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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Funky Werepig Ep 23 January Blues with Keeshea Pratt! (Season Finale)

Season 3: Episode #23
Season Finale
Your Funky Werepig needs help getting thru these winter blues, so he called in an expert-- soul singer and kick bahookie performer KEESHEA PRATT!

And... a 'Women in Blues' party broke out! The Boychilds opened doors and windows and let everyone in for our season finale. And when Keeshea hit the stage, it was Sparky's Pizza, Choke Weed gummies, and Zima flowing everywhere.

And then Ron Malfi and VEER showed up! Ah, ya had to be there... wait. All you have to do is click the button. Merge the wang with the chung. C'mon in!

Houston-based soul-blues singer Keeshea Pratt took the world by storm when she and her red-hot band walked away with top prize in the 2018 International Blues Challenge.

Ron Malfi and VEER
New music coming!
Ronald Malfi is an American novelist whose genres include horror, thrillers, mainstream, and literary fiction. Malfi is also a musician, having fronted the Baltimore-based alternative rock band Nellie Blide as well as his current project, Veer. He currently lives in Maryland. Wikipedia

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Watch the show HERE

The Funky Werepig
Once a live internet radio show. Kind of like Animal House meets Larry King. Now a YouTube show. And no one knows what the hell Animal House or Larry King are. So throw your pants in the air like you just don't care!

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