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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Resetting Destiny: An Infinites Universe Novel by Liv Macy

Resetting Destiny by Liv Macy is out now! Check out the gorgeous new paranormal romance and be sure to grab your copy today!

by Liv Macy
June 26, 2023
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Delaney is content--if not happy--living a half life, until someone tries to assassinate her.

When Delaney is rescued by a handsome stranger, Drew seems to be her savior—until she wakes up in his house where he has her daughter and knows far too much about her. The strange sensations she experiences when he’s near might be a warning…maybe he’s the real danger. Fear and anger mix with passion and soon Delaney’s not sure what’s real.

Drew doesn’t know how to tell Delaney that she’s his soulmate. He can’t just dump their past on her and expect her to believe him. Not when she doesn’t remember anything about him or the things she’s capable of—but they’re running out of time. Hunters are after her and damned if he’s going to sit idly by and let them capture her.

Delaney and Drew work together to help her regain her memories and her ability to control destiny. When sparks fly between them love might conquer all--or it might cause her to end the world.

Catching Up with the Series:

About the Author:
Enter the world of Liv Macy, a woman who wears many hats: mother, chef, taxi driver, maid, referee, teacher, shopper, wife, and advice giver. But beneath her ordinary exterior lies a secret—a passion for writing that transports her to a world of mystery and magic.

With Becoming Justice, the first installment in her thrilling new series, The Infinites Universe, Liv introduces us to a cast of characters that refused to stay confined to the depths of her mind. Each moment of free time is spent conjuring up tales of emotional trauma and soulmates, of a hidden magic, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But Liv’s, love affair with stories didn't start with her first book. It's been a lifetime obsession, fueled by her insatiable appetite for reading and writing. When she's not juggling her various roles, she's whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen or enjoying the company of her family and friends. And if there's any time left after that, Liv can be found curled up with a steaming cup of coffee and a cozy blanket, lost in thought as she contemplates the mysteries of life.

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