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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Got a dollar? Need romance? Amazing list of $.99 paranormal romance ebooks

Now through 4/22/15 you can get all these proven PNR winners for $.99
They can be found on iTunes, kindle and B&N for the same price.
I also included a few free ones too :)

*I Smell Sheep is not responsible for PNR induced reading coma. But we suggest an energy drink or coffee and then get right back to that kindle! You ain't no daisy!"

you can click on the links or the covers below

Clear- Jessica Park
Kick- Genevieve Jack
Entwined- Elisabeth Naughton
Rogue's Passion- Laurie London
Marked by Midnight- Laura Adrian
Dragon's Appraiser- Viola Rivard
Vampire's Vacation- CJ Ellisson
Slade- Kristen Middleton
Seven Years- Dannika Dark
Taste of Darkness- Katie Reus
Do you Believe in Magic-Susan Squires
Hard Mated- Jennifer Ashley
Shifter Made- Jennifer Ashley
A Deep and Dark December- Beth Yarnall
Shadow Bound- Erin Kellison
Darkness Falls- Erin Kellison
Lay Me Down- Erin Kellison
The Noru Blue Rose- Lola Stvil
The Noru The Last Akon- Lola Stvil
The Forbidden Life of Alex Moore- Erin Quinn
Seduction- Bonnie Vanak
Claimed by a Demon King- Felicity Heaton
The Vampire Voss- Colleen Gleason
Night Thief- Lisa Kessler
Viper- Patricia Rasey
Moon Kissed- Donna Grant
Awakening- Caris Roane
Brink of Eternity- Caris Roane
The Wolf Within- Cynthia Eden
Marked by the Vampire- Cynthia Eden


  1. No, I no longer have a dollar because Amazon just ate about 20 of them, thanks to this post. =)

    1. lol, these are all top notch reads to. A person could set themselves up for a while with this list! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to share it with everyone!!!

  2. I don't which is going to give out first, my Kindle or my brain! (I know my wallet's already limping!) SO many wonderful books, so little time....

  3. I'm on a tablet so maybe that is the problem but I'm not seeing the link for the list?

    1. sometimes tablets/phones don't see amazon image links. You should be able to click on the cover and be brought to the amazon page. I'm working on putting up actual links to each book too.