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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Fantasy Romance: To Ignite a Pyrite Spirit by Callie Pey

To Ignite a Pyrite Spirit
by Callie Pey
April 12, 2024
Part of: Bound by Flame (9 books)
To Ignite a Pyrite Spirit
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Dragon Shifters
Villain Backstory
Arranged Marriage
Enemies to Lovers
He falls first
Betrayal and Deception
Mates (Not Fated)
Mythical Creatures
Portal Fantasy
Where there is smoke. . . there is always fire.

For more than a century, dragons ruled the skies without excitement or fear. That instantly changes when a shadow appears from a world beyond with a deal too enticing to ignore. Aedan and his mages seek shelter in exchange for a bonding ritual of the dragon's golden king, Eldates, to their beautiful high priestess. But everything is not as it seems.

Captivated by Cenara, Valk refuses to lose the chance to claim her for himself. As he makes each move, he becomes further tangled in her enchantments, revealing a side of himself he'd not known before. Pyrite might not be gold, but those sun-kissed eyes stalk him all the same.

As more of her secrets come out, all of his morals are called into question. To love the mage would mean turning his back on his family. With everyone around Valk demanding action, he’s left with only one decision to make: confront what he thinks might be genuinely evil or surrender himself to their plans.

Is love worth Valk's soul if it ignites his spirit


About the Author

Callie Pey is the steamy fantasy romance author responsible for The Dryad Chronicles. She loves fantastical worlds and epic stakes that embrace love in all its forms with a heavy dose of adventure. A current Austinite, she enjoys reading almost as much as writing, painting, and finding even the smallest moments to capture joy. With one completed series behind her, Callie is now embarking on two brand new series to come: A dark fantasy not for the faint of heart and a paranormal romance that will feature parts of Texas!

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