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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Temper Trap

After winning tickets to see Temper Trap on my local radio station 92.3, there was no question in my mind who I would take. MY MOM. My brave mother is fighting terminal cancer and is not giving up the fight laying down! GO MOM! We were in a small group of about 30 people who got to attend a live in studio concert, what an absolute treat.
The dj, Tanner, was fantastic to us both and let us stick around after the show for a tour of the facility. But more about that later.
This was our first time meeting anyone in a band with songs playing on the radio and so on. We got to meet 3 members from the now group of 5, and what gentlemen they turned out to be. Maybe we expected them to be stuck up full of themselves but they were anything but. They talked with us for a very long time, took pictures, ate tacos and chips and salsa with us and Dougy even walked out to my car with us for a special TShirt I brought for him.
I attended their live show the next day and found it overwhelming to hear them play with the rest of the band members. There album has a fantastic sound, lyrics that reach out and grab you throw in a lead singer with a voice Prince would die for and really what more can you ask for. They take time out to meet with fans and talk to everyone who comes up to them. If you get a chance to see these guys in concert DO NOT hesitate, they are very worthy of it.
Thank you 92.3 for the outstanding treatment and the tickets to their live show in SF, you all are amazing. You work so hard to bring your listeners the music they crave to hear.

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