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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Jet: A Dark Shifter Romance: Temple Maze Level Two (Temple Maze Series Book 2) + giveaway

Jet (Temple Maze #2)
by Anna Fury
February 28, 2023
Genre: Dark Shifter Romance
Escape from the Temple Maze was only the beginning…

A psychopath tried to break me, and nothing will ever put me back together. I’m detoxing, pissed off and determined to rescue my baby brother before she breaks him too. There’s just one problem—Achaia. The voluptuous human’s sea-green gaze sets my body on fire. She’s a distraction I can’t afford, no matter how hot I burn for her. My only priority is rescuing my brother—everything else is a distant second.

How lucky I am to have two delicious mates—the hulking direwolf, Jet, and his exquisitely beautiful neighbor, Achaia. I simply need them to yield to my blood bond. Unfortunately, duty calls. A maniacal villainess hurt Jet, and that sin will not go unpunished. Lives hang in the balance.

I have no memory of who I am. Maybe I’m a nobody. Maybe I’m a monster. Anything is possible. It doesn’t stop the sensual vampiri next door from declaring that Jet and I are his. Renze alone is intoxicating, but the monstrous duo together are impossible to refuse. When circumstances send them on a journey in search of allies, I leap at the chance to find my own answers. Renze wants to claim me. Jet can’t stop staring at me. And I just need to find myself.

Can we save Jet’s brother and free an entire continent from a madwoman without losing our heads in the process?

Alternate sexy cover

Noire (Temple Maze #1)
by Anna Fury
July 9, 2022
Genre: Dark Shifter Romance
Welcome to the Temple, the brutal maze where a cunning warlord rules over imprisoned monsters, bending and using them according to her whims. The maze is a dumping ground for souls in need of snuffing out. Got a relative you dislike? Send them in for prompt dispatch. Perhaps a political rival is a thorn in your side? For a price, you can have Rama’s psycho pets kill them for you. Happy hunting.

I crossed a ruthless woman, and my punishment? Death within the walls of her Temple Maze. The murderous beasts trapped in these dark halls have only one job tonight–to take my life.

The maze is a game, one where the house always wins. But I’ve got a few secrets of my own. The key to my plan is unleashing the maze’s most dangerous monster–Noire. I know what he wants most of all, and I’ll offer it in exchange for revenge, something only he is capable of exacting.

Marks will say anything to save their skins. I’ve heard every possible lie when they’re begging for their lives.

But tonight’s hunt is different. When I reach my mark, I find a stunning woman. Diana’s body calls to mine, creating a blistering, blinding need that compels me. Her offer is even more enticing: freedom in exchange for exacting vengeance on the woman behind the maze’s creation. The woman I hate with every dark and twisted fiber of my being.

Can I keep Diana safe long enough to get us out? Or will the maze destroy us as we risk everything for our freedom?

CW: nonconsensual sex, reference to past SA, ptsd, knife and blood play, gore, vampirism, choking, primal chasing, bondage, light torture (if torture can be light)

Alternate sexy cover

About the Author
Anna Fury is a North Carolina native, fluent in snark and sarcasm, tiki decor, and an aficionado of phallic plants. Visit her on Instagram for a glimpse into the sexiest wiener wallpaper you’ve ever seen. #ifyouknowyouknow

She writes any time she has a free minute – walking the dog, in the shower, ON THE TOILET. The voices in her head wait for no one. When she’s not furiously hen-pecking at her computer, she loves to hike and bike and get out in nature.

She currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her Mr. Right, a five-year-old tornado and one lovely old dog. Anna LOVES to connect with readers, so visit her on social or email her at

Twitter: @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Jet

IG: @annafuryauthor @rrbooktours #rrbtjet #rrbooktours #jet #templemaze #annafury #darkromance #shifterromance #paranormalromance

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