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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia, it cost money to see this?

Oh wait! I've seen this movie its called The Mummy! No? Ok, then its called National Treasure! No again? Ok, how about Indiana Jones Temple of Doom! No? Lost Arc?
I swear I've seen this before.....hhhhmmm *light bulb going off

Starting my actual review now, Prince of Persia directed by Mike Newell and staring Jake Gyllenhaal (jill-en-hall) as our hunky eye candy Dastan, Gemma Arterton (who could double as Data's sister from STTNG) as Princess Tamina, and Sir Ben Kingsley (not sure if I can forgive you for this on Ben) as Nizam.
I would like to take this time to point out that so far all these characters are of Caucasian decent, and 2 out of the 3 talk in this movie as in real life, with an English accent. I mean was this all Hollywood could come up with? Are we as a nation that afraid of seeing middle eastern actors on screen in the US? A debate for another day perhaps but for now, lets all say together...P-E-R-S-I-A. Say it with me now, come on guys, PERSIA. :)
I think the powers at be decided it would be a really swell idea to raid a halloween superstore! (ok I am totally guilty of that too) Throw a bunch of half-rate low budget wigs on these actors and just call it a day. Look now their Persian! I can hear it now, "Hey just pull out those cheap wigs for these guys Tom and get this movie made baby! Now action!"
Stunts in this movie were so freakin corny I was cracking up non stop, and the hits just kept coming. I mean of course every time you need an exact length of rope to jump off a roof while escaping the bad guys, it just happens to be there. I mean duh.
Jake, baby, your hot but honey your not that hot. I didn't buy any of it. No deal. Your acting sucked and your stunts were even worse. Was that really the best accent you could come up with? Give it up to your stunt double though. Just you stand there and look pretty sweetie. Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave. :)
Gemma, why don't you ever have facial expressions? Is it a medical issue? Come on. This was the same character from Clash of The Titans (which also sucked) and I am just not feeling it. Give me some depth in your work, be an actress. Believe you can fly! Believe you can touch the sky! *dang now i want to hear that song.
Alfred Molina played the character of Sheik Amar, a bad rip off of Jake Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Sorry dude you just cant fill those shoes, Johnny's got it on lock!
Green Screen. Man on man this movie was over the top with the green screen action, you couldn't even pretend it was real. Fake and fake and shake and bake. And I have so seen this set at Epcot in Florida, walked thorough it in fact. Glad to know Disney spared no expense on this one. Ata-boy.
If by now your still unsure about my review let me spell it out, this movie bombed the big one. Pass it up and watch The Mummy, at least Brandon Fraiser is funny. Sorry you had to pay for this one V, I got you next time.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Shades of Midnight

Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian is book number 7 in her latest addition to the Midnight Breed series.
This story takes you on the journey of Kade and Alex, taking place in the Alaskan wilderness. **Howling at the moon Wolf Wolf!
Kade, our hunky vamp for this story, is sent from Boston to investigate some strange murders on humans in the wilderness. Expecting to wrap up his trip in a few days, he runs into a few unexpected problems along the way. Cause it just wouldn't be a good story without them.
Alexandra a local pilot (who wears to much flannel for me) makes a stunning first impression on Kade that adds a new set of issues to his mission. Twists and turns throughout this book keep you engaged in the story. But be warned you may really want to own a snow mobil afterword.
Lara Adrian is fast becoming one of my new favorite authors to read. JOYGASM!
She keeps each story fresh with new plot twists and introduction of new villeins. Great character dialog and realistic situations (yeah yeah vamps aren't real....or so you think!) add to the reading pleasure of this book.
Some sexy men who know how to treat a lady are a MAJOR plus in my book and these men do not disappoint. Lets get warm and cozy by the fire in my log cabin! :)
This book was super fun and I recommend it to all who like this genre. Thanks Amber for the missing link to this series, I would be lost without you. :)

Just Wright, um yeah I dont think so.

Just Wright, directed by Sanaa Hamri and staring Queen Latifah and Common is in theaters now across the nation. One word sums this movie up, Predictable.
Queen Latifah (love you girl) plays a physical therapist who helps a young NBA star (Common) recover from a potential career ending injury. He falls for her god-sister, who is money hungry and shallow beyond words. But when Mr. NBA gets hurt guess what, money hungry cuts out leaving Queen to clean up the mess. Sale at Bergdorf!
Of course over the months of his therapy, chemistry between the two starts to develop and things get hot and heavy between them. ba chicka wa-wa!
Queen is that natural down to earth, real girl but once he is all healed up oh so trashy comes back into the picture wanting a second chance with him. Will he pick the down to earth girl or the hott money hungry chick??
Come on its Queen! No movie would ever have her losing out to the competition! Unfortunately this movie is not based on real life situations, and thats a sad truth. Its nice to think that would be the case but.....not likely.
This film is jam packed with NBA starts from across the board, basketball fans enjoy. :)
Aside from the predictable story line, Common did a poor acting job in this film. A lot of one liners but no real emotion or depth shown in his character. Its as if he did the film to hang out with the NBA stars......but hey I cant blame him for that.
Predictable movie with fairytale ending, watch ESPN instead.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Megan Fox gets cut! Oh thank you!!!!!

I am the first to admit I have never nor will I ever be a fan of Megan Fox in any capacity. I am so freakin thrilled she finally got the boot from the Transformers franchise! Oh happy day!!!!

There are some mixed reports as to why she got cut, her saying of course "It was my decision to quit" uh huh sureeee we all believe that. A multi billion dollar franchise and you just wanna up and quit? Yeah the Harry Potter kids feel that same way, oh thats right they don't!

Some reports say the director Michael Bay cut her out of the next flick "do to critical comments she made about the film". Sum it up....I don't care what she said I am just happy she is gone. :) Men hate me all you want for this one!

She cant act at all, no personality, she brings nothing to these films other then a "hollywood body". And come on did anyone really believe she knew what she was talking about looking at Bumblebees engine? Ummm no. **I roll my eyes every time I see this part.

And than in the second one she works at a bad boy (no pun intended) motorcycle shop?! Are you kidding me? It was just too much for me. Maybe if she was a believable actress I would find something I could be ok with, but the fact is she is not.

She tainted these films in my eyes and I love my Transformers, and Michael Bay, just my opinion of course boo me if you want to! Bye Bye Megan!!!!!! :) bo-yay

MacGruber takes it there......

MacGruber directed by Jorma Taccone hit theaters today with a bang! Has anyone seen where I put my C-4?
If you have lived in a bat cave for the last couple years and have no clue what this is about, then really thats your loss. Based on a reoccurring skit from the amazing SNL on NBC, MacGruber is a comedy parody based on the 1980's hit tv show MacGyver. Mullets Rock!
This film stars SNL actors Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Will Forte along with Ryan Phillippe and the amazing Val Kilmer.
I was very impressed with the first 15 minutes of this movie, your classic 80's inspired action movies were tapped into and it was hysterical. The music fantastic, the cloths and set design are right on, the Miata....superb! After the first portion the film started to fall off a bit for me and did not pick up steam again until the last 15 minutes. I am so a 3 wire woman.
Some guest appearances from various actors where a surprise especially WWE star "The Big Show", and wow did not see that one coming! Overall the film was so so, I really wanted to see the movie bang it out better then what was delivered. I love this skit so much and really felt it was lacking in many areas.
But again there are some defiant high points to the movie, plenty of raunchy comedy for you all with a sick sense of humor. (Hey I am NOT the only one!) The faint of heart may not want to see this film. Also men if your not secure in yourself be warned, as in the skit the MacGruber character has bisexual tendencies. :)
So go see it, hit a matinee or even better make someone else pay! Its funny but ya get what ya get.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Letters to Juliet

*** First off I just want to say HI!! So happy to have found Katie.. crazy story how we met involving a deranged mail man (for denying Katie her books.. lol), an internet search for a sought after book and a website that led her to me. Oh the beauty of modern day technology... But that's a story for another time. A little about me. As KD stated earlier I am from Idaho. Yes, there are lots of potatoes. :) I am currently going to school as a zoology major and I work as an insurance agent as well. In my spare time I read, read, read! Books are my escape from everday boring life. I have a twin sister and we are the oldest in our family, with a little sister. Katie has adopted me as her kid sister since she has always wanted one. I secretly think she just wants to expand her wardrobe... the logistics of trading clothes across state lines are stilling being negotiated. Lol :) ****
Okay on to the review.
OMG! The amount of disappointment that this movie leaves you with is mind boggling! The idea of the movie is great. Who doesn't want to find that long lost true love after 50 years right? The actors played their parts extremely well. Amanda Seyfried is very talented, and beautiful and I thought she was perfect for the part. The previews leave you anxiously waiting for the movie to come out because the idea of a romance in Tuscany that leads across the gorgeous landscapes of Italy is just mouthwatering. I felt like I was chomping at the bit to see the film. You enter the movie with the highest expectations and within 30 minutes you start lowering those expectations, until at the end of the movie you're just happy to have survived.
The tension between the two main characters starts out so good! There's witty dialogue and bantering and sexual tension building up and then poof! Overnight the guy goes from being sarcastic and fighting her at every turn (which is really what we females want anyways.. Who wants a guy to just give in? Fight for it!! lol) to being completely obliging in everything. He's practically tripping over himself to please her. The chemistry just seems to fizzle out at this point. We want a HE-man not a whipped man-child!
The lines just get worse and worse the further the movie progresses. At the end of the movie you can't quite figure out why they fell in love. You feel as though you fell asleep and missed the most essential part of the movie. And be prepared with a laxative for the end of the movie. It was so unbelievably cheesy, it'll have you constipated for a week! But seriously, this movie was great in theory and in choice of actors, but the storyline itself was found wanting.

Pleasure Of A Dark Prince

Kersley Cole has brought the world her 9th book in the Immortals After Dark series and I could not be more pleased! This woman is an amazing author and I have loved all of her previous books, I will reread them until they fall apart. (or the drool ruins them whichever comes first)
This story takes the reader on the journey of Lucia and Garreth, two people from two very different worlds who come together by an unstoppable force.
One thing I love in a series is when previous characters are reoccurring, and Cole is a writer who gives you this in each of her books. I truly hate it when you like a story and then continue in a series only to never again read about pervious characters. Cole does not disappoint me in any way! Feel the wind in my hair!
Back to this book, I love a man who is confident and Garreth is so "that guy" maybe even too much so. He swears he's got it sewed up with Lucia, lol silly silly man tricks are for kids. The more she is pushed the more he chases and oh my does the boy chase!
Some great action chapters and witty dialog bring all this together for a fun wild ride that stretches across countries. Throw in some Tomb Raider action and your all set :)
This book and all her previous books are worth the read and come highly recommended.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Iron Man 2.......meh

Iron Man 2 directed by Jon Favreau hit theaters recently with tons of hype and anticipation from fans around the globe. I Feel bad for all you die hard fans out there.

I was not impressed what-so-ever with this film, I had such high hopes after the crappy job they did on the first. I swore this one HAD to be better then the first, I was unfortunately gravely mistaken.

Big fan of Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke, what in the world is not to love in these two fabulous actors! They gave it a shot but I didn't buy it, sorry guys. Man oh man this story line was choppy throughout the entire film, the script was poorly written and the actors were left looking like babbling fools.

Pepper Potts was driving me crazy with her constant whiney gibberish and screaming every single time some kind of danger was going on, the woman had no back bone at all. Scarlett Jo was just thrown into the movie to have 1 more hott chick prancing around in tight cloths making everyone hot and bothered. But really what was the point of her being in the movie? No really, do you know cause I don't get it.

I will give some credit to the few times when I did laugh at the jokes but a couple ha-ha moments are not worth it for me. The actions sequences were ok but its all stuff I have seen before, nothing new was really brought to the table on this one. And ok lets portray our government as the "bad guy" once again, super original bravo what a concept for a movie!

Come on guys, this movie had potential to surpass the first one by miles. But it fell really freakin short of being any more than a slap together film to make a buck. Was not impressed and felt robbed, AGAIN, after leaving the theater.

Sorry to those fans who thought the first film was amazing as far as Marvel movies go (cough Uriah cough) both films have sucked and all they have shown is that hollywood will throw just about anything at us to make the green.
Case in point A-Team............need I say more? Meh.