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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Book Review: Chosen: Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure, book 1) by K.E. O'Connor

Chosen: Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure, book 1)
by K.E. O'Connor
January 6, 2016
176 pages
Four young adults dropped into a dark, windowless, brick room with no door awaken with no knowledge about how they got there. Thinking kidnapping, being drugged and perhaps a practical joke, they are all unknown to each other and needless to say frightened and wary of each other. This is the first book in a series of 4 (so far). 

The storyline is somewhat unique in that it starts with human teenagers who find themselves dealing with their own deaths. Not a YA novel that features already young paranormals, so that in itself might give some pause. I thought it a deliberate take as so many of our young people deal with death of their own peers and their own fear of death. Now, I am not saying that this should be their thought process on what happens after death (it's a little over the top) but it does give them a venue to consider the afterlife and their own purpose while alive.

The story's main four characters have personalities that most teens have encountered. Jock, Diva, Brainiac and Empathetic loner. Each have strengths that are portrayed as important in being considered for their positions in the Academy. They are being trained as "helpful" ghosts and are given time to decide if they want to remain to help on earth or "pass on" through a portal that is an unknown destination. I see the "Team" developing and am sure there are to be more assignments in the sequels!

I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the thought processes and personalities of the main characters. I especially liked the scenarios that each assignment entailed. I feel it gave voice to many of the disastrous lives that people face on a daily basis and gave some thoughts on correcting those situations. There was lite humor, self reflection, danger, mystery, a little romance and some credence to the fact that young people can actually be useful and take control in serious situations. This may have been meant as a light hearted PN YA story but I (as someone who probably reads to much into things) thought it had a serious undertone in the introduction to this series. I foresee a more familiar PN take on future episodes. Either way I think this will be a well received series!

I give this 4.5 "newly recruited" sheep!

Jeanie G.

About the Author:
The writer of over 20 books in the paranormal adventure, urban fantasy, and cozy mystery genres. Her writing has mystery, adventure, excitement, and romance. She loves to make up new worlds and characters, and share stories for others to enjoy. She does this while hiding in her castle with a limitless supply of books, tea, cakes, and her many familiars (animals feature in most of her work.)

K.E. O'Connor loves reading anything that quickens her pulse and makes her fall in love with the characters. Her writing does the same. She has numerous series: The School of Exorcists, Ghost Academy, Heir Hunters, Lorna Shadow Cozy Ghost Mysteries and The Old Sarum Witch Mysteries.

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