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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pleasure Of A Dark Prince

Kersley Cole has brought the world her 9th book in the Immortals After Dark series and I could not be more pleased! This woman is an amazing author and I have loved all of her previous books, I will reread them until they fall apart. (or the drool ruins them whichever comes first)
This story takes the reader on the journey of Lucia and Garreth, two people from two very different worlds who come together by an unstoppable force.
One thing I love in a series is when previous characters are reoccurring, and Cole is a writer who gives you this in each of her books. I truly hate it when you like a story and then continue in a series only to never again read about pervious characters. Cole does not disappoint me in any way! Feel the wind in my hair!
Back to this book, I love a man who is confident and Garreth is so "that guy" maybe even too much so. He swears he's got it sewed up with Lucia, lol silly silly man tricks are for kids. The more she is pushed the more he chases and oh my does the boy chase!
Some great action chapters and witty dialog bring all this together for a fun wild ride that stretches across countries. Throw in some Tomb Raider action and your all set :)
This book and all her previous books are worth the read and come highly recommended.


  1. Sooo... WHat's with the cover and title? I feel like people think I'm reading a porno just from the picture! Really. I blush when I see people glance at the book. Which probably makes me look guilty... Ah hell! Why does it have to have a half-naked man and a title with the word 'pleasure' in it?? Am I being paranoid or do you feel this way too? lol

  2. sorry just saw this comment right now, my bad. yeah i feel the same way every time! its a shame cause covers like these take away from the the book, trust me your not alone. :)