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Thursday, April 11, 2024

5 Sheep Book Review: The Malediction Plague by Sirrah Medeiros

The Malediction Plague by Sirrah Medeiros book cover, horror, zombies

The Malediction Plague
by Sirrah Medeiros
April 11, 2024
Publisher: Tundra Swan Press
ISBN is 979-8-9852025-4-0 of the paperback
When science and madness collide.

The Malediction Plague follows the disturbing journey of Dr. Leon Fleischer, a research scientist whose research inadvertently leads to the creation of a devastating plague that transforms people into zombie-like creatures.

Dismayed by his fiancée ending their engagement, Leon spirals into an ominous state of mind, playing god although also yearning for the approval of haunting paternal figureheads who raised him with a sense of superiority.

As chaos engulfs the city, Leon grapples with slow-growing guilt and a sense of responsibility for unleashing horror upon the world while wrestling his internal demons and extraordinary ego.

Is there hope for humanity given this new reality? 

Only $.99


Dr. Leon Fleischer fiance Zoey broke up with him when she realized that he really meant it when he said he hated children and had no plans to have any. So so she gave him back him ring and left. Upset and still in love with her, Leon went to his lab at Aionios Pharmaceuticals to develop a serum, putting all thoughts of her out of his head as he worked. When he did his first test on a pregnant mouse, the babies were aborted and dead, only to come back undead and feed upon their mother. She in turn, came back undead. He burned all the evidence of the test animals, he took a syringe of it to a prison where an ill pregnant woman was having complications. He injected the serum into her and left her in the cell. 

From there, a plague of the affected began its rise in the city. Instead of creating a superior race like his grandfather taught him, this might be the end of humanity. He then races to try and find a cure, but is there enough time?

This is like The Walking Dead and other zombie movies out there where mankind is the cause behind such plagues, with the mad scientist angle. If you always wanted to know what began the Walking Dead series, I think you will enjoy this novella. It is a cautionary tale about science, plus the people in the story are mainly nice people you might meet on the street or as your neighbor. In short, this is a good, enjoyable read.

I gave The Malediction Plague 5 Sheep.




Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney

About the Author:

Sirrah Medeiros conjures stories and writes books, which is why you’re reading this bio in the first place. She is best known for writing horror and fantasy fiction short stories found in several anthologies as well as her latest fantasy releases in the Cristiane Bradford series. After spending much of her career as a technical communicator and program manager, Sirrah sought a better life balance, leaving the work grind behind to enjoy life and pursue her creative writing passion. She also enjoys hiking with her family and two adorably playful dogs—Harley and Bruce. You can get to her website,, to learn more about recent releases and other cool writerly happenings.

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