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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Historical Romance Author Rachel L. Demeter: 7 Tips to Beat Writer’s Block + giveaway

7 Tips to Beat Writer’s Block
By Rachel L. Demeter 
With Red Kingdom’s recent release, I’ve found myself overwhelmed and stumbling into that scary domain of writer’s block.

Storytelling is a magical art, where words have the power to transport readers to distant lands, evoke deep emotions, and ignite the fires of imagination. But even the most seasoned writers sometimes find themselves in need of a spark to ignite their creative engines.

Inspiration lives all around us.

Here are a few ways I personally beat writer's block.

1. Explore Nature's Tapestry:
Nature, with its breathtaking beauty and captivating mysteries, has been a timeless muse for writers. A leisurely stroll through a forest, the crashing waves of the ocean, or the delicate petals of a flower can stir your imagination. Observe the intricate details of the natural world—the play of light, the symphony of sounds—and let them inspire scenes, settings, and even the essence of your characters.

2. Dive into History's Depths:
Being an author of historical romance, this is one of my favorite places to unearth inspiration. History is a treasure trove of fascinating stories, both big and small. From the grandeur of ancient civilizations to the poignant tales of individuals, history is brimming with moments of triumph, tragedy, and transformation. Look into historical events, and immerse yourself in different time periods. Let history's secrets spark your own unique twists and perspectives, breathing life into your stories.

The research behind Red Kingdom transported me to the medieval era, where contrasts were everywhere: brutality and religion, life and death, poverty and gluttony, chivalry and treachery.

3. Engage with People and Conversations:
Human interactions are a wellspring of inspiration. Engage in conversations, listen to others' experiences, and observe the way people express themselves. Whether it's a heartfelt conversation with a friend or snippets of dialogue overheard in a coffee shop, these exchanges can provide insights into the depth of emotions, conflicts, and motivations that drive your characters' journeys.

Remember: every person you meet is the protagonist in his or her own story.

4. Harness the Power of Dreams:
Dreams are the canvas on which your mind paints the most vivid and surreal landscapes. Dreams can offer a wealth of imaginative idea and help you push the boundaries of reality. Keep a dream journal by your bedside to capture fleeting visions that might later weave themselves into the fabric of your stories. Dreams provide an avenue for exploring the unexplored, making them a limitless source of inspiration.

Fun fact: I dreamt the first scene of The Frost of Springtime, and that's where the story came from!

5. Find Magic in the Mundane:
Never underestimate the potential for storytelling in everyday life. The simple act of people-watching, observing the quirks of daily routines, and experiencing the small moments that often go unnoticed can lead to profound narratives. Mundane settings and situations can be transformed into extraordinary tales when seen through the lens of creativity.

6. Read Newspapers, Human-Interest Stories and News Headlines:
The news is a cove of events, trends, and human stories that can fuel your creative fire. News headlines can serve as springboards for exploring unique angles, imagining what-if scenarios, or addressing pressing societal issues within your narratives. The world's happenings offer a plethora of ideas, emotions, and conflicts to infuse into your stories.

7. Art and Other Creative Mediums:
Music, films, books (of course), and other creative mediums can fuel your storytelling imagination. A painting might inspire a scene's atmosphere, a melody might evoke a character's emotions, or a film's plot might serve as a springboard for your own story's development. Let yourself be moved by various forms of art to infuse fresh energy into your narratives.

Fun fact: I have a go-to YouTube playlist called "Creative Inspiration," which houses all my favorite TV and film scenes! I also often reread my favorite book scenes when I’m feeling a lack of motivation.

Red Kingdom: A Dark Little Red Riding Hood Retelling (Fairy Tale Retellings Book 2)
(Stand alone)
by Rachel L. Demeter
Genre: Historical Romance (Medieval)

Little Red Riding Hood reimagined with a dark and realistic twist.

Princess Blanchette’s world shatters when the Black Wolf tears apart her castle and everything she holds dear. All she clings to is the vow she made to her grandmother on her deathbed.

Hailed as the people’s champion, Sir Rowan Dietrich liberates the capital in a quest for vengeance. He takes Winslowe Castle with an army at his back and his wolf, Smoke, at his side.

United by a shared cause and powerful attraction, Rowan and Blanchette embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption—a path filled with loss, transformation, and ultimately, the healing power of love.

Can Norland’s resplendent princess, with her captivating beauty and spirit, tame the fabled Black Wolf?

Inspired by the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, Red Kingdom is a passionate historical romance about the enduring quest for love and the longing for a world at harmony.

*Red Kingdom is a standalone installment in a series of reimagined classic fairy tales. Due to adult content and themes, it is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

What you can expect from Red Kingdom...
Dark, Medieval Setting
Enemies to Lovers
Slow Burn
Broken Alpha Hero
Strong Heroine
Wolf Companion
He Falls First
Warring Kingdoms

Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Blanchette spots the Black Wolf during the siege
Death at her feet. Death in her home. Death in the air.

Death screamed in every corner of her mind.

Then she saw him.

Rowan Dietrich, the fabled Black Wolf of Norland, strode through her castle like a waking nightmare. His armor was crudely made, black as the surrounding night, the helm’s dark metal twisted into the shape of a wolf’s snarling head. But the most striking thing about him was his height. He towered above the other fighters and battled with a chilling methodicalness. How he moved and fought frightened Blanchette the greatest.

He looked collected. Even mildly amused. As if this were nothing more than a game. Blood soaked his sword as the blade whirled, whipped, slashed, and claimed lives in a macabre dance of death. And that wolf clung to his heels, its muzzle wet with blood, snarling and leaping at any man who dared come close to its master.

Monster. Demons.

The Black Wolf of Norland had always had a mist of legend around him. She remembered the stories her mother and governess had often whispered after the feasts and in the dark of the night.

“To me,” the Black Wolf called to a soldier a few yards away, his deep voice effortlessly carrying above the tumult. He didn’t need to yell, not even over the mayhem. The force of his tone was enough.

One of her father’s guards raised his blade, but too slowly. Rowan Dietrich’s longsword cut his head off, then came flashing back in a terrible two-handed slash that took another soldier in the leg.

With quivering anger, she realized that this man—this wolf, this beast—was the reason the sky was falling on her family. She clutched the dagger, wishing she could stand a chance against him. How good and right it would feel to plunge the blade deep into his heart and avenge what would likely be the end of her family’s dynasty.

Of course, she’d never survive him or his demon wolf. And if she was ever to avenge her family, if she was to keep her promise, survival meant everything.

About the Author:
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I live in Sunny California with my dashing husband, who inspires my romance novels every day!

Writing has always been an integral part of my identity. Before I physically learned how to write, I'd narrate stories to my mom, and she'd record them for me.

I graduated from Chapman’s film school, where I often received the feedback on my scripts, “Your stories and characters are great, but this reads like a novel!” That’s when I realized my true calling.

In my free time, I frequent reptile expos, lift double my body’s weight, and indulge in dinosaur trivia.

I'm passionate about writing stories that explore what it means to be human and to be loved. My books focus on hope, courage, and redemption in the face of adversity.


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