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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New from WorldFire Press

WordFire Press is a mid-size new-model publisher founded by New York Times bestselling authors Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. You can find us at Tweet us @WordFirePress. Follow us on Facebook at
Gunfighters. Chinese gangsters. Prehistoric monsters, and 

sharks! A Western steampunk adventure for Felix Gomez – Detective Vampire!

August 16, 2018
364 pages
Publisher: WordFire Press
In his undead quest for justice, Felix Gomez—detective vampire extraordinaire—has traveled from dusty desert battlefields, to gritty urban barrios, to the deepest corners of outer space. Now he’s about to embark on his wildest adventure yet: back to an alternative past of steam-powered technology, telepathic magic, and intrigue more deadly and unforgiving than any he has ever encountered. There, he’s a renowned pistolero hired to find the missing daughter of notorious Chinese gangster Wu-Fei. 
Accompanied by philosopher-gunfighter Malachi Hunter and mercenary femme fatale Hermosa Singer, Felix follows clues through the reimagined Southwest of Aztlan to the Gulf of California. The fate of Wu Fei’s daughter is known only to the sex slaves imprisoned on Isla Tiburón—Shark Island—the fortress home of a mad scientist whose ambitions are as twisted as her evil genius. 

Getting on the island proves tough. Getting off the island proves impossible. But to learn what happened to Wu Fei’s daughter, Felix must brave a gauntlet of murderous henchmen, infernal machines, and ferocious prehistoric monsters. 

And don’t forget the sharks.

And coming in September...

Biopunk. Lovecraftian weirdness. Hardcore cyberpunk and old school pulp. The best in fantastical fiction from a master of imaginative literature!

Infinite Fantastika
by Paul Di Filippo
September 30, 2018
WordFire Press
This eclectic, wide-ranging collection of some of Di Filippo's newest stories—plus one newly excavated gem from nearly thirty years past—illustrates the enormous territory encompassed by modern fantastical fiction in general, and this writer's realm in particular. From the sheer Lovecraftian weirdness found in "The Horror at Gancio Rosso" to the biopunk future of "The Herple is a Happy Beast"; from the old-school pulp of "Airboy and Vooda Visit the Jungles of the Moon" to the hardcore cyberpunk of "A Faster, Deeper Now", these tales chart the unexpected, the comical, the tragic and the likely-to-happen. Whether our heroes are trying to kill God ("The Trail of the Creator, the Trial of Creation") or time-travel to a happier era ("I'll Follow the Sun"), they exhibit all the intelligence, derring-do, resilience and manic assaults on the multiverse found in the best classic imaginative literature.

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