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Sunday, April 28, 2024

PNR: Alder King Spring (Wild Wanderings Book 2 - Standalone) by Talia Greer

It's release week so you don't need to wait any longer for Talia Greer's latest book, Alder King Spring!

Alder King Spring book cover, paranormal romance by Talia Greer
Alder King Spring (Wild Wanderings Book 2 - Standalone)
by Talia Greer
April 30, 2024
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Shifter Romance
🌲Small-Town Wooded Setting
Woodland Magic
🔥Slow Burn
💭Sentient Forest
🏳️‍🌈Demisexual and Bisexual Rep
🕰️Loose Beauty and the Beast Vibes
📖German Folklore Inspiration
As his curse’s deadline approaches, Kaspar and his beloved enchanted forest stand on the brink of doom.

Deep in the snowy forests of Germany, the Alder King of legend runs short on time. Cursed by a vengeful sorceress for his father’s misdeeds, Kaspar’s desperate quest for the one elusive remedy–love–becomes increasingly dire. Each passing day, his hope dwindles, for who could ever see past his face, marred by the scars of ancient magic?

Eliza Wilson has two missions: write her dissertation and savor her fleeting days of freedom. Her fiancé considers her interests pointless, and while her family loves him, Eliza longs for a deeper connection. With their wedding on the horizon, this research trip is her last chance to indulge her interest in all things mythical.

Though the country house she rents a room in is breathtaking, the surly landlord–who covers his face and seems reluctant to acknowledge her unless they’re discussing literature–soon becomes more fascinating than her research.

As her determination to unravel his secrets brings them closer, Eliza unearths the grim destiny of the ailing king and realizes that she holds the sole key to his salvation–if only he would allow himself to be saved.

Will she make a dutiful return to her indifferent fiancé? Or will she choose the risk of a lifetime and indulge her forbidden attraction to a stubborn and lonely mythical king who refuses her help at every turn?

Perfect for readers of Kathryn Moon and Lillian Lark, Alder King Spring is a dual-POV, full-length paranormal monster romance that draws inspiration from German folklore. It has a guaranteed HEA and features a grumpy/sunshine dynamic and a loose Beauty and the Beast retelling. See author’s website for more detailed content warnings.

Alder King Spring is the second in a series of small-town standalones, each set in a different location and season. All books in the Wild Wandering series can be read in any order.


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