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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shades of Midnight

Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian is book number 7 in her latest addition to the Midnight Breed series.
This story takes you on the journey of Kade and Alex, taking place in the Alaskan wilderness. **Howling at the moon Wolf Wolf!
Kade, our hunky vamp for this story, is sent from Boston to investigate some strange murders on humans in the wilderness. Expecting to wrap up his trip in a few days, he runs into a few unexpected problems along the way. Cause it just wouldn't be a good story without them.
Alexandra a local pilot (who wears to much flannel for me) makes a stunning first impression on Kade that adds a new set of issues to his mission. Twists and turns throughout this book keep you engaged in the story. But be warned you may really want to own a snow mobil afterword.
Lara Adrian is fast becoming one of my new favorite authors to read. JOYGASM!
She keeps each story fresh with new plot twists and introduction of new villeins. Great character dialog and realistic situations (yeah yeah vamps aren't real....or so you think!) add to the reading pleasure of this book.
Some sexy men who know how to treat a lady are a MAJOR plus in my book and these men do not disappoint. Lets get warm and cozy by the fire in my log cabin! :)
This book was super fun and I recommend it to all who like this genre. Thanks Amber for the missing link to this series, I would be lost without you. :)

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