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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Comic Review: Nutmeg issue #1 by James F. Wright and Jackie Crofts

Nutmeg #1
(W) James F. Wright
(A/CA) Jackie Crofts
Poppy Pepper just wants to survive junior high and avoid her rich rival, Saffron Longfellow, and her brownie-baking minions, The Lady Rangers. But when mysterious new girl Cassia Caraway arrives, she teams up with Poppy and together they plot to bring Saffron and crew down. Variant cover by Josh Eckert, limited to 2000 copies!


Two middle-school girls, baking and making trouble? Yeah, I can totally see that (I have an eighth grade girl). At first I didn't think I would be interested in this comic, but after reading issue #1 I have changed my mind.

Poppy is your normal teen age girl. Trying not to draw attention to herself and off the "popular" girls bad side. Cassie is a new girl and is a lot less tolerant of "mean girl" behavior, and on day one lands on Saffron's s*** list. Poppy and Cassie become instant friends and we find out Cassie's grandmother owns the bakery in town. By the end of this issue the girls are cooking (ha! see what I did there) a plan to get back at Saffron and her clique.
I instantly loved Cassie and Poppy and the way middle school is portrayed is pretty accurate and the characters easy to relate to. Writer James F. Wright describes it as a mix between "Mean Girls" and "Breaking Bad" and I can already see hints of the mayhem to come. I also like the different look to the art work of a lot of comics out there. It is appropriate for the age of the main characters, if that makes sense.

This is geared for the 13 and up crowd, but adults will find it fun.

5 "as if!" Sheep

Sharon Stogner

About the Author/Artist:
James F. Wright and Jackie Crofts

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  1. Oh this looks fun..and of course now I want brownies. I love the illustrations. Thanks for sharing