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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Excerpt: Last to Love (Moonlight Rogues #4) by Alexa Whitewolf + giveaway

Today we're celebrating the upcoming release of Last to Love by Alexa Whitewolf! Read on for an exclusive sneak peek, and a chance to win a signed copy of the book! 
Last to Love (Moonlight Rogues #4) 
by Alexa Whitewolf
December 31st, 2019 
Genre: Paranormal/ Shapeshifter Romance 
He's the last one standing... So they sent the best one to break him.

Love is for fools. I left all that wuss shit behind, and no fairy-like, smiling godmother will change my mind. I’ve got enough on my mind with a beta pushing my buttons and a town to keep safe. Never mind these urges inside me surfacing again, when I thought I’d buried them for good. ​

My wolves are falling in amore like bowling pins, and no amount of reasoning will make them stop. Now the third one's gone over the moon, and they all expect me to be the last to love.​

Only, they've got another thing coming. 'Cause the only way I'm falling in love? Is over my dead body.​

One more job, they said. One tiny thing I have to do, to bring the prodigal son back home in the warm arms of his beloved family. They said it would be easy. They gave me all the tools. But the minute I'm facing Lucas, I know all those plans have just failed. Burned, thrown out the window, type of failed. ​

Those onyx eyes see right through me, and I fully expect he'll throw me out on my ass. So why is it he's suddenly more interested in getting me in bed, rather than exiled? And what happens when I fall for it, but it’s too late to stop the events I’ve set into motion?
*Book IV in a paranormal shifter series filled with werewolves of all kinds, feisty females who stand up to them, and enough suspense to make it interesting. Can be read as a standalone for the romance, but for a better experience it's suggested you read the full series first.

My wolf wants to go after her – fucking phenomenal. Like I really need another female to care for. But she did get hurt on my territory, and enemy or not, I should check that she’s alright.

Unless it’s exactly what she wants you to do.

Gritting my teeth, I stomp my way through Elisandra’s shop and head at the back. The scent of blood hits me hard, and when I emerge into the small enclosure it’s to see a bloody mess.

Wolves bodies – Reapers. And one young kid. My eyes meet Finn’s, just as Elisandra releases waves of fire to burn the evidence away. Not that there are any cops nearby to arrest anyone.

“What a mess,” I mutter. “What happened here, amico?”

Finn rubs the back of his neck, then shrugs. Despite his efforts to appear nonchalant, I read trepidation in his body language. “Elle got attacked. Six Reapers, trying to turn a human kid. She stumbled on it.”

I look around at the carnage, frowning. “You think it was a coincidence it happened here?”

“No bloody way,” he growls. “They can smell our scent here. And Elle’s always alone. From now on, I’m sticking here. You have enough bodies at the auto shop for protection there.”

Rubbing my chin, I nod thoughtfully. “And Monica? Where did she come in?”

“You tell me. She was here when I got, asking questions.”

“That’s not true,” Elisandra says and steps closer to him. She intertwines their fingers, leaning against his side and looking exhausted from the magic. “She was here to buy pastries. Then Finn came and rattled her up, I left and walked in on these guys. Monica helped.” She looks between us both, her eyes wide and pleading. “She could have run, but she stayed and helped.”

Something close to a snarl escapes me, and Elisandra recoils against Finn. Even he seems taken aback by my reaction. “Alright there, mate?”

I’m not. Nowhere close to it. Because it just dawned on me my territory is under serious attack, and this needs to end.

“Tonight,” I manage to hiss through gritted teeth. “I spoke to Dominic about a vote to execute all Reapers, once and for all. I want the vote, tonight.”

I turn to leave, not trusting myself when this rage inside me seems to get to a boiling point. Finn’s voice comes from far away behind me. “Where are you going?”

“Away from here.”

My feet can’t move fast enough to get me away, and it’s only once I’m outside on the other end, far away from the blood and the death, that I gain some clarity. That was not a normal reaction. I’ve had anger blast through me before, but this…

Words from long ago echo in my head, said in anger to my mother. It was my right to know I have a direct link to the Underworld. It was my right to decide whether taking lives was a stain I wanted on my soul, when each innocent death brought me that much closer to becoming the monster of legend. It was my choice, and you took it from me when you kept your silence.

Is that what’s going on?

*Note for bloggers/ and or book reviewers: The entire series is available for review. Contact the author for details!

About the Author:
Alexa Whitewolf is a fiction writer, newspaper columnist of daily issues and author of the critically acclaimed Moonlight Rogues shifter series. Alexa has been a lifelong writer and first began creating other worlds and characters at the ripe age of 12. Growing up in the Transylvania region surrounded by epic mountains and a never ending stream of legends and stories was bound to create an overactive imagination. This shines through Ms. Whitewolf's writing by creating worlds filled with unique folklore, life wisdom and plenty of furry creatures. An avid traveler, Alexa writes under a penname and spends her days between an office job and writing, in Canada's capital when she's not flying somewhere with lush landscapes and plenty of hiking trails. Her series focus on strong heroines, kind yet sexy men, fights of good and evil and the never-ending learning curve of humanity's strong - and weak - points. Romanian folklore is intertwined with her writing, more notably in her shifter romance series, the Moonlight Rogues. Her other series draw on world mythology, such as the Avalon myth and Arthurian legend (the Avalon Chronicles) and Ancient Egypt (The Sage's Legacy). You can follow her blog at or on social media. Her column in Observatorul also tackles various issues, including health, technology, and a writer's life. If you want up to date releases, make sure you sign up for her newsletter

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