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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Letters to Juliet

*** First off I just want to say HI!! So happy to have found Katie.. crazy story how we met involving a deranged mail man (for denying Katie her books.. lol), an internet search for a sought after book and a website that led her to me. Oh the beauty of modern day technology... But that's a story for another time. A little about me. As KD stated earlier I am from Idaho. Yes, there are lots of potatoes. :) I am currently going to school as a zoology major and I work as an insurance agent as well. In my spare time I read, read, read! Books are my escape from everday boring life. I have a twin sister and we are the oldest in our family, with a little sister. Katie has adopted me as her kid sister since she has always wanted one. I secretly think she just wants to expand her wardrobe... the logistics of trading clothes across state lines are stilling being negotiated. Lol :) ****
Okay on to the review.
OMG! The amount of disappointment that this movie leaves you with is mind boggling! The idea of the movie is great. Who doesn't want to find that long lost true love after 50 years right? The actors played their parts extremely well. Amanda Seyfried is very talented, and beautiful and I thought she was perfect for the part. The previews leave you anxiously waiting for the movie to come out because the idea of a romance in Tuscany that leads across the gorgeous landscapes of Italy is just mouthwatering. I felt like I was chomping at the bit to see the film. You enter the movie with the highest expectations and within 30 minutes you start lowering those expectations, until at the end of the movie you're just happy to have survived.
The tension between the two main characters starts out so good! There's witty dialogue and bantering and sexual tension building up and then poof! Overnight the guy goes from being sarcastic and fighting her at every turn (which is really what we females want anyways.. Who wants a guy to just give in? Fight for it!! lol) to being completely obliging in everything. He's practically tripping over himself to please her. The chemistry just seems to fizzle out at this point. We want a HE-man not a whipped man-child!
The lines just get worse and worse the further the movie progresses. At the end of the movie you can't quite figure out why they fell in love. You feel as though you fell asleep and missed the most essential part of the movie. And be prepared with a laxative for the end of the movie. It was so unbelievably cheesy, it'll have you constipated for a week! But seriously, this movie was great in theory and in choice of actors, but the storyline itself was found wanting.

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  1. Yeah its kind of a dead giveaway when the trailer all 1 min and 30 sec of it, sums up the whole story! Had a chance but missed the mark. Anyone see my maalox?