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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Paranormal Romance Author Linda Thomas-Sundstrom “Can the Moon Seduce?” + giveaway

Hi Sheepsters. I’m Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, here to answer the question above… because as it turns out, I have some knowledge about this very subject.

You see, I write about the moon’s effects on people quite frequently, and study the results. More specifically, I like to write about how the FULL MOON affects certain beings that maybe don’t fall under the normal classification of “people” quite so completely to begin with.

We’re talking about WEREWOLVES here.

And so, the answer to the question above is YES. The moon can seduce the heck out of some of us. Some more than others. It can tug that to the surface that thing some beings keep tucked inside, allow us to give over to the wide side. Run. Howl. Search for like kind.

In the case of my new book SEDUCED BY THE MOON, a moon, whether completely full or not, can lead to strange dreams, new cravings, and the desire for something unknown to happen. A big moon can make the blood rush in our veins, and cause a desire for complete freedom from other life complications…which, of course, can also cause more complications if that moon really is calling to us, and we listen.

Maybe we have a little Were blood somewhere in our DNA, nestled down deep, that we’re unaware of?

What if a sexy man who haunts our dreams steps out of those dreams and into the front yard of our cabin in the woods? What if he might or might not be the Forest Ranger he seems at first glance?

Blame it on the moon.

Because in the case of my many books about the Werewolf species, the moon is a central character all on its own. Friend. Enemy. Catalyst. Guardian of Dreams. A mystery we have to unravel.

SEDUCED BY THE MOON is a paranormal romance thriller set n the Colorado Rockies. One woman, determined to find out what happened to her father, stumbles into a mystery that’s dangerous and deadly. Will a sexy Ranger be able to help her, or will meeting the man of her dreams bring down the moon for a closer look at her present and her past?

I hope you’ll come along for this wild ride, and slip SEDUCED BY THE MOON into your hot little hands tonight. Just make sure there’s no full moon overhead.

Love to everyone.



by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
January 12, 2022
“Moonlight is poison to people whose genetics are damaged,” he said.

But can Skylar Donovan, who has come to clear out her late father’s Colorado cabin, be prepared for handsome ranger Gavin Harris’s take on what that warning actually might mean?

Gavin Harris has been bitten by a monster, and has been searching for that beast. His dangerous mission gets more complicated when a beautiful blonde shows up with an agenda of her own that puts her in peril.

Neither is safe from the danger they’re hunting…and the lust that burns between them might be the greatest danger of all.

Gavin now fought to hold on to the human in him. With Skylar tripping his emotional switches, he felt the moon’s presence through the roof. That moon called to him right now. It’s time, the silver seducer whispered. Don’t fight.

He stood in the front room of the cabin, ignoring that invitation and listening to the sound of the car taking Skylar from him in the nick of time. His blood thickened in his veins. Though moonlight couldn’t reach him here, his wolf pounded at him from the inside, seconds away from a major meltdown and about to be released one notch at a time.

Volts of supernatural electricity charged through him, causing a claw to spring from the tip of the middle finger of his right hand. It was, he thought, appropriate, and a stiff universal gesture to the whole ordeal. More claws followed until all ten fingernails had been replaced, and his hands could now be considered lethal.

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is an award-winning author of over 40 books in the realms of Paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and fantasy. She has been published by Kensington Publishing, HarperCollins/Harlequin Nocturne and Desire, and GothicScapes.

Signed print copy (US only) or an ebook, as preferred by winner, of last year's book - WOLF HUNTER.

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