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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Big Wow Comic Fest 2015

I Smell Sheep headed over to the fun convention that takes place every year in San Jose, CA. This small sized event comes with all the wonders any con goer can get into. We love the local friendliness and supporting the artists coming up in the ranks. 

Check out all the fun Baaart and my 8 year old son, Logan, had below! 

Baaart meet some really cool hand made metal art sculptures. 

He also spotted the new IDW comic Jem, she sure is outrageous! 

Showing some love to our pal Godzilla. 

Baart's got a knack for making friends. 

Deadpool rockin it for the Bay Area. 

There be dragons! 

Logan didn't know who these folks were, but they sure are cool!

Come check out all the fun next year, there's so much to enjoy for the whole family. 

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