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Friday, June 17, 2022

Paranormal Romance Author R Sullins + giveaway

by R Sullins
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Secrets never stay buried...

Every secret I never knew about myself was revealed by someone who should not exist.
But they do,
monsters exist.

They are all around us...
and I am the one they want the most.
They crave my blood.

The biggest secret of all?
I'm one of those monsters, too.

Now someone has created an army that threatens to destroy the Vampire King that calls me his mate.
Either I accept the monster I am or I lose one I've come to love

Approximately 73k words

Important Note: This is the first book in a series, please be aware that it ends in an HFN but the second book picks right up where the first left off.

Warning: This book has blood and gore that may offend or disturb sensitive readers. Due to sexual content, this book is not intended for anyone below 18

Hunter’s Blood excerpt 
Crispin paced the front hall, needing eyes on his Hunter. He sensed that she needed him, their bond seemingly had grown since they were together last. His rest was uneasy and disturbed. He prowled back and forth while his beast inside clawed at his chest.

As soon as he heard the car coming up the drive he flung open the doors, heedless of the waning sunlight. Soon, the car appeared and came to a stop at the base of the front entry. Crispin threw open the backdoor where his Ivy awaited him. He didn’t wait for her to unbuckle, simply knocked her fingers away and hit the button himself. He tugged her out of the seat and up the stairs. There, he left the doors wide open while he picked up his Hunter, wrapped his hand around her ponytail, tugging her head back.

He met her eyes and declared, “Never again are we spending the day apart.”

Her voice was a soft, distressed, “Crispin.”

“Hush, we will talk about it later.”

His mouth met hers and her legs wrapped around his lean waist. As he carried her up the stairs to his room, he and his Hunter never parted from the kiss.

Jared  (The Hunter Book 2.5)

by R Sullins
September 3, 2022
The first time she knew real happiness was when she found out that the man who raised her wasn't her real father.
She knew that there couldn't be monsters in the world that were any worse than the monster she had called 'daddy' for most of her life.
Then she stumbled into the world of demons.

The Demon King knew the second his fated mate had been brought into the world.
After living years too numerous to count, it meant little to him other than keep him from living as he had.
He now belonged to only one female - and he would have to wait years for her to mature enough to matter.

How stupid and vain he had been to think that his fated wouldn't matter.
The very moment she entered his club he knew he had been wrong to ignore fate.

She was his.
And he was going to destroy everyone that hurt her, even if he had to burn the Earth realm to the ground.

Lovely Darkness excerpt
I looked back at the demon in front of me and bit back a sound of satisfaction that he was watching the letter opener with dread laced with terror.

“We’ve been here before, haven’t we, Greg?” I flipped the letter opener in my hand and checked the weight, balancing the metal on my finger. I grunted in satisfaction and set it down with a mental note to find out who the artist was. I wanted to see what other items they managed to create. “How long ago did we have Greg here, in this very office, Talon?”

My head of security grunted from where he was standing at the door with two of his newest recruits. He had his hands folded behind his back and had his usual stoic expression on his face. “Two weeks ago, sir.”

“Two weeks? Well, Greg, you’ve been busy since we last spoke,” I paused and looked him dead in the eyes, “haven’t you?”

His grey skin took on a sickly yellow cast that I was certain wasn’t a good sign in this breed of demon. The man knew he had fucked up.

“Y-yes, sir.”

“Really? That’s all you have to say about your recent activities? Yes, sir?” I stood and slowly walked around his kneeling body, my footsteps crinkling on the heavy tarp. I stopped when I was back to standing in front of him, the toes of my polished black oxfords just shy of grazing his disgustingly filthy jeans. I hitched up the heavy material of my slacks so I could squat down to face the demon that had broken my rules for the last time.

About the Author
I guess you can say I have a passion for romance.

You will most often find me with a book in front of my face, whether I'm in the middle of writing one or taking a break by reading one of my favorite authors.

I love my family and my pets. I need quiet time to recharge and I'd rather be deep in the middle of woods than in the middle of a city. Yeah, I don't people well.

I hope you enjoy my stories. I put all my heart into each of them and they are truly my book babies.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Such neat book cover art-- I can't wait to get started! Thanks so much for sharing this.