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Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Wright, um yeah I dont think so.

Just Wright, directed by Sanaa Hamri and staring Queen Latifah and Common is in theaters now across the nation. One word sums this movie up, Predictable.
Queen Latifah (love you girl) plays a physical therapist who helps a young NBA star (Common) recover from a potential career ending injury. He falls for her god-sister, who is money hungry and shallow beyond words. But when Mr. NBA gets hurt guess what, money hungry cuts out leaving Queen to clean up the mess. Sale at Bergdorf!
Of course over the months of his therapy, chemistry between the two starts to develop and things get hot and heavy between them. ba chicka wa-wa!
Queen is that natural down to earth, real girl but once he is all healed up oh so trashy comes back into the picture wanting a second chance with him. Will he pick the down to earth girl or the hott money hungry chick??
Come on its Queen! No movie would ever have her losing out to the competition! Unfortunately this movie is not based on real life situations, and thats a sad truth. Its nice to think that would be the case but.....not likely.
This film is jam packed with NBA starts from across the board, basketball fans enjoy. :)
Aside from the predictable story line, Common did a poor acting job in this film. A lot of one liners but no real emotion or depth shown in his character. Its as if he did the film to hang out with the NBA stars......but hey I cant blame him for that.
Predictable movie with fairytale ending, watch ESPN instead.

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