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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Character Confession: Afterlife (Vampire Witch Book Two) by Jessica Samuels + excerpt

My character from Afterlife Lilly has a lot of stuff thrown on her at once and this is her time to talk.

Lilly: Thank you for letting me vent here my life hasn’t exactly been good. I lost my mom, my relationship and my home in a very short time and I’m trying to build my life back up.

Jessica: I understand that my life has been rough since I lost my mom too and I have to live with my grandma while I write. Life can be a lot.
Lilly: Hell yes, it can since life is just testing me, and this chick Agatha that took over married some loser and he lets her walk all over him and treat the coven like shit. She was so horrible and didn’t even stop one of the coven members from bullying me over my car. Of which I had to sell since I needed to move out and away from her. Also witches don’t get sick so they thought my mom passed due to cancer and it might be something else so I want to find the person who did it!

Jessica: A lot is resting on your shoulders right now and it isn’t easy dealing with someone who says you are the toxic one repeating habits when it is really them trying to start stuff in the first place. The Agatha person sounds so controlling too and she thinks she can walk all over you just because she is the leader and she can’t. Like just because someone is the oldest doesn’t make them the boss, and if you are both the oldest then you have one trying to control the other and god forbid you disagree with them.
Lilly: Right? Like just because they are a leader or family and have that title doesn’t mean they can use it as a free pass to bully. I love how they say they don’t bully, but really they do and they try to play victim and turn it on you to make it seem like it is you when it is really them. But luckily I moved and blocked her so I don’t have to deal with her anyway. All she ever texts is drama and acts like she cares when it is a way to bully me when I JUST LOST MY MOM….She still has hers and doesn’t understand what it is like to lose a parent. She has no heart, is insensitive and expects me to be nice when she treated me like shit. Nope…

Jessica: Gotta love people like that. At least with the cutie around it will be better. I mean you are a powerful vampire witch that can raise the dead. I mean you can now get away from the coven and their drama and start over in peace. No one deserves to treat you that bad. She sounds like an awful manipulative bitch. And unlike her you have more power than she does. I hope finding your mom's killer will give you peace.
Lilly: I can’t rest until I do and I have a bad feeling I know who it is…

Afterlife (Vampire Witch Book Two)
by Jessica Samuels
June 6th, 2021
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance, NA PNR
ISBN: 979-8516421037
Number of pages: 116
Word Count: 34,057
Cover Artist: Rebecacovers

A Witch goes after the person who made her mom sick.

What would you do when the fate of a realm lies on your shoulders?

Lilly finds herself in pure chaos while the realm gets corrupted by evil. Only a few months ago her mother passed away and on top of that Agatha, the new leader of the coven made it her goal to harass her for her ancestry.

Unable to stand up to these challenges, she lets herself get consumed by her grief till the day her father gives her a new purpose - to retrieve the magic stones so she can save the realm of the ever consuming evil. Her vampire soulmate Malachi stands by her side while she learns the shocking truth 
about her mother’s death.

“Hi, Lilly,” Dad said interrupting me from my thoughts and a tall figured followed close behind him. Oh my God was he cute! His reddish brown hair, hanging loose down his shoulders, made the red in his eyes seem even more intense, I could see it even from this far away.

He was so sexy no one else even compared to him, and the moment he smiled my heart melted.

The tense set of my dad’s wide shoulders told me he was frustrated. He sat down swiped a hand though his slicked back hair and pinned me there with a flash of his blue eyes.

He wore the family uniform we all wear for meetings which is his black shirt and black jeans in combat boots. He sat down across from me and the sexy dude sat next to him.

“Hey Lilly.” He turned to the sexy dude and swiped a hand towards me. “Malachi Drake this is my daughter.”

“Hi,” I swiped my hand on my pants and extend it. Malachi shaked it.

“It is nice to meet the beautiful Lilly Ravenson,” he said.

I loved him already, he was polite.

“He is here to be your bodyguard.” Dad said shocking me.

“What? Why?”

Dad looked at me, "So some stuff has happened in the coven. And one of the leaders are trying to take over all the Vampire covens. Things are so strained they are going after hybrids and anyone not pure Vampire. We need to keep you safe and the person next to me to do it is Malachi Drake. He is your Protector anyway and the one who is supposed to keep watch. He will be by your side always and with time all yours."

“Wow,” I said.

“He came to me recently since he has been trying to find you to keep you safe, and there is a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes everywhere. Even when you moved away from the coven you were in danger. Especially the moment Agatha and the dumb warlock ghosted you. Agatha bullied you to break you and turn you evil or worse kill you. I’m glad you got away from that. You don’t deserve the shit she put you through. I was talking to other Vampire covens and Witch ones. The evil is spreading so fast that it is overtaking the good ones.”

“I knew there was something going on there I mean someone was stealing from my blood stash and there were tints of black in people’s magic. It was starting to take over mine,” I said.

Dad looked at the menu, “There is something I want you to drink only exclusive to here, and it will help control the alcohol stuff and get rid of the remnants of the black magic.”

He scanned the menu, “Found it. Waitress.”

The waitress zoomed here instantly and looked at my dad. “Do you need something, sir?”
He smiled, “Get my daughter the purifying blood drink. We need it stat.”

She smiled, “Coming right up.” And she went to get it and came back a few minutes later and put down blood drink in a black wine glass. I drank it down and it was healing everything, and the remnants of the black went away.

I smiled, “That helped greatly. I feel way better now and mentally better, too.”
He smiled, “Good, and it means you finally have your Protector by your side. There is something we can do to stop the evil.”

I've only heard of Protectors in legends. They are for the VampireWitches. Guardians. And they are also their soulmates too their perfect half who will never leave. And he is really sexy, too. There is definitely something there.

About the Author:


Jessica Samuels is an author who writes young adult and new adult paranormal romance. When she isn't writing about vampires, werewolves, witches and angels she is watching stream, reading and playing video games with friends to pass the time.

What would you do when the fate of a realm lies on your shoulders? Lilly finds herself in pure chaos while the realm gets corrupted by evil.
#paranormalromance #newadult #vampires #witches #necromancers #PNR #NA #NAPNR

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