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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Book Review: Hold Back the Dark (A Bishop/SCU Novel Book 17) by Kay Hooper

Hold Back the Dark (A Bishop/SCU Novel Book 17)
by Kay Hooper
April 3, 2018
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 301
A town in the thrall of evil. A summons that can't be ignored. The SCU returns in a nail-biting novel from New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper.

The Chosen have been warned. Powerful psychics across the globe have gotten the same eerie and insistent message: Go to Prosperity. Because in this small North Carolina mountain town, madness has taken hold...

Trapped in a nightmare they can't escape, the residents of Prosperity are killing one another, waking up with no memory of the monstrous acts they've committed--or the reasons why. Chief Deputy Katie Cole knows that whatever evil is afoot is beyond her expertise, and beyond the understanding of Sheriff Jackson Archer. They need help.

The Special Crimes Unit is called in for its specific brand of investigation, to aid the Chosen as well as the once-peaceful mountain town. It will take all the agents' training, all their experience, and every extra sense they can call on to get to the bottom of things in Prosperity. And as a sinister pattern begins to emerge, even the most experienced and hardened SCU agents must brace themselves for a flood of darkness unlike any the world has ever seen...

A dark and evil presence is attempting to destroy the balance between good and evil, to save the world the Chosen have been summoned to Prosperity. This small town in the mountains of North Carolina has always been peaceful until strange deaths start occurring, the likes of which they have never seen. The SCU is called in to help with the investigation as well as the Chosen. It will take all of them to stop this evil from destroying everything.

I am a huge fan of Kay Hooper’s and the Bishop books but I was disappointed with this one. The new characters weren’t developed and minimal background was given. The deaths that occurred were skimmed over as well as the crime scenes. The evil itself was hardly touched on and the finale of the book was quick and easy. I would have only given it 3 to 3 ½ sheep but since this author usually delivers I went ahead with a 4 sheep since it was still worth reading.

Getting 4 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Kay Hooper was born in California, in an air force base hospital since her father was stationed there at the time. The family moved back to North Carolina shortly afterward, so she was raised and went to school there.

The oldest of three children, Kay has a brother two years younger and a sister seven years younger. Her father (now retired) and brother are builders who own a highly respected construction company, and her mother worked for many years in personnel management before becoming Kay's personal assistant, a position she held until her untimely death in March 2002. Kay's sister Linda works as her Business Manager, Events Coordinator, and Regional Publicist.

Kay graduated from East Rutherford High School and attended Isothermal Community College — where she quickly discovered that business classes did not in any way enthrall her. Switching to more involving courses such as history and literature, she also began to concentrate on writing, which had been a longtime interest. Very quickly hooked, she asked for a Christmas typewriter and began seriously working on her first novel. That book, a Regency romance titled Lady Thief, sold to Dell Publishing in 1980. She has since published more than 60 novels and four novellas

Kay is single and lives in a very small town in North Carolina, not far from her father and siblings. Deigning to live with her are a flock of cats (and a couple of dogs!) with various personalities who all like sleeping on manuscripts and whatever research happens to be spread across Kay's desk. Visit Kay's Pets Page for pics!

Kay also fosters cats and kittens for the Community Pet Center, a non-profit rescue organization on whose board she also sits.

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