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Friday, November 4, 2022

A Lust for Blood (A Realm of Curses Novel) by K.C. Smith + giveaway

A gender bent reimagining of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde meets the Witcher! The first in the Realm of Curses series, this book is full of monsters, curses and dark forests! Perfect for the autumn and spooky seasons!

A Lust for Blood (A Realm of Curses Novel)
K.C. Smith
November 1st. 2022
Genre: Adult Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Phantom House Press
There is no escape when the monster is you.

When Oriana awakens in a field of blood and bodies, she is devastated to realize the patchwork of death was caused by her own hand. A curse lingers in the air, and there is only one option to save herself from further bloodshed. Oriana uses her magic to create an enchanted forest imprisoning the monster responsible for the massacre–herself.

Garren has built a career around slaying demons. When he learns of a centuries old creature locked away in the strange Phantom Wood, the opportunity is too great. He will stop at nothing to destroy the demon filth that lurks in those shadows if only to satisfy his own haunting memories.

Oriana soon finds herself caught in a cat and mouse game, fighting to keep her identity secret. As the two grow closer, secrets unravel. But could they each be the answer the other has been searching for?
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About the Author
K.C. Smith is a writer of Adult Fantasy from Maryland where she lives with her husband and their chihuahua, Tank. Writing allows her to escape from her busy life as an Accountant and small business owner. When not writing or reading, she can be found rock climbing or traveling the world! A Lust for Blood is K.C.’s debut novel and will be releasing November 1, 2022!

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