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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Review: A Gift of Time: (Tassamara Book 3) by Sarah Wynde

A Gift of Time: (Tassamara Book 3)
by Sarah Wynde
March 8, 2014
Pages: 241
She thought she could see everything. Time is proving her wrong.

Ten years ago, Natalya’s ability to remember the future cost her the life she wanted when her vision of her fianc√©’s death tore them apart. Ever since, she's considered her precognition more of a curse than a gift. How can she live in the present when the future looms so large?

But when the night she's long dreaded finally arrives, Natalya's vision and reality diverge. She and her ex, Colin, are drawn into a web of the unexplained, led by a mysterious little girl. Who is Kenzi? And where did she come from? The little girl might be the reason Fate has spared Colin’s life, but could she also bring Natalya and Colin together again?

With Colin, Kenzi, her family, the townspeople of Tassamara, and a set of circumstances that nobody could foresee, Natalya must solve the puzzle of a lifetime. Her discovery that her gift is not the only one at work will change the lives of everyone around her as time becomes precious in a most unexpected way… and the clock is ticking.

Natalya has known what is going to happen her entire life. As a young woman, she has a vision that Colin, the love of her life, is destined to die, she knows without a shadow of a doubt, that she will find him dead one day. Colin wanted Natalya to have the life she deserves so he drives her away so she can have a family and kids. What Colin didn’t know, was that sometimes fate has other plans.

Natalya and Colin try desperately to find out where a mysterious girl went missing from. The girl won’t speak and seems to have some special gifts. Natalya seems to have lost her foresight, so her gift is no help in locating Kenzi’s family. When Kenzi and Natalya suddenly go missing, Colin is desperate to find them both. A wonderful love story with some very unique paranormal abilities.

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:

Sarah Wynde hates writing and frequently gives it up as an unhealthy addiction. She just as frequently starts again because daydreaming is more fun when she can share her imaginary worlds with other people. She likes to think of the stories she writes as unexpected fiction—bending, blending, and occasionally breaking genres.

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