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Friday, March 10, 2017

Book Review: Hex Appeal by Alyssa Breck and Annice Sands

Hex Appeal
by: Alyssa Breck and Annice Sands
August 22, 2016
256 pages
Natalia Bello is a witch on the hunt for a vampire sacrifice that'll keep an ancient evil off her back. When her mark is stolen, she has only a few days to find better prey, or it's her own life on the line. But there's something about the mysterious vamp she's chosen and Natalia can't resist the heat between them long enough to kill him.An ancient vampire known only as M. strikes fear in the hearts of all the undead. He's a legend, the boogeyman—a hunter of his own kind. He's wandered the world alone for so long, he can't resist the lure but it's the supreme deceit when he finds out who she is—what she is—and the hex she wrought on him. 

Torn apart by betrayal, but united in a pact of magick and bloodlust for their own survival, they're led deep into a magnificent Egyptian underworld where nothing is what it seems and the only way out is to end a centuries-old curse.

Vampires. Yes, I do love me some sexy vampires! It's always nice to sink my fangs into a PNR that has the vamp lovers. I really enjoyed many aspects of this tale. I don't know this writing pair but whatever magick they are making as team, it's working! 

Our leading male is all kinds of alpha. He's used to being the top dog know it all. So when he falls for our fiesty gal, he has no idea what the frel to do about it. I am thankful this writing duo knew where they wanted the story to go and had a lot of fun getting you there. 

All the Egyptian lore just added to the overall world that was created. Characters that seemed to come to life and a dark vampire underworld that I fell in love with. Plus of course you get some steamy sex scenes, this is romance done right! It's a shame this one was under 300 pages but I know sometimes it's better to give us a little less. Keeps you coming back for more! 

Getting 4 and 1/2 Sheep
About the Authors:
Annice Sands is a writer/editor/admin that lives and dreams in Austin, Texas. She collects dragons, pirate ships and books, and wishes she had her own TARDIS. When not writing or reading, she indulges in history documentaries and financial planning.

Alyssa Breck is an award winning author of horror/urban fantasy, paranormal, romance and erotic fiction. She grew up reading Stephen King and V.C. Andrews. The Shining changed her life and sparked a love of all things scary, spooky and spine-chilling. Add some romance to that and she found her niche weaving paranormal and erotic romance stories. Alyssa hangs her hat in the South with her family of humans and fur-babies. You can learn more about Alyssa by visiting her website.

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