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Monday, February 7, 2011

Interview with author Larissa Ione

When you get the chance to interview the woman that comes up with the hunkiest demon doctors around you DO NOT pass that up! (unless you are addicted to crack, and in that case seek immediate help) Today it brings the ladies of I Smell Sheep great pleasure to present you with our interview of author Larissa Ione. Grab your blood bags and enjoy!

New York. Demon Hospital. 2 Sheep and 1 Doctor meet

Katie: Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us Larissa, we are big fans of yours. So first question. The Demonica series of books has some VERY sexy doctors working in an underground demon hospital. I am a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy, did you get any inspiration from these types of shows?

Larissa: Absolutely! I've always loved medical shows, and I've always been fascinated by emergency medicine. I would have loved to become a doctor, but I sort of decided that really late in life, when going to medical school really wasn't possible because of my husband's military career and my young son. But man, every time I heard a siren or saw an ambulance, I wanted to be there in the thick of things. So I became an EMT to indulge myself and to make my medical heroes and heroines function with some level of accuracy. *g*

Katie: And wow does it show. I would also just like to give a big thank you to your hubby for his service to our country.

Larissa: Thanks! I'll let him know. Right now he's out on the Great Lakes breaking ice with his ship, but he'll be home soon!

Amber: So I have to start off with my go-to question. Lol. What is the first book or series that got you interested in writing?

Larissa: Either White Fang or Call of the Wild, by Jack London. And then maybe throw in Carrie, by Stephen King. I just remember that I was in fifth grade when I started writing stories that were inspired by these authors.

Amber: I’ve always been scared to read Stephen King. All those things that go bump in the night plus my imagination… sleep would become a thing of the past. Lol

Larissa: I LOVE horror! But it has to be "make believe" horror, like scary THINGS. I hate slasher-flick horror...things that involve human psychos. Because that's the kind of thing that could be real, you know? But I'm pretty sure no zombie, werewolf, or mutant grasshopper is going to terrorize me, so it's easy to read that kind of thing and enjoy.

Katie: In Sin Undone Conall is half-vamp half-werewolf, as a vampire fan myself I didn't think I was going to like this concept. But I did! It takes away the whole vamp vs. wolf debate. Was this the motivation?

Larissa: I think I've just always had a soft spot for half-breeds...people and things that have to struggle with where they fit in. That, and I like to bend rules whenever I can. :-)

Katie: I have to agree with you on this one Larissa, it shows that no matter who you are you can find a place to fit in. It also helps if you happen to be hot like Conall. *making hissing and growling noises*

Amber: With the series being centered around a hospital and doctors, do you have to do a lot of research or do you have a source that helps you out with the medical jargon? Perhaps a hunky doc??

Larissa: Don't I WISH I had a hunky doc! But no...I had to do it all on my own. My love of medical shows helped, but really, it was the EMT school that made the big difference. I have tons of medical books as well, and I've been lucky enough to have a couple of physician reader friends help out when I get stuck.

Katie: I love all the brothers and Sin, but the guy who stands out for me is Wraith. *sighs and makes dreamy eyes* Anyway, who has been your favorite character to write about?

Larissa: Wraith...hands down. He's just so easy. He sort of flows from my fingers. My husband claims that it's because he's so Wraith-like, but my husband is delusional...

Amber: I have no question to add, just wanted to shout out my love for Wraith as well. Yum!

Katie: Up Hi Sista! *Katie and Amber high-five*

Larissa: *snickers*

Amber: Was there a specific moment in time when you finally realized that your dream of becoming an author had come true?

Larissa: The day I got a box of ARCs (advance reader copies) of Pleasure Unbound from the publisher. It was the first time I'd held a mass-market book of mine. I cried a little.

Katie: You also write under the pseudonym Sydney Croft with your writing partner Stephanie Tyler, can you tell us a little about that series of books?

Larissa: The books are erotic science-fiction/paranormal/action-adventure. How's that for a mouthful? *g* Think "Erotica meets the X-Men." It's a series set around a paramilitary agency of people with superhuman abilities who go up against an enemy agency with similar talents. There are five books in the series so far, and two novellas. The sixth and final book, Taken By Fire, releases in July. I'm so excited about that one.

Katie: Did you mention X-Men cause now you’re talking my language! lol What types of abilities are we talking about? And do you have an exact date in July? I must get these!

Amber: I’d like to get in on this action as well! Sex plus X-Men? Doesn’t get much better than that!

Larissa: June 28th for book six! As far as the abilities, well, the hero in book 1, Riding The Storm, can summon storms. The heroine in book 2 can communicate with animals, while the hero has super speed. Hero of book 2 is telekinetic, and the heroine is biokinetic. So they have all kinds of special talents. Lots of psychics, pyrokinetics, etc. The books are really over the top, and lots of fun!

Amber: Who is your biggest inspiration for your writing? Currently, as well as the person who inspired you to start writing.

Larissa: My mom. She always knew I could do it, ALWAYS encouraged me. I can't let her down.

Katie: In the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty" it's stated that all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put Humpty back together again. Why do you think that is? Can it really be THAT hard with all those people willing to help!

Larissa: Pffft. Eidolon could do it...

Katie: {Amber and Katie exchange Mmmhmmms}

Katie: Now it's time to play a little RAPID FIRE! Try and clear your mind Larissa and answer with the first thing that pops up. Are you ready? [looks closely into Larissa's eyes] Get set……….and ……….GO!

Katie: Sword or Axe

Larissa: Sword. I'm classy that way...

Amber: Chicken or Pork

Larissa: Vegetarian. However, bacon is my heroin. There needs to be a support group.

Katie: Shake or Malt

Larissa: Shake

Amber: Converse or Vans

Larissa: Dr. Martens (Didn't I say I like to bend rules?)

Katie: Camaro or Mustang

Larissa: Mustang

Katie: Oh but come on! Bumblebee!!!!

Larissa: Well, you got me there...

Amber: Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise

Larissa: Neither, but if I'm forced into a corner, Brad.

Amber: I’d have to agree although my boyfriend, Channing Tatum, wouldn’t be too happy to hear that. Lol

Katie: Coke or Pepsi

Larissa: Pepsi

Katie: {throws interview papers on the ground} I can NOT accept that answer Larissa! You have been brainwashed somehow. Let’s all take some deep breaths. {grabs a paper bag}

Amber: Larissa I think I just fell in love with you. Lol. Hahahahaha. Pepsi is Sooo in the lead. *Does a little happy dance*

Larissa: Well, to be honest, I rarely drink either. I prefer plain seltzer water with maybe a little lime. I don't eat or drink much sugar, though I will say that the new Pepsi Throwback is tasty! :)

Amber: Country or Rock

Larissa: Country

Katie: Braveheart or 300

Larissa: Braveheart, but I turn it off before he dies

Katie: Okay, I love you again for picking the sexy men in kilts.

Amber: What?! Have you seen 300?? Hello hot men in loin cloths! Forget the kilts!

Amber: Snowcone or Slurpy

Larissa: Snowcone

Katie: anime or british humor

Larissa: British humor, easy!

Amber: Veggie Dog or Veggie Hamburger

Larissa: Vegetarian burger! Veggie dogs are nasty. Of course, so are non-veggie dogs. *shudders*

Katie: Ostrich or Camel

Larissa: Vegetarian...oh, wait, not as food...then let's go with camel!

Katie: Thank you so much Larissa for taking the time to sit down with us today! We are looking forward to all the books to come. Anything you would like to say in closing?

Larissa: Just thanks so much for having me!!!! You ladies are awesome!

Amber: Thank you so much Larissa! We have loved having you! And if you happen to ever meet a hunky doc in your writing adventures please send him my way!

*Prizes say what?! One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive the Larissa Ione prize pack.

Demon Dr. Prize Pack:

Yellow tote bag with a skull

Bandages 40 count

Large Bandages 6 count

Bag of Blood (candy)

Medical Tools (children's toy set)

Gummy body parts

*AND an ebook copy of Larissa Ione's Eternity Embraced

In the comments below leave two things to be automatically entered to win.

1. Your Email Address

2. Who is the hottest doctor in your opinion from TV, movies or someone you know?

Contest ends Feb. 20th 2011 at midnight.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Yet another series I really need to try.
    Great interview as always!
    And Voodoo Bride says to nominate House as hottest doctor. Yeah.... she's got a thing for gruff, cynical men.
    I myself just read Animal Magnetism by Maggie Shayne and really liked Macy, the animal doctor in that story.


  2. OMG, I loved that interview . oh, yeah, TEAM PEPSI (just had to put that out there).

    Hottest doctor? don't tell my husband, but his orthopedic (Dr. Yoder) is smexy ;) (my husband broke his ankle two weeks ago.) I don't even want to go there....

  3. Great interview!

    Hottest doctor? He's not the first on most women's mind, but it's definitely David Tennant as Dr. Who. Seriously. (The new BBC series.)

  4. I love Larissa Ione books! She such a great writer! :] hehe

    The hottest doctor I know, is my friends older brother. His name is James and hes smoking hot! I know him since I was little, but I guess I never really paid attention to how he looks. Hes cute and smart and a doctor! :] And hes caring, I think thats why I think hes hot, cause he cares. Thanks!

    I will go old school, I have always liked Doogie Howser...I had such a crush on him when I was younger and watched his show on TV...Time only made him cuter!

  6. Loved this interview! I'm loving Larissa's books. I have them on auto buy, they are just that good, seriously. If you haven't read a book of her's won't be disappointed at all.

    Hottest doctor...I love Dr. House...his sarcastic wit and smile get me everytime. Seriously.

  7. I am kinda partial to Dr.House (Hugh Laurie) That kind of scruffy sarcasmic type is just a turn on for me. He always knows it all but has a softer, more compassionate type.

  8. Just started the series,and Thank You, it's awesome!
    Being a RN and working in a hospital gives me plenty of Hot Docs to look at but my Favorite is one of our Pediatricians, yummy!

  9. 1. ladybug07999 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    2. The HOTTEST doctor .... I would have to say to is Dr. Ross (George Clooney, ER).

  10. Hottest doctor would be House. Just love his attitude.

  11. Does it have to be a real person because I really dig Wraith! Who doesn't though right?!

  12. The hottest doctor I know was Mike Horton on Days of Our Lives, before he was The Pretender guy. I had a huge crush on him :-) Great interview!

  13. Thank you for sharing Larissa with us today.. Freakin' love that girl... :) *waving* HI Larissa!!!!

    Okay hottest doctor.. has to be Dr. McSteamy (Eric Dane) from Grey's Anatomy... Have you seen him in a towel... Totally swoon worthy... *drool*

    Ok, I am back... was day dreaming... sorry... where was I? Oh yeah contest for Larissa stuff...

    email (new)

    Kelly M

  14. Great comments ladies and some fine doctors indeed! :)

    I would have to pick Karl Urban and the new "bones" in the Star Trek movie. So sexy, would eat him up.

    Keep the comments coming!

  15. karenrocha007 (at) gmail (dot) com
    And I will go with Lady Bug and say Dr. Ross :) However, my mom's doctor is not so bad himself!

  16. Hands down -no contest - hottest doc was Dr Doug Ross from ER!!! He could have checked out my kids anytime!

  17. The hottest doctor I know was my sons oral surgeon and his name is Dr. Blood. I just loved it! When my husband saw him, he told me that the other two boys were not allowed to go to Dr. Blood. When asked why - it was because he was too handsome for me to be around. I laughed like crazy. Now for un-real doctors it would be Dr. Ross from ER. Books - Eidolon of course.
    Thanks for the fun interview and great contest.


  18. LOVE Larissa Ione and LOVE the interview, how fun!!!

    My favorite TV doc would have to be Luca Kovac from ER *drool*

    The demonica series is my favorite, by far! <3 Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the world!

  19. Love Larissa! I am on Book 3 of the ACRO series now. Loving them. Hottest tv doc is Greg House,hands down! Really looking forward to Larissa's new series.Thanks for keeping me happy!


  20. Who can think of a hot doctor after thinking about all of the hot men from Underground General. Oh, those men were hot. Loved reading the UGH series. I too love me some Wraith. He's just so damn snarky.
    If I had to pick someone from tv I would pick McSteamy. That time he came out in the towel, priceless.

  21., Hottest Dr? Mcdreamy on Grey's annatemy.

  22. Totally Love this interview!!! Larissa's Demonic series is by far my fav!! YUUUMMM!;p

    The Dr. that first comes to my mind is Aidan on "Being Human" played by Sam Witwer. And let me add that he is a vampire!! yuuummm!

  23. Can there be any tv doc hotter than Doug Ross (George Clooney on ER). I think not. The man was sex on a stick! AND a pediatrician. Hot and cute, a knockout combo. ^_^

    and Denzel Washington played a doc in the 1980s show St. Elsewhere. I might have been too young to appreciate Dr. Philip Chandler at the time, but I'm makin' up for it now!


  24. My favourite Demon Doc? hmm now thats a toughy *ponder* hmm I must say without anymore doubt it would be Shade (desire Unchained), he has everything I need.. tall dark extremely handsome loyal, kind-hearted but a huge edge hmmmm

  25. Mc Steamy on Greys Anatomy :D

  26. Hottest doctor? Hello, Eidolon

    techiegirl99 (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. Great interview!

    Hottest TV doctor for me who have to be Patrick Dempsey as McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy. Those eyes....sigh.

  28. The hottest Doc. I know just so happens to be my Gyno, Dr. Daylou. Thank god I only have to see him once a year!

    Thanks, Susan Stielow

    Hottest doc...hmmmm thinkin E of course and Dr Manny ;)

  30. Love this series and I think TV doc I go with McSteamy on Grey's But of course E from Larissa's series is way hot too!


  31. Great interview! I just recently started the Demonica series. I bought "Pleasure Unbound" as my first book for my new e-reader. I had heard good things and thought I'd give it a try. I couldn't put it down. That reader has been in the car, at Walmart, at DMV and even the bathroom. I just started nursing school so the fact that it centers around a hospital just makes it that much better! I can't wait to go on with the series! As for my favorite Doctor, I would have to go with a real life one. He was my Anatomy professor. Great guy, best advice ever and a huge help. He spoke of patient stories and offered a lot of insight as to what to expect in the future. Again, thank you for the interview! It was a great morning read!

  32. Hmm... the hottest doctor I can think of would be Beverly Crusher on the USS Enterprise. Second place for me would go to Martha Jones from Dr. Who.

    Oh, and for the record. I think it would be more fun to ride an ostrich!

  33. Hottest Doc? Eric Dane better known as Dr. McSteamy. Absolutely delicious! He has just the right amount of hottness, attitude and compassion.
    Something all doctors should be comprised of. ;) Oh well that and a vast amount of medical knowledge!

  34. LOL! Fantastic interview, Larissa and Katie and Amber :)

    Favorite doctor? The ER cast had some winners--Dr. Greene, Dr. Benton, Dr. Kovac, Dr. Ross... but I still have a soft spot for House (Hugh Laurie!)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  35. This is Katie's stepMom I would pick my dentist in Lamesa CA!

    Great interview ladies!

  36. OH Hell yea!!! Larissa ROCKS!!!!!!!
    Hottest doc? Mmmmm. I love House! May be the snarky comments, the kind of nerdy hotness.....

    But I love the Tats..... he's gotta have them....I doodle about what I think those dermoires loom like.

  37. Hot doc...I'd have to say the pics I create in my mind while reading the books would have to win that contest, but my brother is an army doc so out of sisterly love I must offer him up...(in a very non gross way of course!!! :)

  38. Hottest doctor has to be House.

    I love the Demonica series.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

  39. Great Interview!!!

    favorite doc. Dr. Ross from ER

    coachjenn at

  40. Great Interview....But it's coke all the way. forget pepsi...
    as to hottest dr right now it has to be Piers Yelverton from When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James. It's the most recent book I"ve read with in a doctor in it..If i had time to think of it I would probably have a hard time deciding.


    I have to do with Doogie Houser, he was my childhood crush

  42. I've had a serious crush on Dr. House for years.


    I'm going with the book doctor idea..and that would def be Eid..sweet muther, I'll break a leg if I have to get in there;)

    hottest doctor Dr Who all incarnations

  45. That was an awesome interview. I don't watch much t.v but I would have to say Dr. Shepherd aka Mc Dreamy from Grey's Anatomy.

  46. Great interview!!! Loved it!!!

    Big fan of Larisa Ione's books!!!
    I can't wait for the Eternal Rider series!!!
    I loved the Demonica Series sooooooo much!!!


    My favorite Doctor... hmmm... okay, so I'm kinda weird, I know, but I pick John 'J.D' Dorian from Scrubs. I can't help it, I love him, and though he might not be as sexy as other Doctors, he makes up for it in cuteness and laughs!!!

    (I love Wraith!)

    Hottest doctor is Carlisle Cullen! He is a caring doctor and a sexy vampire!

  48. @Ellie nice answer! Love me some Twilight Vamps! you go girl. :)

  49. Awesome contest! I hardly ever watch tv, I read any chance I get. So I pick Dr. Cullen from Twilight or Dr. Oswald Grant from Marta Acosta's series even though he has not made it to the big screen ;)Please count me in this contest. Thanks

  50. you gals are all crazy (well in reality i'm sure only half of you are "crazy") ;) hottest doctor...dana scully

  51. @ Sid Hey now! I resemble that remark! ;) Good pick she is the hottie of the alien crew.

  52. Hottest doc is Dr. House!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com


    The new show off the map is awesome.. and those docs are hot!! Dr. Cullen from twilight was hot too, and so was george clooney!! mmmm

  54. Fabulous interview!

    And my pick goes to Awesome from the TV show Chuck! :-)


  55. Dr. Hank Lawson on Royal Pains and Dr. Cullen from Twilight.
    gail42002 at yahoo dot com.


    Fav. Dr. gonna go with Dr. Drew from lovelines (old school) and now celebrity rehab...

  57. 1. email: donnafisk at bellsouth dot net
    2. Hottest doctor: Dr. Ben Casey

  58. dr.watson(jude law) from the new sherlock holmes!!!

  59. great interview!
    hottest doctore i think might be Dr.House

  60. Loving the Off the Map comment. My Mom's new fav show have to represent for her. :)

    Great comments ladies!

  61. Carlisle Cullen from Twilight.

  62. Hi everyone! Great to see so many people come out to play! :) And thanks to the I Smell Sheep ladies for doing this. Y'all rock!

    Okay, so my two cents on hot docs? This is going to date me, but I really thought that Hawkeye from MASH was awesome. :) And of course, Dr. McCoy from the new Star Trek movie. RAWR!

  63. 1) lisaogami(at)hotmail(dot)com

    2) My vote for hottest doctor is definitely HOUSE!

  64. The hottest doctor is not House, but she does work with him. Dr. Remy Hadley aka Thirteen.

  65. I don't medical shows much so I can't think of a tv doctor.

    I do some treatment though by Dr. E at UGH!

  66. @Larissa yummy choices! Love the ST men! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We love you!

  67. Hmm. thats a tough one I think its a toss between mcdreamy and Travis Stork

  68. Omg! Yeah, love this question. Answer: Dr. Hank Lawson from Royal Pains. HOTTIE!

    Taylor Z

  69. Dr.Ben Keeton from the new series Off the Map


  70. Grate Interview!
    Lots of laughs and lots of cool info. Thanks!!!
    As for hottest Doctor… when I was a little kid… around 11 or 12 I had to have a surgery and the doctor who worked on me and spoke to me before and after… Dr Cross… ( I even still remember his name) I had such a huge crush on him… he had amazing green eyes that I still remember and black hair… he’s kind of always been one of those men in my life that has helped me shape what kind of men I ogle over today/wish I can have some day.

    Norah H

  71. great interview. i have to say that my fave doc is george clooney on er. sigh....

    thanks for the giveaway!
    twee66 at gmail dot com

  72. Loved the interview, I'm counting down the days until Eternal Rider is released!
    For hottest Doc, I do believe I will toss my hat in the ring for Dr. Ray Barnett (Shane West) on ER.

  73. Wonderful interview.So many doctors come to mind.From way back to now.James Brolin as Dr. Steven Kiley.Till now with Hugh Laurie as House.Hey don't forget Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson).Yes I also prefer british humor and Pepsi Throwback.The real Pepsi from the 60' and 70's.Braveheart ofcourse and First Knight.Ah romance.

  74. Great interview !! I must say Im a coke girl myself !! Well my fav doctor would have to be Mr SMexy ** heart throb ** Doctor from greys Anatomy !! ** wipes chin **
    ** Ive just started Larissa's book Oh my I love them ** waves Hi Larrissa ** Thanks for the interview and insight !! great comp ;)

    kat ;)

  75. @ Katrina Coke rocks! Good pick :)

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. Well hottest doctor it's a tie between Aiden from being human(BBC ) and Wrath. MMMMMM......

  78. Awesome as always ^.^

    I'm more a Mark Harmon girl. Much better now than when he played Dr. Robert Caldwell in ST.Elsewhere, though xDDD

    Thank you for this opportunity :)

  79. OH! the aussie accent guy, Ben, on Off the Map. Oh man he's a hottie!!


    Hottest doctor??? Does Wraith from Demonica count? I mean, I know he's not a REAL doctor, but... No? Oh, well damn. Ummm... Okay, how about McDreamy. I don't watch a lot of medical shows. Sorry : ( But I've read every Demonica and have Eternal Rider pre-ordered, so it averages out.

  81. Great interview! Love the Demonica series and can't wait for The Four Horsemen series.

    Hottest doctor would be a three-way tie, McSteamy(Grey's), Ben(Off the Map), and Chris Sands( James Tupper on Mercy).

  82. Holy smokes I am loving all the attention! Thanks so much for all the love and support you guys! We had a blast doing this interviwe with Larissa. She is awesome! And someone needs to call Fox and let them know what a hottie they have on their hands.. Dr. House?? Who knew! lol. I'd have to go with Jesse Williams aka Dr. Jackson Avery from Grey's Anatomy. That man is to die for yummy, sex on a stick, omg I'm gonna pass out H-O-T!! lol
    I'm a little obsessed if you couldn't tell....

    Keep all the comments coming! We love this! :)


  84. The hottest doctor on tv I would have to say for me is Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy playing Dr. McSteamy. The coming out of the shower scene where he's in the towel, YUM!!! But from books, Wraith, hands down..."S'up blood suckers!" my favorite line of all time in his book.

  85. The blond surgeon on house is super lick-able. Wraith is my favorite book character, he is super smexy! P.S. Today is my B-Day and a present from you guys would make me the happiest girl in the world.....just sayin'.

  86. I lurve Larissa's books! And being a nurse, I do have a thing with doctors in scrubs, so definitely dig Eidolon. Docs in TV would be Shepherd from Grey Anatomy aka Dr. McSteamy!


    Hottest doc on tv - Dr. Greg Owen from One Life to Live - played by Terrel Tilford. His time on that soap was short but every time he was on screen I wanted to lick my television. Yummy

    Larissa rocks! Cannot wait for the new series, but I will also love those demon brothers...

  88. My favorite is Doug Ross from ER (George Clooney, of course).

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  89. @Anonymous Happy Birthday! *sheep doing back flip* :)

  90. My FAVORITE and SEXIEST doctor ever is my current oncologist - Dr. Terrell of Lakeport, California. His genuine caring, excellent doctoring, open minded-ness, and his dedication to calling back even WAY after hours really is endearing. Isn't that what we MOST hope to find in a good man AND a great doctor??!!! What could be hotter or sexier than all of that?! Note: He is happily married and has a lovely family. (sigh) But, I am ever grateful to have him as my physician!

    Linda - Katie's Mom.

  91. House! I love him and yes, I thinks it's hot! A lot!

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  92. Oh gosh! This was so hard.
    I had a list of five but finally narrowed it down to

    Dr. Carlisle Cullen from Twilight *swoons*


    Doogie Howser, M.D *Sigh* I love me some Neil Patrick Harris


    = )

  93. Like Katie, I am partial to Wraith. <33


  94. Well I would say Eidolon of course! But since you said TV or movies I will have to go with ER's Dr. Ross. I really don't watch that much TV. =P
    Thanks =)

  95. Jackson Avery from Grey's Anatomy, he is a saucy beast.

  96. You guys've gotta get the the ACRO series, it is great, and super sexy!! Loved the interview, great job!


    hottest doctor by far: Dr. McSteamy (eric dane) yum!!

  97. Hottest doctor would have to be House.