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Monday, January 31, 2022

Excerpt: Tripp Unleashed by Darren Simon + giveaway

Tripp Unleashed
by Darren Simon
December 13, 2021
Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy
Tripp Taylor is a teenager trying to hide his genetic disorder and live a normal life, but that’s hard to do when the smallest morsel of food and the tiniest sip of liquid bring about a change in him—a metamorphosis he cannot control, making him a danger to himself and those around him. At least that’s what he’s been told by his father and the doctor who has devoted his life to finding a cure.

By day, Tripp plays by their rules. By night, Tripp journeys through the city from one convenience store to the next to taste real food (frozen burritos are his favorite). Then comes the night when he chooses the wrong convenience store, for on that night an armed robber enters the store and threatens everyone’s life. From that first transformation come others, and soon Tripp finds himself on a collision course with destiny as a madman pushes him to use his powers, a government that fears him tries to control him, and dark secrets lead him down a dangerous path—one that could make him a hero or twist him into a monster. And that all depends on whether he survives, and the odds aren’t in his favor.

A gurgle rose from deep in my stomach. A belch escaped my lips. Everyone could hear. Searing heat spread like lava flowing through my veins into my heart, pumping the molten liquid through my arteries out to my limbs, setting them afire. I hunched over and screamed. The robber took a step toward me. “What the—?”

I screamed again. My knees buckled. I clutched my stomach. Something grew inside of me, pushing its way out. My body twisted. The woman shrieked. Her eyes bulged in horror at whatever was happening to me. She turned her head away, covering her face with her hands.

“Holy crap.” The clerk bent over as if to vomit. His chest heaved. Lips parted to let out the spew.

A muffled cry escaped my throat. God, make it stop! My bones cracked louder. What had I done? What beast had I unleashed? My pain subsided. Gasping for air, I glanced up.

The woman fell to her knees. The clerk gripped the counter with both hands. His arms trembled.

The gun-wielding punk slumped against a display of potato chips. His mouth agape in a silent scream. He staggered to his feet, gun aimed at my head. “What are you?”

“I… I don’t know.” My voice sounded gurgled, like I was speaking underwater. Instead of arms, I had four long green tentacles covered in suction cups. A security mirror on the ceiling revealed the rest of my transformation. Bile rose halfway up my throat. I was going to be sick.

My hair fell away. Lizard green scales covered my bald head. I no longer had a nose—just two tiny slits. My brown eyes, larger and spread farther apart, glowed yellow. I’d become a walking squid, a new horror even for me.

 A round exploded from the robber’s gun. The bullet pierced one tentacle, plunging deep into my flesh. Blood spewed. The tentacle recoiled from the pain, ten times worse than any wasp sting. I drew shallow, quick breaths through clenched teeth. “Uhhhh!’

An animalistic desire for survival took over. I became the prey facing a predator in the ocean deep. I should flee. I didn’t owe the others trapped in the store anything, especially my life. Squids are loners. We save ourselves.

No, I couldn’t abandon them. I had to become the predator. I launched my tentacle arms at the gunman. Two wrapped around each of his hands. I squeezed until he yelped, dropping the gun. The weapon clattered to the floor. With my other two tentacles, I grabbed his shoulders, then dragged him closer. 

About the Author
Website-FB-TwitterDarren Simon, who is a longtime college English teacher and former newspaper journalist, is the author of five middle-grade/young adult fantasy, urban fantasy and historical fantasy books and two horror short stories published in anthologies. He writes for younger readers to inspire them as readers the way he was inspired as a youth first by the comic books he read, then the Choose Your Own Adventure books, and then the fantasy and science fiction novels that became so important to him—and still are. He lives in California’s desert Southwest with his family, including his wife, two sons and two crazy dogs.

$20 Amazon
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

Book Review: The Raven Spell: A Novel (A Conspiracy of Magic Book 1) by Luanne G. Smith

The Raven Spell: A Novel (A Conspiracy of Magic Book 1) 
by Luanne G. Smith
February 1, 2022
Publisher: 47North
ISBN: 9781542034043
In Victorian England a witch and a detective are on the hunt for a serial killer in an enthralling novel of magic and murder by the Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestselling author of The Vine Witch.

After a nearly fatal blow to the skull, traumatized private detective Ian Cameron is found dazed and confused on a muddy riverbank in Victorian London. Among his effects: a bloodstained business card bearing the name of a master wizard and a curious pocket watch that doesn’t seem to tell time. To retrieve his lost memories, Ian demands answers from Edwina and Mary Blackwood, sister witches with a murky past. But as their secret is slowly unveiled, a dangerous mystery emerges on the darkened streets of London.

To help piece together Ian’s lost time, he and Edwina embark on a journey that will take them from the river foreshore to an East End music hall, and on to a safe house for witches in need of sanctuary from angry mortals. The clues they find suggest a link between a series of gruesome murders, a missing person’s case, and a dreadful suspicion that threatens to tear apart the bonds of sisterhood. As the investigation deepens, could Ian and Edwina be the next to die.

Edwina and Mary Blackwood are sisters, but more than that, they are also witches. Abandoned by their parents and attempting to make a life for themselves in the city, they search the beach for things left by the tide to sell in their shop. Edwina has the gift of finding treasures. 

The sisters find a man, Ian Cameron, lying on the muddy riverbank. Mary, attracted to corpse lights, extracts the man’s for herself. But Ian does not die and now does not remember who he was and why he is in Victorian London, only he had a nearly fatal blow to his skull.

A historical dark fantasy mystery, with a serial killer, magic, and some romance (growing between Edwina and Ian). If you enjoy Penny Dreadful, Carnival Row, and The Nevers, you will enjoy this novel. If you want action, this won’t be that book for you. It is the kind of book for a cold night, with a cup of hot tea nearby to enjoy.

I give The Raven Spell 4 sheep.

Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney

About the Author:
Luanne G. Smith is the bestselling author of The Vine Witch trilogy and The Raven Spell, the first book in a new gothic witch series set in Victorian London. She's is lucky enough to live in Colorado at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, where she enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, a glass of wine at the end of the day, and finding the magic in everyday life.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

YA Fantasy Author Kale Lawrence: Top 10 Elements that Make an Irresistible Book + giveaway

Top 10 Elements that Make an Irresistible Book

What makes an irresistible book? While every reader has their preferences (as wildly different as their coffee orders), here are the top ten things I look for when choosing a new read.

10. Unique idea
I gravitate toward ideas that haven’t necessarily been done before. Or, perhaps they have but it’s a new twist (like retellings or gender-swapped versions). The more unique the idea, the more likely I am to snatch up that sucker and buy it.

9. Hard-hitting first chapter
Stories should grab you in the first few pages. This is their chance to show you why you should care about the narrative and set you up for what’s in store. There’s a reason why agents ask for the first chapters when querying; they want to see if you have what it takes to enchant readers from the get-go.

8. Vivid writing
This doesn’t necessarily mean describing furniture for pages on end. What I look for is concise writing that paints a picture in my mind, using action-oriented sentences and descriptors.

7. Chapters that end with “cliffhangers”
In my opinion, chapters should never just “end.” Instead, they should set you up for the next chapter by drawing your eyes straight to the next heading. I want to lose myself in the story and forget I’m reading. Chapter cliffhangers are a great way to keep the pace flowing.

6. True-to-the-story blurb
After the cover, my eyes go straight to the blurb to see if this is a story worth my while. If it’s intriguing, I’m sold! But nothing is more frustrating than reading a blurb and finding out once you start reading that you’re in for a much different ride.

5. Clever cover design
That old adage reminding us to not judge books by their covers meant well, it’s just not necessarily how our brains work. Decisions are made in split seconds in a retail setting (whether brick and mortar or online stores) so a gorgeous design needs to catch a potential reader’s eye to start the conversion process. It’s all in the psychology of it, and the industry knows the cover is the front door to a sale.

4. It makes me feel something
A story isn’t worth it to me unless it pulls at my heartstrings. Whether it’s sad, happy, frightening, or beautiful - I want to feel something while reading, not just sit around in Stagnant Emotion Land. I want to feel a character’s pain, dive into the depths of their world, and emerge a changed person.

3. Realistic dialogue
I’ve definitely read my fair share of not-so-realistic dialogue, but this is one of the key items for me to enjoy a book. If the characters sound robotic and forced, it’s probably not going to be a fun ride for me.

2. Intriguing characters
You can’t have a story without characters, but what really makes or breaks a book are the characters. If you can’t identify with any of the characters or empathize with their struggles, what makes you think you’ll want to invest in their fictional lives? What’s the point?

1. A plot with a payoff
The plot is the main element that makes a book irresistible to me. If it’s strong, that’s a win! If it’s twisty, even better. The plot is everything; it’s how the entire story is strung together. A weak plot makes for a forgettable read. A meaningful plot carves deep.

What makes an enticing read for you? Leave them in the comments! And while you’re at it, connect with me on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. I’d love to hear from you!

The Magi Menagerie 
(The Magi Menagerie, #1)
by Kale Lawrence
September 7th 2021
Genres: Fantasy, Historical, New Adult, Young Adult
Some stars aren’t meant to be followed.

For seventeen years, Ezra Newport and his parents were habitual immigrants, traveling from their Ottoman Empire home across 20th century Europe. As the Newports migrate to Belfast, Ireland, Ezra wants nothing more to settle into a consistent life and lay the foundation of his architectural dreams. But after a strange, mechanical bounty hunter murders his mother and prompts the disappearance of his father, Ezra discovers that his parents had actually been on the run. Now, their enemies are targeting him, and they won’t stop until he is dead.

In a moment of desperation, Ezra’s fate collides with the Third Order of the Magi, a secret society dedicated to using their supernatural powers to protect their communities. With increasing violence around the world, the Magi are fairly certain they know who’s behind the attacks on Ezra and his family since the same group could also be threatening their own existence.

Both Ezra and the Magi’s survival hinges on knowledge only Ezra’s father has and the key to saving them could be buried within history itself. In a race across continents and time, both Ezra and the Magi must secure an ancient Babylonian artifact before hell is unleashed on the world. And, against all odds, Ezra must decide where his allegiances truly lie, despite what is written in the stars.

About the Author:
Since the early age of 6, Kale Lawrence knew she either wanted to be an astronaut or an author. Obviously, the astronaut gig didn’t work out, so instead, Kale turned to fantastic fictional worlds. When Kale is not writing creatively, she works as a Marketing Manager at a pet product company, and pretends she’s an Olympic swimmer at the gym. She has also served as a board member for the South Dakota Writes organization.

In addition to books, Kale has lent her writing prowess to television, and her writing has been featured on nationwide PBS television programming, NBC newscasts, ABC newscasts, and the Travel Channel.

Kale currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with her feisty tortoiseshell calico cat, Emma Bug and sassy Siamese, Seattle Bean.

Tour-wide giveaway (US only)

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Cover Reveal: 🩸 BLOOD! NOT JUST A VAMPIRE DRINK🥤 by Stacy McAnulty

I thought this cover was fun!

Stacy McAnulty has a bunch of cool informative books for kids. Check out her stuff :)

Plus there is a pre-order sale at B&N for her next two releases.

by Stacy McAnulty
Available: Aug 2022
Illustrated by: @shawnajctenney
Published by: @mackidsbooks

About the Author:
In no particular order... I'm a wife, mother of 3 kids and 3 dogs, author, daughter, sister and stepsister, aunt, friend, Twitter addict, mechanical engineer (currently inactive), inconsistent blogger, Packers fan, two-finger typist, concerned citizen, book-buying enthusiast, reluctant volunteer, minivan driver, pancake flipper, snooze-button hitter, and coupon clipper.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Excerpt: A Beauty of Magic: The Crystal Ball by Ronald Guadamuz

November 2021
Genre: Fantasy, YA Fantasy, adventure
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
In this humorous fantasy YA adventure, Ian is on a quest to find a crystal ball. He enters a magical realm, encountering fearsome creatures, and a young witch saves his life. She falls madly in love with him and brews a magical love potion. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as planned; instead, it turns Ian into a woman…with just 90 days to reverse the spell before the change becomes permanent.

Young adult readers and fans of Harry Potter are sure to enjoy this page-turning fantasy adventure.

In A Different Place

Guys, I never wanted this, but it just happened.

If you think approaching magical women is a good idea, think again. If you think you have the same ladies’ man ego as I do, don’t even go there. Live your life without knowing they exist and flirt with someone natural. It’s usually a bad thing to flirt with them from my experience. They’re dangerous and fearsome. However, if you’re curious to know how I ended up with one, then keep reading these pages. But be warned. If you’re the type of guy that has the mindset as I do, be careful. Being too confident, too assertive, and too persuasively ambitious has its limits.

My name is Ian Raphael Alvino. I am a young American teen who’s in deep trouble. Not because I am attending Samson High School and heading into my final years as a teenager, but for the way life has strangely taken me to a drastic turn. It’s bad and ter‑ rifying, mostly because I’m now being held against my will at this very moment. But before this strange occurrence, my life was quite normal. Thus, the list to say: I live in a decent neighborhood with two successful parents, one crazy overdramatic sister, and two stu‑ pid dogs. Nothing too big or too fancy happens here. Every day is the same, with many warm sunny days and cold cloudy nights. Most of my classmates would consider me as a lover, or shall I say in modern slang, a “player.” I never lose my game to persistently make a woman’s heart feel special. It’s my sole purpose in life to do so with absolute confidence. Even though I lose some, I keep pursuing as many as I can crave.

What can I say? It’s been a gift since I was five years old. Ladies want to be loved, and I’m here to show them that love. However, love can backfire to an extreme degree… and I’ve regret‑ tably experienced such a thing. Not because of the modern metoo movement, or any other disturbing harassment, but because of one person that I never thought would exist. It all started with just one strange woman that I discovered in a forbidden forest. And this is no ordinary woman—she’s a witch. A gorgeous, jaw-dropping, curvy-­figured, profoundly beautiful witch. She is the kind of girl that I regret pouring my affections on, even though she is quite the attractive figure to look at. From her presence, I wish I were safe in prison instead. Why you ask? Well, simply because she’s in love with me to a dangerous degree. That may sound like heaven to an average guy with no game, but it’s scary as hell for me.

What you’re about to read is how I lost my mind in a twist of fate, and the beginning of my absolute misery of unfortunate events. But hey, it’s life. And life is always on curvy roads, never in a straight path. So, guys… as you read along, I am telling you this for your own good and safety. Be careful who you flirt with and how you approach to the ladies. Learn to respect others around and keep it honest and safe. Especially with the magical women.

About the Author
Ronald Guadamuz is a fantasy author who just released his new book, A Beauty of Magic The Crystal Ball.

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Pre-Order Blitz: Monstrous by Harper A. Brooks

The dark voices aren’t real, they say.

They tell me it’s all in my head.

But the monsters want to play, you see.

So they’ll come for me in my bed.
by Harper A. Brooks
Feb. 24th, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Designer: Sarabatdesigns
I’m still haunted by the monsters of my past.

And they remember me, too…

All I want is to feel normal. But the pills that numb the pain end up stripping me of who I am until I’m left feeling hollow.

When I stop taking them, I can see clearly again, and after so much darkness and tragedy, I’ve found myself.

Then come the voices…


Three of them.

Dark shadowy things that I thought only dwelled in my nightmares—they’re real. And they’ve been waiting for me to come home.

They want to open my mind to things I can hardly imagine, in my life and in the bedroom. But I’m scared. I’ve been running from my fears for years, and now these monsters want to claim me as theirs.

They promise me protection from a far more dangerous threat, an evil that tried to take my life before and wants to finish the job.

Am I losing my mind?

Can this really be happening?

I have a bad feeling that no matter what I do, I’m going to be devoured in the end.

**Monstrous is an ultra steamy paranormal romance novella. This standalone is meant for those who like to embrace the things that go bump in the night instead of running from them.**

Harper A. Brooks lives in a small town on the New Jersey shore. Even though classic authors have always filled her bookshelves, she finds her writing muse drawn to the dark, magical, and romantic. But when she isn't creating entire worlds with sexy shifters or legendary love stories, you can find her either with a good cup of coffee in hand or at home snuggling with her furry, four-legged son, Sammy.

She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.
RONE Award Winner
USA TODAY Bestselling Author
International Bestselling Author

Ink Well--One writer’s process explained for the reader with horror author Jaydeep Shah + giveaway

One of the most frequently asked questions is how you get ideas for a story. What is something that inspires you and helps you to write a story?

Sometimes I get ideas naturally. I know what I want to write about. The type of setting for a story. How I want the characters to act toward their goals. I just need some more time to modify the setting and the characters slightly to make the story gripping. However, it’s not always the same case, especially not when writing a novel.

The point to be noted: whether I get ideas naturally for a story or endeavor to plot a story, I follow a distinct writing process. This writing process includes four steps:

* * *

Before I continue explaining these four steps, I’d like to answer the most frequently asked question: how do I get ideas for a story?

When traveling, I observe the nature. I work as a front desk agent in a hotel. There, I have learned a lot of things about various cultures. I have seen people going through their happiest moments of life and even the worse troubles.

When talking to someone, if I find something interesting, I take note of it. I even take notes about how I feel when I’m hiking and also when I’m traveling in a city with friends and family. All these help me get ideas to write a story. Every kind word that comes my way about me and my work and every artist out there inspires me to keep focusing on my writing career and continue doing work hard enough to achieve my goals.

* * *

If you want to have a salable story, always follow this writing process. Believe me, this process has helped me gain more readers.

· Prewriting is all about thinking and deciding.
· Here you choose a genre you enjoy the most, a topic you want to write about.
· At this stage, you brainstorm and outline your ideas.
· Create the world you think readers will love.
· You research, talk to other people and take notes.
· You gather all the information you think will help you write a story.

· At this stage, you start writing your story.
· You turn your outline into a manuscript.
· You don’t focus on any type of errors.
· You write, write, and write to complete the first draft of your story.

· This is the most important stage of the writing process.
· Here you focus on solving all the grammatical, developmental, syntax, mechanical, and any other minor and major errors.
· You make sure the plot runs smoothly.
· You perform line edits to make the story reader-friendly.
· If needed, you even rewrite the entire story.

· The last stage of the writing process where you make sure the story is reader-friendly.
· No more errors in the story. Everything is correct.
· It’s all about checking your work is free of errors.

Finally, you have a story worth sharing with the world. Now you can choose a route to share your story with the world: Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing.

The Haunting of Black River Forest (A Horror Adventure Short Story)
by Jaydeep Shah
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Jaydeep Shah
ISBN: 978-1-7349826-3-3
Number of pages: 86
Word Count: 8611
Cover Artist: Jaydeep Shah
A spine-chilling story in which adventurers struggle to survive on the land of a cold-blooded psychopath who enjoys slashing humans.

A forest of blood and corpses. The land of a cold-blooded psychopath.

In Black River Forest, it’s best not to wander too far off the beaten track. There’s no telling what you might find.

Mia and Oliver have long wanted to explore the forest, and one cold, rainy October day, a week before their fifth anniversary of the day they met, they finally make the trip.

But they’ve heard the rumors as well. The haunting. A psychopath hidden somewhere amidst the towering trees. Too many missing. Too few answers.

It’s only rumors, though. Stories. And stories can’t hurt you. Yet as Mia and Oliver venture deeper into the Black River Forest, they’ll soon discover that there’s more haunting this quiet woodland than hikers and bears.

The psychopath is very real. And he’s excited to meet them.

From Jaydeep Shah, author of Tribulation, the first book of the Cops Planet series, “The Haunting of Black River Forest” is a bloody, spine-chilling story best read with the lights on.

Oliver looked around in terror, believing the bear had attacked someone nearby and that they once again would be in danger.

“What the hell was that?” he asked.

“The scream came from that way,” said Mia, pointing to the right.

They slowly walked to the trees alongside the path. They saw the ground sloped down to the valley. Mia tried to take one more step forward to have a clear look, but Oliver pulled her back before she could slip.

The three of them stood by the trees and looked around to find the source of the scream.

A few seconds later, what they saw made their hair raise in horror.

Mia’s hands flew to her mouth as a scream tried to make its way out. She was looking at a man thrusting a machete in a teenage boy’s gut and dragging it horizontally to the right and then to the left with all of his force.

“So, the psychopath story is real?” said Mia.

The boy’s severed body lay on the ground beside the bank. Next to him lay a girl’s body. Blood was streaming from her stomach.

“Yes. The psychopath is real,” said Oliver. “I hope we return safe and alive.”

The killer bent, having finished with the boy, bent down to the girl, and started to take off her clothes. There was an X symbol cut into her stomach and a hole near the belly button. It seemed like the killer first had thrust the knife into her stomach and then carved the X symbol.

The killer checked the girl’s pulse and then held a hand under her nose as if to check for breath.

“Dead bitch!” he said.

He looked around.

The trio was frozen in silence in the trees, hidden from sight. They were lying on the ground, taking a position of concealment just like a sniper as they watched in trauma from the top of the valley.

Oliver grabbed his hair, perhaps feeling some type of pressure in his brain. Trying to stay silent, he walked away, slowly. He stumbled as if he would lose consciousness.

He leant against a tree across the path, bending forward to be sick at its roots.

Petrified, Jany remained lying on the ground, gaping at the killer, who was perhaps preparing himself to have intercourse with the corpse.

Mia stood up, keeping behind a tree to stay hidden. She looked at Oliver and Jany with tears flowing down her cheeks. She tried to speak but couldn’t let the words out of her mouth.

She took a deep breath. Then she cleared her throat.

“Jany!” she said in a croaky voice.

Jany remained the same, unresponsive.

Mia cleared her throat once more.

“Jany,” she said, her voice clear but soft, as she was afraid the killer would hear her, despite him being down in the valley. She bent and gently shook Jany, holding her by the shoulders.

Jany opened her mouth as if about to scream, but Mia swiftly clasped her mouth.

“Don’t! He’ll hear us!” she said.

Jany stared at her for a moment and then nodded. Mia took her hand from her mouth.

“Get up!”

Jany stood up and followed Mia toward Oliver.

“We will die. He will find us,” said Jany. She was speaking too loudly, panicked. “I hope my friends are safe.”

“Be brave, Jany,” said Mia, swallowing the fear. “Think positive. Just stay together, and we will find a way out of the forest.”

All the while, Oliver stood watching them. For a moment his terror had paralyzed him. He had no answer, no solution, only the storm of horrifying thoughts of their death in his mind.

Oliver took a deep breath and removed a water bottle from his backpack. He drank a few sips.

He cleared his throat. Then he said, shifting his look between Mia and Jany, “Mia is right. We can get out of here.” He paused. “We must hurry and try to find a way back to our original path before dusk.”

A silence fell for a bit as the trio exchanged a look, nerves clear on their faces. They looked around them at the different paths.

“Where did we come from?” asked Mia.

“I’m not sure. I was so scared,” said Oliver.

“And everything looks the same to me,” added Jany quickly, looking at the paths on either side, both covered with branches and leaves littered from the storm.

Mia unzipped her backpack and slowly, quietly pulled out her axe, still glancing around for signs of movement. “Alright! Let’s go this way,” she said, adjusting her backpack back on her shoulders.

They set off up the chosen path, but Mia grasping the axe strongly.

Just a few steps on, Jany slipped on some wet leaves. She fell and let out a scream that rang through the air.

Oliver scanned the area in a panic.

Mia swiftly helped Jany back up.

Jany hissed in pain as she stood, clearing the dirt from her scratched elbow while Mia brushed off the dirt from her clothes.

“I hope he hasn’t heard your scream!” said Oliver.

Jany and Mia looked toward the valley, following his eyes.

They waited for a few more seconds in stillness.

The psychopath didn’t appear.

“Keep moving!” said Oliver in a very soft voice, only audible to Jany and Mia.

They resumed their walk.

After a few minutes . . . Mia began to feel that someone was following them. She looked through the corner of her eye, but she could only see trees.

The hair on the back of her neck prickled as her senses still signaled someone’s presence.

She stopped.

All the while, Oliver and Jany kept walking hurriedly without glancing back.

Mia turned around slowly. Still no one, only the emptiness of the forest. When she was sure she couldn’t see anyone, she turned back and strode on to catch up with Oliver and Jany.

About the Author:

Jaydeep Shah is an avid traveler and the author of gripping horror, thriller, and romance stories. As a bachelor’s degree holder in Creative Writing, he aims to entertain as many as people he can with his stories. He is best known for Tribulation, the first book in the “Cops Planet” series.

In addition to those books, The Shape-Shifting Serpents’ Choice, Jaydeep’s first young adult flash fiction written under his pen name, JD Shah, is published online by Scarlet Leaf Review in their July 2019 issue. Currently, he’s endeavoring to write a debut young adult fantasy novel while working on a sequel to his first apocalyptic thriller, Havoc.

When Shah is not writing, he reads books, tries new restaurants, and goes on adventures.

A spine-chilling story in which adventurers struggle to survive in the forest of death from a monstrous psychopath who enjoys slashing humans.
#horrorfamily #ripperstory #horrorcommunity #shortstory #scaryforest #horroradventure #psychopathstory #slasherhorror

Tour Giveaway
2 $50 Amazon e-gift cards and an ecopy of The Haunting of Black River Forest
3 ecopies of The Haunting of Black River Forest

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Cover Reveal: Double Vision (Vista De Lirio Mysteries Book 1) by Elizabeth Hunter

Desert sunshine casts the darkest shadows…

Double Vision (Vista De Lirio Mysteries Book 1)
by Elizabeth Hunter
Releasing April 19, 2022
Cover Design: Karen Dimmick of
Desert sunshine casts the darkest shadows.

Successful realtor Julia Brooks moves to the quirky neighborhood of Vista de Lirio in the California desert and meets a riotous cast of eccentric characters. But her semi-retirement is spoiled when she finds the body of the neighborhood lothario dead in the kitchen of her brand new listing. Even more complicated? She also meets his ghost.

Double Vision is all new paranormal women’s fiction and the first book in the Vista de Lirio Mysteries from USA Today Bestseller, Elizabeth Hunter, author of the Glimmer Lake series, the Elemental Mysteries, and the Irin Chronicles.
Add to Goodreads

About the Author:
ELIZABETH HUNTER is a seven-time USA Today and international best-selling author of romance, contemporary fantasy, and paranormal mystery. Based in both Central California and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, she travels extensively to write fantasy fiction exploring world mythologies, history, and the universal bonds of love, friendship, and family. She has published over forty works of fiction and sold over a million books worldwide. She is the author of the Glimmer Lake series, Love Stories on 7th and Main, the Elemental Legacy series, the Irin Chronicles, the Cambio Springs Mysteries, and other works of fiction.

Fantasy Author Lanie Mores: My Writing Quirks and Must-Haves to Write + giveaway

My Writing Quirks and Must-Haves to Write
by Lanie Mores

I remember the day when typewriters were the most crucial item an author could have. That, a sheaf of blank paper, and corrector's tape of course. Things have dramatically improved over the years and now an author has numerous tools to choose from. I have my favourite items I rely on whenever working on a manuscript. Where these might not be useful for everyone, they facilitate my creative process…along with a variety of writing quirks I’ve developed over the years.

One particularly ingrained writing quirk of mine might sound archaic. I write initially with paper and pen. This requires having a million journals at my disposal and a room dedicated solely for storing them. I also strategically place smaller journals around my house and other important junctions…in the bathroom, on my nightstand, in my purse and car…to catch those brilliant ideas that come out of nowhere. Inspiration strikes at the weirdest times, and I’ve learned that these eureka moments are fleeting at best. If I don’t jot them down ASAP, they’ll be gone with the wind.

Once a chapter is written by hand, my laptop takes main stage. I don’t use any fancy writing programs, just Microsoft Word. The great thing about laptops is that you can take them wherever you want. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing in bed, which sounds super comfortable, but has slowly been destroying my back. Looks like I might have to return to sitting at a desk like a proper human.

Another quirk of mine requires two important items…a printer and a red pen. When it comes to editing, these are my essentials as I return to archaic means and edit manually. I print out one chapter at a time, whip out my red pen and annihilate my work in the hopes of improvement. Editing hard copy enables me to catch errors I otherwise miss. I’m not sure why this works for me, but it does.

When it comes to research, I have two main resources that I rely upon…the internet and the library. With the internet, I stick to reliable sites by professionals in the field I’m researching. There are tons of journal articles and periodicals at my disposal, making research far more efficient than it was in the past. That being said, I still enjoy going to the library and digging through bookshelves and archives for information pertinent to my novels.

To keep my timelines and character profiles organized, I always purchase a calendar and pack of flashcards. Flashcards help keep my facts consistent throughout my manuscripts. I have a card for each setting and character (summarizing physical descriptors, personality traits, jobs, experiences), which makes it easy to check while I’m writing instead of having to search back through my entire manuscript to find the answer.

One last item I can’t write without…coffee. Without a hearty cup of joe fueling my brainpower, all the other items would be rendered useless.

by Lanie Mores

Science Fiction / Fantasy
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
After tragedy strikes the United States Capitol, a new government seizes control backed by an elite army brutally enforcing its new set of laws. Terror rapidly spreads throughout the nation, and then globally, as people fight back to preserve what's most important to them . . . their freedom and their beliefs.

One puppet master holds the strings with two distinct objectives in mind: destroy the Christian population and obtain immortality for himself and his loyal followers.

To locate what he covets most, a motley cast of felons is hand-selected and sent to a remote island facility. Pooling their talents and resources, the group of ex-cons must find one of the most elusive, ancient wonders of the world. Or die trying.

But they are not alone on their quest. The map and the key to achieving immortality accompanies the group: teenager Dani Juris. She's the one person who can help the puppet master reach his prize or prevent him and his army from destroying the world. The power is in her hands. The only glitch is that she's already dead.

Chapter 1
A quarter of a mile from the White House in Washington, D.C., Vice President Dean Ryzer waited in a discreet location—the overstocked storage room in the bar of his half-sister Lou Lou—for his handler to arrive. Nobody would know of this meeting, not even Lou Lou; he made sure of that. He killed her yesterday. A “Closed for Renovations” sign was hung on the entrance door that afforded them all the privacy they would need to complete the transaction.

Normally not a violent man, things had dramatically shifted in the last year. The VP lived with renewed purpose, and nothing 
would interfere with the task he was given. It was a revolution of sorts in which he played a vital role, although the credit would be doled on someone else. An unsuspecting pawn who would take the fall for Ryzer’s genius.

There were several missions concurrently planned, with all of them intricately balanced upon each other, like a complicated game of Jenga. But he felt his mission was the most important piece in the puzzle. Without this next strategic move, all the other plans would fail.

And they could not fail.

A light rapping at the back door made his heart skip a beat: three consecutive taps, a pause and then one last tap. The code they had agreed upon. Vice President Ryzer unlocked the deadbolt and ushered in a tall woman with a floral-patterned shawl draped like a cowl, meant to keep her face obscured. But once the door was closed and the lock reengaged, she unravelled the cloth, revealing a flawless, cream-coloured complexion, and blond hair scraped  back into an austere bun taut enough to pull the wrinkles smooth around her stone-cold blue eyes.

Through plump lips coated in blood red lipstick, the woman greeted the VP and took a seat by a tower of liquor boxes. He stood awkwardly in front of her. Not only her beauty caused him to feel inferior, but her demeanour and level of power within the organization reminded him that he was less important than he had foolishly deigned to think, and if one tiny error occurred, he would be squashed beneath her Louboutins with zero remorse. Someone else would swiftly take his place.

“Do you have the money?” the VP asked. He remained standing in the vain attempt to puff up his stature, looking down his nose at her for a change, at least in a physical sense. The woman was cruel and bitter, even before they “changed”—a friend of her father’s, he had known her for years, witnessed many a tirade—yet it was impossible to deny his attraction for the blond, even though he feared her. Or perhaps that’s what added to his desire. He wanted her in the way that a man wants what he can’t have. His handsome, cleanshaven face, expensive black suit, and silk tie, thick, wavy black hair perfectly arranged, were all lost on the woman. She couldn’t be less interested in him. That snake would not be charmed.

She was there for one reason. Complete the mission.

About the Author
Lanie Mores is the award-winning author of the science fiction and fantasy book series, Father of Contention. She has an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and is a certified hypnotherapist and personal trainer. An active member of the Canadian Authors Association, Lanie enjoys sharing her perspectives through her fictional novels and poetry. When she isn't writing, you'll find her reading, binge-watching Netflix, baking, and slaughtering zombies and other monsters on her Xbox. She lives in Ontario with her family and forever barking fur babies, Batman and Petri.

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