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Friday, January 20, 2023

Book Review: Burning Bridges in Nowhere (Going Nowhere Book 2) by Donna Augustine

Burning Bridges in Nowhere (Going Nowhere Book 2)
by Donna Augustine
January 20, 2023
Pages: 260
I lost my family, career and everything I knew when I came to Nowhere, but I’m rebuilding a life for myself in this strange new reality. I’m working as a tinker for my mysterious boss Kaden when my past drives a wedge between us, and I’m once again left with nothing. Things are already spiraling out of control when my darkest secret comes to light, and the people of Nowhere turn on me as well. Now it’s not only my job and friends I could lose, but my very existence is in peril. It’s time to find out who’s loyal and who will leave me for dead.

Burning Bridges in Nowhere is book 2 in the Going Nowhere series by Donna Augustine. Her stories, no matter the series, draws you in before you even know it and keeps you going until the very end. Her books are so easy to read that I drop everything when the new one comes in because I know I won’t be disappointed and I never am.

Billie, the main heroine of the story, is still a little lost in Nowhere. She has been doing the jobs assigned to her and has yet to figure out her boss Kaden, who is more than a little sexy which at times makes it hard for Billie to concentrate. Billie’s Grams is not exactly who she thought she was, but she knows that inside it’s still her Grams and she isn’t going to listen to anyone who says otherwise. When things get out of control, Billie is stuck between a rock and a bigger rock and has no idea where to turn. She is shocked to find that maybe, just maybe she has a friend or three still in Nowhere but that is yet to be seen.

If you like a good fantasy, a book that flows more than any book by Donna Augustine is for you but don’t miss this series. It is funny, original and a terrific read.

5 Sheep


About the Author:

Donna Augustine is the USA Today Bestselling author of The Wilds, Karma and Ollie Wit.

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Donna Augustine was an odd child, had a brief moment of conformity in early adulthood and then decided to embrace her craziness as the years rolled by. It's her inner crazy that she credits with coming up with the ideas for her books. One part hypochondriac, a few dashes of paranoia, topped with a sliver of uptight and delivered with a relaxed flair, she kicked the proverbial box down the yellow brick road a couple years ago to embrace her true self.

She can be reached by a carrier pigeon, set free in a south by north direction, where she resides in Neverland with her two Siberian cats. Cats who, by the way, aren't as hypoallergenic as she believed they'd be.

For the conventional minded, and those of you without a pigeon on hand, she can be reached at She responds to most emails within three dusk periods.

P.S. For those of you looking for the discarded box, it was sitting beside the road for a while but has since disappeared completely.

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