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Friday, May 21, 2010

MacGruber takes it there......

MacGruber directed by Jorma Taccone hit theaters today with a bang! Has anyone seen where I put my C-4?
If you have lived in a bat cave for the last couple years and have no clue what this is about, then really thats your loss. Based on a reoccurring skit from the amazing SNL on NBC, MacGruber is a comedy parody based on the 1980's hit tv show MacGyver. Mullets Rock!
This film stars SNL actors Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Will Forte along with Ryan Phillippe and the amazing Val Kilmer.
I was very impressed with the first 15 minutes of this movie, your classic 80's inspired action movies were tapped into and it was hysterical. The music fantastic, the cloths and set design are right on, the Miata....superb! After the first portion the film started to fall off a bit for me and did not pick up steam again until the last 15 minutes. I am so a 3 wire woman.
Some guest appearances from various actors where a surprise especially WWE star "The Big Show", and wow did not see that one coming! Overall the film was so so, I really wanted to see the movie bang it out better then what was delivered. I love this skit so much and really felt it was lacking in many areas.
But again there are some defiant high points to the movie, plenty of raunchy comedy for you all with a sick sense of humor. (Hey I am NOT the only one!) The faint of heart may not want to see this film. Also men if your not secure in yourself be warned, as in the skit the MacGruber character has bisexual tendencies. :)
So go see it, hit a matinee or even better make someone else pay! Its funny but ya get what ya get.

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