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Sunday, October 3, 2021

New Books from Mocha Memoirs Press


We love coffee and we love books. The two are made for each other. We’re Mocha Memoirs and we’re dealers of diverse speculative fiction. Like a favorite coffee house, we offer new flavors for every reader. Taste one of our delicious and daring titles today!

Blood Stew: Book 3 of 3: The Windshine Chronicles
by Todd Sullivan
October 1, 2021
블러드 스튜
In a world of swords and sorcery, illusionist Kim Nam-Gi has a dream: to become a hero.

Born in the land of South Hanguk, cursed with a malformed spine, Nam-Gi longs to prove his worth against dragons and monsters. Instead, he toils in his family’s restaurant while studying advanced spells under the tutelage of a Dark Elf.

When his father, Kim Joo-Won, goes deep into debt in an attempt to attract new customers to their struggling restaurant, Nam-Gi is once again denied permission to put his name forward on the governor’s registry. Joo-Won needs him for the restaurant, and a greedy money lender hovers over them with the aim to keep the Kim family in perpetual debt.

Desperate to solve their financial woes, Nam-Gi uses magic to trick customers into believing that the restaurant’s meager bottom feeders are actually carp and abalone. If he can keep up the deception, his family might prosper enough to escape the lender. Then his father may grant him permission to abandon his post at the restaurant and take the challenge of a quest.

A perfect opportunity soon arrives. On the other side of South Hanguk, two fishermen discover a corpse with strange leathery wings drifting in the sea. They haul the body back to the village. Tragedy ensues when their unexpected catch proves to be more terrifying than anything they could have imagined.

The governors of South Hanguk seek out adventurers who can slay the monster that now terrorizes the besieged fisherfolk. Will Nam-Gi be allowed to roam across wild lands and wander through dark forests to vanquish this threat? Can he push his crippled body beyond the limits that have plagued him since birth?

Find out in BLOOD STEW, the tale of a disabled teen who must face overwhelming odds in his quest to become a hero.

Fantastic Fittings
by C.M. Ries
October 15, 2021
An EMP throws the world into chaos, but for Sarah Peterson, it provides a chance to shine

When scientists developed nanobiology to dissolve plastics, they never anticipated EMPs would mutate it to decay everything. The Blackout, a worldwide ban on electricity, was the only solution. Now, in a steam-powered future, Sarah Peterson counts the last days of her apprenticeship with the ingenious but transgressive inventor, Arthur Goldstein.

When her gold-digging parents introduce her to the wealthy, charismatic Kane, Sarah sees a path to independence--until she meets Ethan. He is the perfect test subject for Goldstein’s illegal biometal experiments, and despite a rocky start, an attraction blossoms.

But Sarah can’t let Ethan becomes a tether to the life she’s desperate to escape. And when she learns her own ocular lens uses the same illegal material, the threat to her safety becomes as dire as her friends’. Can marriage to Kane still offer Sarah a path? How can she uphold her promises at the cost of her freedom?

All you need is blackjack and hookers…
For the past ten years, Apollo Grant has been making ends meet in Las Vegas as a vampire-hunter-for-hire. The job was supposed to be simple. All Apollo needed to do was track down a missing phlebotomist believed to be kidnapped by a group of vampires. When the mission goes awry, he quickly finds himself entwined in a plot with ominous connections to his past. Apollo is going to have to play his cards right if he wants to successfully navigate his way from one party to the next while an ancient threat prepares to raise more hell than Sin City can handle.

Can Apollo come out on top this time, or is it too much for him? Find out when you pick up your copy of Apollo Grant! (Pre-Orders available soon).

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