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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Help bring the fantasy series Ian's Realm Saga to the big screen!

Help bring an awesome fantasy series Ian's Realm Saga by Diane Gardner to TV or the big screen!
Check out the short video (below) they made about the film.

We're putting together a proof of concept trailer to show the world what an awesome TV /movie series Ian's Realm will make.

Funding a fantasy film is no easy task. Post-production is the most costly. We'll need an editor and we'll need a talented and skilled FX editor for the special effects this story requires. We're shopping around for a composer to score just the right music. And of course, there's film festivals and marketing costs. As you can see from the graph, we've completed a good portion of our project. We just need some finishing touches.


Of course, our real goal is to do a pilot episode so we'll be talking about that in our wish list! Because if you all come through, there's a chance we can take Ian's Realm even closer to the screen. 

Ian's Realm
Director: Chris Love
Writer: Dianne Gardner (screenwriter)
15 minute short
Genres: Short | Adventure | Fantasy | History
When an unsuspecting teenager from Seattle and his father discover that they tapped into a portal to another world on their computer, the two venture in. A pristine countryside lures them further away from the portal but calamity strikes while exploring an eerie mountain. Their horses are stolen, and Ian's father vanishes. At the same time, Ian is attacked, taken to a small village by the sea, and made a slave by dragon worshipers. His desire to escape the cult escalates when he realizes his father is lost in the dragon's lair. But a young boy wielding a magic dagger, and a fiery dragon prohibit him from fleeing.

Go check out their crowdfunding website for more info include cast and crew!


  1. You're the best, Sharon! Thank you!!!

  2. You rock Sharon! My boys loved this novel and can't wait to see it come to life! The adventure Ian goes on, the story between him and his father. Just love a great coming of age story.