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Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Review: In Bed with the Transforming Alien Robot by Crystal Lattis

In Bed with the Transforming Alien Robot
by Crystal Lattis
Kindle Edition, 58 pages
Published November 19th 2014
Famous actress Lana Caine is tired of being objectified by men. Only Blaze, her undercover transforming alien robot housemate, seems to see her as more than just a sex symbol. She has finally realized just how much she wants him--in her life and in her body. But though they've been living together for a year as part of a top-secret government operation, Lana isn't sure of Blaze's feelings for her. If she opens herself up, will it mean rejection from the one alien she truly cares for? Or will Blaze return her love and take her on a journey that will leave them both breathless? (If alien robots actually breathed, that is.)

In Bed with the Transforming Alien Robot is a 15,000-word erotic transforming alien robot romance.

Okay, I admit I grabbed this book because of my Optimus Prime crush and I thought I would get a good laugh. But it surprised the hell out of me. First off, the writing is excellent. If it hadn’t been, I probably wouldn’t have gotten past the first chapter. The author made this believable. Secondly, while the premise was a bit silly, I became invested in the romance between Lana and Blaze. The transforming alien robots are pretty much Transformers, but they are made of a different material…something warm and firm to the touch *cough, cough.* I was also surprised that the story wasn’t just an excuse to write robot porn. The sex scenes aren’t any different than you’d find in mainstream romances.

We meet other transforming alien robots and each has their own story to be told. Yes, I am interested in reading those too. Like most short stories, the romance is a bit rushed to get the reader to the good parts, but that is the nature of the beast. If you are looking for something different and have crushed on the Transformers then grab this one.

The $2.99 price for a 58 page short is a bit much, but if you find it on sale or if you have amazon prime (it's free there) it’s worth it as a novelty read and you never might find you like it and want to read the next book...which I totally did. Review coming soon.

3 1/2 "special reproductive probe" sheep

About the Author:
Crystal Lattis/Audra North is a small but structurally complete author who lives in New England. She likes ice, enjoys scrapbooking, and has a crush on Brian Greene. In her spare time, she dreams of cybernetic meadows and machines of loving grace. Tessellations are her jam.

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