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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Character Fun Facts: Leigh Morgan from the Dark and Otherworldly Series by Kristen Brand

Character Fun Facts: Leigh Morgan from the Dark and Otherworldly Series 
by Kristen Brand

I’m the type of author who comes up with characters before plot, so Poison and Honey would be nothing without its heroine, Leigh Morgan. I think she’s awesome, though I might be a little biased, and I’m excited to share a bit about her today.

Personality: Leigh is the strong and silent type, and she’s perfected her resting bitch face to discourage people from talking to her. She has an acerbic sense of humor, and when she does talk, she tends to be blunt to the point of rudeness, though she’s not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings (usually). She prefers fighting monsters to being social, but she loosens up around her close friends.

Looks: Dark brown (nearly black) hair, blue eyes, light beige skin. Five-foot ten, lean and muscular build. Really scary glare.

Powers: None.

Skills: Leigh started off as a brawler but later studied several martial arts. Though she can shoot a gun, her weapon of choice is a knife, and she has years of experience fighting the mysterious, magic-wielding beings in Otherworld.

Family: Her father is deceased and her mother estranged, her family having fallen apart after the disappearance of her sister, who was stolen away to Otherworld.

Pets: A black cat named Ninja who’s almost as antisocial as she is.

Hobbies: She’s a gym rat and spends most of her time lifting weights, running, and hitting punching bags. She’s always on the lookout for someone new to spar with.

Style: Leigh is annoyed by the impractical clothing she has to wear while spying in Otherworld. (She’ll never take a good bra for granted again.) She likes leather jackets and sturdy boots (the better to kick enemies in the face with), and her favorite accessory is a knife holster.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Mission: Rescue the human captives from Otherworld and avenge her sister.

by Kristen Brand
Word Count: 43,000
Genre: Urban fantasy
Cover Artist: Triumph Book Covers
Keep your head down. Watch out for dark magic. And whatever you do, stay away from the sly, handsome prince.

Leigh Morgan has known that magic exists ever since an unearthly monster abducted her sister. It’s why she’s in Otherworld now, posing as a servant in its dark, decadent palace. She’s gathering intelligence and working with a small band of allies to bring down the Others and free their human captives. Her mission depends on blending in, so the last thing she wants is to attract the attention of a cunning prince.

Dredarion Rath wants one thing: to disgrace his older brother and prove himself the worthier heir to the throne. And out of all the servants in the palace, he chooses Leigh to help him. Just her luck.

Now Leigh has to keep her work a secret from a bewitching man who sees right through her--and who's not nearly as cold and inhuman as he seems. She can't screw this up, or the humans forced into servitude will never go home. But juggling two conspiracies at once, it's only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down, and the man she's falling for has her executed for her betrayal...

About the Author
If Kristen Brand could have any superpower, she'd want telekinesis so she wouldn't have to move from her computer to pour a new cup of tea. She spends far too much time on the internet, and when she's not writing, she's usually reading novels or comic books. She lives in Florida, the Sunshine State, and will someday go outside for long enough to actually get some sun.
To find out more about her work and read her free web fiction, visit Icon by @heckosart.

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