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Sunday, April 19, 2015

April The Year of the Sheep Giveaway

Here we are again...time for more Year of the Sheep fun. Let's say Congratulations to our three March winners:
Prize pack #1 Dawn Cavenee
Prize pack #2 Jamie Lynn Lester​
Prize pack #3 Jo Jones​

Time for the April Year of the Sheep giveaway
There are special entries for sheeples who go that extra mile to prove their love. You can sheepify a picture. If you are still confused about what or how to do this check out two of our followers ideas!
(left) Joleene Naylor sheepified three of her vampire characters! (in all fairness, she is also an artist. We don't expect this level of sheepifying from everyone <G>)
(right) Mary Kirkland took a pic of her rattie Marbles and Baaart!

And last month...the poems. Oh my flocking goodness! Y'all came through. Here are two:

Some lambs bounce and buck
through the frosty air
of a new spring dawn,
while others bay woefully
for the warmth of their mothers
and resist the call to dance.

-Sheeple Brenda R

Keep your wolves and aimless drifters--
I want books with some sheep shifters!
You don't need a psychic's channelin'
To know that sheep are smooth as lanolin.
Perhaps now that I've said my peace,
I'll see more heroes clad in fleece.
When that happens I'll be glad,
For sheepish souls just can't be...baaaaaaaaaad!

-Sheeple Koozebane

Special thanks for April's giveaways

Penguin Random House
Take a pictorial tour of Coastal Magic 2015 with I Smell Sheep! And find out what we are giving away...

You know what is in Daytona Beach? M&M World! Baaart waiting for a panel to start.

Katie leading the panel: 
My Hero – Is your perfect hero an “alpha”? Are they “flawed”? What makes readers swoon for the leading man? – Kait Ballenger, KC Burn, Kristen Painter, Tere Michaels, J A Souders

Baaart and Katie having a Coke (yuck!). Katie and Sharon with Eric Asher and Vaughn R Demont
Lisa Kessler and Baaart. Sharon/Lisa/Katie. Sharon/Lucienne Diver.

Baaart with swag. Kiernan Kelly getting some Baaart love. Sharon and Tawdra Kandle

Sharon, Baaart, Jenna Black. Coreene Callahan. Sharon and con-diva Lisa.

Baaart sees Daytona Beach. Elliott James brought twist tie action figues...hundreds of them. You can see Coreene and Amanda Carlson playing with them, while Elliott watches...I don't think he expected this.

Panel: Urban Fantasy Rulemakers (and Rulebreakers) – Creating, and sticking to, the rules of a paranormal society. – Jenna Black, Elliott James, Amanda Carlson, Lee Roland, Nancy Holzner
Elliott James hamming it up with Baaart

Terry Spear at Mad Hatters Tea Party.
Panel: Little Thing Called Love – Balancing a great (hot) romance within the worldbuilding of paranormal romance. – Christopher Rice, Lucienne Diver, Chudney Thomas, Terry Spear, Lexi Blake, Lisa Kessler

Katie on the Panel: The Perfect Villain – Bad guys we love to hate. – Coreene Callahan, Jan DeLima, Larissa Ione, Kiernan Kelly, Tina Wainscott, Jordan K Rose

Larissa Ione. Amanda Carlson/Larissa Ione/Tina Wainscott
Baaart beaching it.

Baaart hanging with
S.E. Smith. Molly Harper. Damon Suede 
Angie Fox. Eric Asher. Christoper Rice

Tmonique Stephens. Eric Asher. H.D. Smith
Nancy Northcott. Elisabeth Naughton. Mima.

Tere Michaels. R. Lewis. Evelyn Lederman.

Stephanie Julian. Jeffe Kennedy

Donna Grant. Seressia Glass. Tigris Eden
Lucienne Diver. Vaughn Demont. Amanda Carlson.

K.C. Burns. Sharon on Panel: Kick-Ass Heroines – Our favorite leading ladies . How important is it to have a heroine who is both soft and strong? – Paige Tyler, Jess Haines, Christina Farley, Tawdra Kandle, Lucienne Diver, Julie Kenner
Sharon/Jackie (Literary Escapism)/Katie

Little Thing Called Love – Balancing a great (hot) romance within the worldbuilding of paranormal romance. – Christopher Rice, Lucienne Diver, Chudney Thomas, Terry Spear, Lexi Blake, Lisa Kessler

Baaart wants to know why you aren't there...  

Prize pack #1 (US only)
Author K.D. Wood donated her Convention bag with all the swag! She also got it signed (front/back) by just about every author there!!! Included is a signed copy of Unwilling by KD Wood, 1001 Dark Nights Wicked Wolf by Carrie Ann Ryan, Tempting Alibi by Savannah Stuart, Dark Hope by HD Smith

Prize pack #2 (US only)
I Smell Sheep shirt

Prize Pack #3 (US/INT)
Sheep swag! Light up key chain, sheep poo bookmark, postcards, magnet, Year of the Sheep glasses case (close up on left) Jake food. I'll also throw in a bunch of author swag!

To enter:
1. fill out the rafflecopter
2. If you already made a sheep picture you can grab those entries again in the rafflecopter. If you want to make a sheep picture mail it and then you can get those entries too from here on out too!
3. Sheepify a movie title! Sheepanator, Gone With the Sheep...

THERE ARE TWO RAFFLEDUDES! Pay attention to what you enter. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Raiders of the Lost Sheep :) looks like you had an awesome time! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sheep Man, Captain Sheep, The Sheep of the Lost Ark, Superman vs Sheep ;)

  3. At first I thought I'd be ironic and say Silence Of The Lambs or The Shepherd of the Hills but then decided to play it properly and sheepify a title of my own.

    So sticking to a John Wayne movie I give you The Sheepist.

  4. Outsheeper..... BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHa Yeah, I make myself laugh. Thanks for the sharing the pictures. I always love seeing everyone:)

  5. Ha! Great pics!!! I was so excited to meet Sharon and Katie and Baaart!!! :D

    Hope to see you all again in February!

    Lisa :)

  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Sheep, You've Got Sheep, The Sheep Runner

  7. Indiana Jones and the temple of sheep

  8. AWESOME poetry!! Really good! Well done sheepers!

  9. oh missed the sheep movie title…how about…Memoirs of a Sheep….Willie Wonka and the Sheep Factory…One Flew Over the Sheep Farm…The Family Sheep…A Sheep is Born..A Sheep Grows in you have it!

  10. Star Sheep Ewe: Wrath of Baaa!

  11. I love that my little rat has his picture with Baaart in this post. :)

    Movie...The Nightmare Before Sheep.

  12. Sheeplight (probably would be better than Twilight... vampire sheep!!)

  13. Sheep Runnings...cause they are cool! ;) Castlesheep....because we need a little mystery. Joe's as the sheep come out and take over!

  14. Indiana Sheep and the last crusade