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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Year of the Sheep March Giveaway

check link to see what they won
Prize Pack 1 - LINDA LARSSON

Time for March Year of the Sheep giveaway
There are special entries for sheeples who go that extra mile to prove their love. You can sheepify a pictures. If you are still confused about what or how to do this check out two of our followers ideas! It is this easy to do :)

(left) Elizabeth Turney sheepified her dog: Baa baa Doodle Sheep have you any barks...
(right) Amy Stogner went bonkers.

Special thanks for March's giveaways
Penguin Random House for a the whole set of Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega series.
Nalini Singh for a personalized signed copy of Rock Addiction
Donna Augustine made with an original pattern she created, a wool blend (blended with awesome!) scarf.
Dawn Cavenee for donating the year of the sheep t-shirt

Prize pack 1. US ONLY
1. Nalini Singh book
2. Patricia Briggs book set (4 books)
3. scarf made by Donna Augustine
4. Year of the Sheep t-shirt

Prize Pack 2: US ONLY
1. Peeps suprise 
(5 different colors, lemonade, bubble gum, party cake)
2. book collection
Tempting Alibi - Savannah Stuart (aka Katie Reus)

Prize Pack 3: US & INT
1. Sheep Swag bag
sheep poo bookmark, moonpie, kool-aid, vampire incense I Smell Sheep M&Ms, cinnamon hearts, gummy bears, magnet, button, Year of the sheep pen, mouse pad. 

To enter:
1. fill out the rafflecopter
2. If you already made a sheep picture you can grab those entries again in the rafflecopter. If you want to make a sheep picture mail it to and then you can get those entries too from here on out too!

3. We have something new for you to do for March.
Make up a sheep poem!
(A Haiku is pretty simple) but we want more than two lines people! Let's be creative. Leave your poem in the comments. And you can grab those entries in the rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This is so fun, and the prizes are great. Kudos for all the thought and creativity put into this contest!

    1. thanks Dani. We might start running out of ideas after the first few months! We have our 5 year anniversary coming up next month and Katie and I just came up with a fun crazy entry for that so stay tuned!

  2. Sheep are good
    Sheep are nice
    Sheep for me
    Sheep for you

  3. Please fix your feed on Timberr. It shows no content. I have to come here to share. :-(

    1. do you mean Triberr? I wish I knew how!!! This happened before and then it fixed itself. Any advice you have would be appreciated :)

    2. Emaginette, I left a question for the support staff about the issue. Did you also notice it spells the word 'content' wrong?! I am pretty sure you can still share it though. Thanks for checking out the post.

  4. Sheep are soft
    Sheep are fun
    Sheep make you sleep
    Sheep are awesome.

    1. sheep shit a lot too...but I guess that takes some of the fun out of it ;) thanks for playing!

  5. Soft and cuddly
    the sheep lays calm
    here comes Jake
    let's all go party.

    Joanna M

    1. Ha, way to work Jake into it You can't have a party without him :) Thanks for playing with us.

  6. Sheep go bleep
    Sheep go baaa
    Some are friendly
    and some are not very much so.

    1. lol, have you met a not so nice sheep? There is the movie Black Sheep with the zombie like sheep...heehee

  7. Some lambs bounce and buck
    through the frosty air
    of a new spring dawn,
    while others bay woefully
    for the warmth of their mothers
    and resist the call to dance.

    1. Aw...this is kind of sweet and touching... thanks for the thoughtful poem :)

  8. Sheep peep,
    do you hear the sheep peep,

    sheep beep,
    why do the sheep beep,

    Sheep creep,
    my sheeps a creep!

    1. haha! sounds like a Dr. Seuss poem :) creepy sheepy

  9. I was going to cheat and write:
    Mary had a little lamb
    Her father shot it dead
    Now Mary takes him into school
    Between two bits of bread!

    But there are three boxes for poems in the rafflecopter so I wrote these three little ditty's instead:

    Poem one
    White and woolly
    Lambs jumping in glee
    I love to see it but
    Prefer their meat for tea

    Poem two
    Sheep are very woolly
    Let’s shear them in the barn
    I’ll crochet lots of blankets
    Made from all that yarn

    Poem three
    It’s the year of the sheep
    And we celebrate in style
    Because sheep are very useful
    Plus they make us smile.

    1. Wow Ilona. You only needed to write one for all the points :) But you are a damn good sheep poet. Thanks!!!

  10. There was a young lamb from Australia
    Who’d only eat onions Vidalia
    Were her wool “sourced in New Zealand”
    She’d score Vogue spreads by Vreeland
    Not be covered in petals acacia

    (I know the form isn't standard, so as punishment for exceeding the number of syllables, I'm working on a haiku)

    1. Cute, white, and woolly
      Small clouds float on sea of grass
      Munching happily

  11. Keep your wolves and aimless drifters--
    I want books with some sheep shifters!
    You don't need a psychic's channelin'
    To know that sheep are smooth as lanolin.
    Perhaps now that I've said my peace,
    I'll see more heroes clad in fleece.
    When that happens I'll be glad,
    For sheepish souls just can't be...baaaaaaaaaad!


  12. Black & white faces with twin curling horns
    jam into a shepherd's backside
    by a sheepdog with no impulse control

  13. Looking at these great pictures is amazing fun and I love the poems that everyone has been sharing. Big hugs...

  14. What a great contest you all are running and how fun are all these poems.

  15. Sheep are fluffy and soft,
    until you buzz it all off.
    While fleece blanket and clothes
    are in production, those adorable
    creatures are plotting your demise.

    Simply stated, nakedness
    doesn't suit them any.

    1. lol!great one :) and yes, we are always plotting.... Thanks so much for playing!

  16. Okay, one Haiku coming up:

    Know what year it is?
    It's a Sheep Celebration
    Here at I Smell Sheep

    1. How appropriate! Did you sit there and count syllables on your fingers? Cause that's how I do it .

  17. Me or you--
    Where for art thou, ewe
    black faced on the rolling hills
    white fluffy bottom
    making me think of cotton candy,
    and relics from my childhood.
    Who is to say where ewe end
    and I begin.

    1. Well that is kind of deep... Thanks for stopping by and sharing :)

  18. Sheep, Sheep, Listen
    to them bleep
    Sheep, Sheep, Watch
    them twerk,
    like Miley....

    Heck, I don't know! I am most definitely not a poet. Nope, not even a little bit. I am embarrassed, but heck it was fun! Thank you so much for the giveaway, and making it fun!

    1. You said twerk and sheep in the same sentence. That's a win in my book :) thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  19. Sheep of my heart,
    Sheep of my soul,
    Your wool and fleece is so warm and soft,
    Where would we be without ewe?

  20. Let's baa and leap
    It's Year of the Sheep
    From the Midwest
    I'll send my best
    Good Luck to ewe
    And me too!

    (Definitely no poet; and I know it!!)

  21. I love sheer, yes I do! I love sheep and so should you

  22. Baa Baa white sheep
    Give me all your wool
    Yes please Yes please
    3 bags full!