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Friday, December 30, 2022

Book Review: Stolen From the Demon Prince (Sins of the Blood War Book 2) by Lauren Crowne

STOLEN FROM THE DEMON PRINCE by Lauren Crowne is out now. Check it out and be sure to grab the second book in the Sins of the Blood War Series!

Stolen From the Demon Prince (Sins of the Blood War Book 2)
by Lauren Crowne
Dec 27, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Romance
The demon prince is possessive, jealous, and determined to protect what is his.

Can the prince ever see me, a former fae slave, as his equal?

Or will he always see me as only a possession to protect?

The longer Leo and I are in the demon kingdom, the more obvious it becomes to both of us that it's not safe for me to stay there with him. Demons want to take me from him at every turn, and rival factions are eager to use me as a pawn to hurt the prince.

When it seems impossible for us to be together, will the prince abandon his title, throne, and kingdom for me?

Or should I seek out the fae city and find a new home with my own kind?

Despite all of the forces working against us, deep down I know that the only home I've ever wanted was with him.

Unfortunately for me, there are demons who will refuse to let that happen.

All books in the Sins of the Blood War series contain spicy tension, deliciously steamy scenes, characters who talk (and curse) like adults, and occasional moments of violence. Leo's a prince who can do whatever he wants, after all, and in this book, what he wants is her.

Stolen From the Demon Prince by Lauren Crowne is the second installment in the Sins of the Blood War PNR saga. I found it VERY entertaining, filled to the brim with sexy alphas and tons of exciting and lightly hard-hitting action. Not sure if it's a "dark romance" or just a fun adventure romance, but honestly I don't care. It's a good read! 

Keep in mind this is a 3 part saga and so there is no HEA just yet. If at all? But you do get a lot more to the drama and building of the world plus all the love and connection with characters. You get introduced to more and some are going to piss you off a bit, but that's just part of the journey. 

Very happy to have found this author and looking forward to the next chapter!

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About the Author:
Lauren Crowne writes sexy, funny, action-packed fantasy and paranormal romance, transporting readers into a world of fae, demons, wolf shifters, and more. You'll want to root for her bold heroines and hot heroes, neither of which are afraid to fight for the ones they love. Sold to the Demon Prince is the first book in the Sins of the Blood War trilogy, with all three books following the same couple as they try to hold on to their passion for each other even when the world seems against them. When she isn't writing, Lauren is addicted to drinking iced coffee, forcing her husband to watch funny TikToks, and traveling with her husband and three kids.

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  1. I saw this book in the store but somehow missed it. now I think that maybe I should try to read.