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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Fantasy Romance: Iris: Birth of the Immortals: Book 1 (The Fallen Angel Series) by O. Bogosian

Welcome to the book tour for Iris: Birth of the Immortals by O. Bogosian. Read on for more details!

Iris: Birth of the Immortals: Book 1 (The Fallen Angel Series)

by O. Bogosian
November 2023
Genre: Fantasy/ Romance/ Fallen Angels
Through the rip in the ethereal world, more celestial beings tumbled to Earth, tempted by the daughters of Adam, and took sides in the battle for good and evil. One of the dark prince's acolytes, Samayaza, wishes to bring otherworldly retribution to the one who exiled him from the celestial realm. Mortal sisters Iris and Boria are coveted by the glorious fallen spirits, trapped in a dark tapestry of promises and agreements made by their mother's father, Turian, ages ago. The time has come for debts to be collected.

Kidnapped and brought to the temple built by Turian, surrounded by the glorious and transcendent Gregori, Boria succumbs to their unearthly seduction immediately. Iris is suspicious, remembering her paternal grandfather Enok's warnings and lessons about the motives of the fallen spirits. The Gregori can manipulate mortal thoughts and feelings and have unparalleled, vast power that's no match for any mortal.

The Gregori charm and magnetism are beguiling, yet something malevolent looms over Samayaza's temple. Iris senses it in every fiber of her earthly body, but the sun has yet to ascend on the horizon and illuminate the serpentine truth behind Samayaza's unholy vision.

A gorgeously written, mythical epic about fantastical beings brought down by earthly lust to live and die among us in an era of epic chaos.

About the Author

O. Bogosian
As the first-born Armenian American in her family, the Author was raised with English being her second language. She grew up on the west coast of the United States of America, where culture and diversity helped establish her love for all people.

Most of her time is spent with her ever-growing family and supportive friends. Apart from writing, she enjoys learning history, biblical history, and traveling. Though she majored in and graduated from college with a multi-media and production degree in sciences, she chose to follow her passion for writing. She is working on Book 2 of the fallen angel series and hopes to have a release date sometime in 2024.

IG: @iris.fallen_angels @rrbooktours

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