want with me — is that it?
No, it’s not like that. I didn’t create you just to torture you. I created you to love you. And I really tried to. I gave you a best friend who was willing to do anything for you, a father who loved you unconditionally, and boys who adored you.

Brittany: And then you took it all away! You killed my best friend. My father fell in love with that girl who was almost MY age!! And I couldn’t be with any of the boys — not even the one I wanted to!!! And worst off, in the end you turned me into the dark creature of the night that you never wanted me to be! And all for what?
I did it all for the journey. Life is not a destination — it’s a journey to be traveled. And in the end I gave you a unique, entertaining, and passion filled journey. One people will be talking about everywhere for years to come.

Brittany? Are you still there?

Brittany: I’m here. But I don’t want to talk about it any more.
Fair enough. Is there anything else you want to say while we’re here?

Brittany: Ya, why can’t there be a sequel?
Who says there can’t be?

Blood Matters
by Aviva Bel‘Harold
Genres: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Vampire, Horror
ISBN: (no) Print: 978-1-77053-073-7

E-Book: 978-1-77053-074-4
Book Length: 
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Grief changes people.

Brittany used to be a normal teen. She ate like one, slept like one, and had typical teenage mood swings. But after she found her best friend dead, everything changed.

Grief might explain her loss of appetite and her lack of sleep. It might even explain why she sees her dead friend everywhere she goes. But it certainly won't explain why everyone she touches develops bruises or why she's attracted to the smell of blood.

And, she's pretty sure grief dosen't make you want to rip apart your boyfriend just to get closer to his beating heart.

But what happens when it's the choices we make, not the creature inside, that proves the monster is in us all?

About the Author:
Aviva Bel’Harold writes young adult fiction: Horror, Science Fiction, ­Urban Fantasy, etc. — as long as the ­characters are young, full of life, and out for adventure.

When she’s writing, you’ll find her curled up on a sofa with a pen and a pad of paper, ­surrounded by her adorable puppies.

Born in Winnipeg and raised in Vancouver, Aviva Bel’Harold ­currently resides in Calgary with her husband, four children, and six dachshunds.

A print copy of Blood Matters

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  3. I like sexy alpha (male or female) mysterious vampires. I prefer that they have a moral compass, but accidents do happen. Blessings and Thanks to all.

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