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Friday, December 8, 2017

Book Review: Holy Crap! The World is Ending! (The Anunnaki Chronicles Book One) by Anna-Marie Abell + giveaway

Holy Crap! The World is Ending!
How a Trip to the Bookstore Led to Sex with an Alien and the Destruction of Earth (
The Anunnaki Chronicles Book One)
by Anna-Marie Abell
September 21, 2017
Genre: Humorous Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Alien Abduction Press
ISBN: 978-1-947119-01-7
Number of pages: 349
Word Count: Just under 114,000
End times are here! Now you can eat whatever you want and not care if you gain weight.

The president has announced that Earth is going to collide with a rogue moon, and in the process, our entire planet is going to be smashed to bits. As one would expect, upon hearing this news, humans went ballistic. It was as if every sports team in the world lost their championship game at the same time. No car was left unrolled—but oddly enough, Taco Bell remained open and made unfathomable profits in the last days. Apparently, Doritos Locos® Tacos were a popular last meal.

Autumn (who for the purpose of this retelling asked to be portrayed as drool-inducing hot with kick-ass ninja skills) has just been handed the task of saving all of humanity. With the help of her unbelievably sexy alien boyfriend and her kleptomaniac friend with fire-retardant hair, Autumn takes a spaceship and races to save her fellow humans by using the Ark of the Covenant. Along the way, she discovers how sheltered people are from the truth of extraterrestrials and their power to either protect us or destroy us.

Stupid government.

Grab a bottle of wine, a shipload of snacks, and prepare to take a ride on this humorous chick lit romantic sci-fi paranormal adventure. If you’re into Ancient Aliens, conspiracy theories, UFOs, crave a little sexy time in your reading, are curious if we were genetically engineered (like the Sumerian cuneiform texts claim), and are dying to find out the meaning of life, then this book is for you.

Buckle up because Holy Crap! The World is Ending! Is a surprisingly entertaining, endearing, well-written sci-fi romance/romantic comedy! Despite one issue I had with the book, I found myself chuckling like mad and enjoying myself from start to (a sorta) finish.

Holy Crap! The World is Ending! Starts off normal, the heroine Autumn is a bit of an odd duck, she’s always been fascinated by outrageous things like the stars, outer space, aliens, and even the unimaginable things like pygmy cows that produce solid gold milk. Yeah, don’t ask, she’s a little on the weird side and I like that about her. Anyway, she’s minding her own business, planning an epic munch fest with her best friend and listening to a podcast when a topic catches her interest and she ends up at Barnes and Noble looking for books on that farfetched subject of Light Beings. Almost as soon as she steps into the store she starts experiencing some weird feelings, the feeling of being watched, electric jolts, and spotting THE hottest guy she’s ever seen. From there, her life spirals out of control and into outer space as she finds out that humans are basically just pawns in a bigger game, and aliens are so real. Also, she could be the one person who could save earth from destruction AND that hot guy? Totally an alien and possibly her soul mate. What else could possibly happen right?

Well, a lot. I had so much fun with this book and it was just what I needed in terms of a feel-good-but-not-sugary-sweet romance. Or should I say more like a sci-fi comedy in the driver’s seat with a dash of romance riding in the backseat on this adventure. I didn’t mind though because author Anna-Marie Abell kept me engrossed in Autumn’s out of this world journey no matter if she was oogling Rigel her alien boyfriend, thinking about food, or just trying to survive. Told from Autumn’s point of view, Holy Crap! The World is Ending! Should be picked up by anyone who likes to laugh and have fun with a good book because even if you take away the comedic and romantic aspects there’s still a solid story there that was obviously constructed through hours of research into ancient cultures and UFO theories. That’s what was really impressive about this book, the fact that it wasn’t just a bunch of slapstick comedy moments but that those moments were icing on top of an already impressive cake.

My only problem with Holy Crap! The World is Ending! Is that it ends with a pretty big cliffhanger in my opinion. Oh, I really hate cliffhangers. If cliffhangers were a person, I’d kick them in the chins and then punch them in the face. That said, I wasn’t thrilled with that BUT I could be grateful that Autumn’s story didn’t cut off before that particular moment. If it had, then this review would have gone differently. However, and this is probably the ONLY time I’ll say this, despite the cliffhanger, I REALLY enjoyed Holy Crap! The World is Ending! I am invested in Autumn and Rigel as characters and as a couple so yes, I desperately want to know what happens next. And yes, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a laugh but doesn’t want to sacrifice good storytelling to get it. Anna-Marie Abell balances both so well that even if you don’t like cliffhangers, I would STILL recommend that you pick up this book!

Sheep Rating: 4 ½ intergalactic sheep

Adria Reyes

What if...

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by the unimaginable. I used to gaze at the night sky and contemplate a series of what ifs. But I’m not talking about the boring typical what ifs such as:

What if I won the lotto?

What if I quit my job and moved to Tanzania?

I’m talking about those outlandish ones:

What if I ran across a herd of three-inch pigmy cows capable of producing solid gold milk, but each ounce I extracted took a month off my life? Would I still do it?

What if we could suddenly have intellectual conversations with all animals? Would we continue to eat them?

What if the whole world went blind and deaf all at the same time? Would we survive as a species?

Another favorite childhood pastime of mine was observing ants clambering atop one another to locate food or gather leaves, like inhabitants of a metropolis bustling to work. Ants are innately oblivious to the threat of a gargantuan foot looming over them. I’ve often wondered if humans would behave the same way if the tables were turned.

What if a jumbo foot came down on us and squashed a city block on a regular basis? After a while, would we just shrug it off and alter course to go around it like ants do?

Some people go out of their way to squish any and all bugs that come across their path. Not me. I have a strict “no kill” policy with every type of animal.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I have an exception for animals I buy in a grocery store. I know: this is incredibly hypocritical. But dammit, I love me some cow. Perhaps I should define my “no kill” policy as “not slaying a creature simply because it annoys you—or simply because you can.”

For example, I can’t help but wonder:

What if I were reincarnated as a fly in my next life? Would I appreciate getting stuck on a glue trap?

Put yourself in the fly’s place. You’re ambling along, minding your own business, when out of nowhere the glorious aroma of In-N-Out Burger wafts in your direction. Those freshly cooked fries and juicy burgers fill your senses with food ecstasy. Just when you can’t take it anymore, a sign pops up out of thin air that reads: All You Can Eat! Free In-N-Out Burgers All Day.

Salivating, you charge toward the smell all excited. Then—BAM!—you step onto a glue pad, unable to break free. Not only are you doomed to a lengthy, torturous death of dehydration and starvation, but your last days are filled with the constant aroma of those heavenly cheeseburgers you can never have.

Not the way I’d want to kick the bucket, that’s for sure.

My fixation over these what ifs is why I was so into UFOs, ancient aliens, near-death experiences, ghosts, and really, anything paranormal. Truth be told, I’m not sure if deep down I believed in all these things, or if I just wanted them to be real, so I’d have something to hope for beyond the monotony of human life. I mean, think about it. What would be more entertaining: cleaning a toilet, or cleaning a toilet haunted by a ghost? (Well, a friendly one. It might get messy if your bowl were possessed by a demon.) Phantom commodes win hands down.

I’ll never forget the day this whole obsession got started. When I was six, I asked my mom what life was going to be like when I grew up. She was always one for blunt honesty, and she said, “Well, you’ll go to school for a really long time, marry a guy who will lose all his hair, get a job you’ll probably hate, have kids, get old, poop your pants, and then die.”

I broke down in tears.

My mom ended up regretting having told me all that, because at the age of seven, I convinced myself that those things wouldn’t happen to me, and that it was my destiny to one day rescue the planet. I am talking about a Will Smith in Independence Day style rescue (except I imagined myself with a breadstick in my mouth instead of a cigar). In one childhood fantasy, I used a butter knife and my badass Barbie Mobile to defend the residents of my neighborhood from a rampaging, genetically mutated, alien-giraffe hybrid that had escaped from a secret government lab. (Kids, if you ever want your mom to get fired as the president of the PTA so she doesn’t embarrass you in front of your class, simply splatter your shirt with ketchup and burst into the annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon with a spork screaming about man-eating giraffes. Trust me, it works like a charm.)

This desire to be the hero had me hooked on stories where people discover they’re part of an amazing new reality—a world where the impossible becomes possible. If I waited long enough, I thought, maybe Hagrid and his flying motorcycle would come crashing into my bathroom as I sat on the toilet and proclaim, “You’re a wizard, Autumn!”

But it's one thing to dream it, and an entirely different thing to live it. Had I been smart and heeded the advice of the Pussycat Dolls when they warned us to “Be careful what you wish for, ’cause you just might get it,” then maybe things would have played out differently.

I wished it.

I got it.

And now I’m about to die.

About the Author:

Anna-Marie Abell grew up in a trailer park. Well, several actually. Her trailer was on wheels so she got to experience the Pacific Northwest’s vast array of mobile home parks as her parents moved her from one to the other. Somewhere along the way, she got totally into UFOs. Probably because she was hoping extraterrestrials would come and abduct her. But they never did. Luckily for her, she was smart, because her only hope of escaping trailer life was college and a full scholarship. Moving to sunny California on her almost full ride to Chapman University, she was well on her way to her new life. Two bachelor degrees later (Film and Television Production and Media Performance), and several honors and awards for her accomplishments, she managed to start working in an almost completely unrelated industry from her majors: infomercials.

It was in college that she got bit by the “ancient alien” bug after listening to Zecharia Sitchin on Coast to Coast AM. In her pursuit to uncover the truth, she has spent the last twenty years researching the ancient Sumerian culture—in particular, their “gods” called the Anunnaki—and their connection to the creation of the human race. What she found changed her life, her beliefs, and her understanding of the universe and everything beyond. Her humorous science fiction trilogy, The Anunnaki Chronicles, is a culmination of all her research, her borderline obsession for all things paranormal, and approximately 2,300 bottles of wine.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read and I look forward to reading it.

  2. The hardbackness of this is awesome! I would "go to outer space" if I won!

    1. Not only that, but it is a "Special Edition" so double the awesomeness! If you win and find a spaceship to take you outer space, can I hitch a ride? Flying to Mars is definitely on my bucket list.

  3. Whoo, can never resist a hot alien guy!


  4. This is great. My hubs is an ancient alien freak. He's even decided I'm an alien because of being RH neg. Too funny :)!

    1. RH neg! You are an alien! LOL. That always comes up in lectures when I go to UFO conferences. If you have an extra vertebra in your back, then he may be right! :)

  5. The premise totally charmed me -- I have to read this!

  6. Thanks for reviewing my book Adria! It made my day! And "intergalactic sheep" for the rating. LOL! Love it!!